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Caught Crossdressing by a Real Man

This story is a continuation of night club cum slut.

Ever since I first wore panties for a boyfriend, I had built up a collection of lingerie. I gradually worked up from panties to the most erotic lingerie I could find. My fascination with cross dressing went a little further with a new fetish for leggings which evolved into full cross dressing and make up around my house. I had only ever been out in public fully dressed once and wasn't sure whether I would ever do it again. The problem I have with my lingerie is that between wear, relationships and hook ups it was getting a little worn.

After earning a bonus at work I had decided to splash out and treat myself. I had been shopping for an entire new wardrobe of lingerie and spent a few hours in a specialist store that catered for cross dressers. Everything I could have ever wanted was in the store from lingerie to breast forms, nipple enhancement creams and wigs. Along the way I had picked up some fetish items, new sex toys, lubes and a sexual experience from the personal shopper (that is a completely different story). I was desperate to try on my new wardrobe and hurried home.

I dropped the bags down, kicked off my shoes and quickly stripped off my clothes. I was excited, turned on and horny and couldn't wait to try on some of my new clothes. I picked up a feminine pink baby doll with matching thong, it felt really girly when it fell against my skin and my cock started to harden and stretch the thong. Next up was a satin bodysuit with suspenders and stockings; it was a black, peephole, sexy piece of lingerie that fastened under my balls. I attached a pair of nipple clamps over my nipples and admired myself; I was going to enjoy wearing this. I quickly took the bodysuit off and slipped into a red lace peephole bra and crotch less panties, I was so horny I started to rub my cock without hesitation. I jerked off wearing my bra and panties but wouldn't let myself cum, I had spent a small fortune on lingerie to be a sissy boy and I was going to enjoy myself and to add to my pleasure, I still had my new toys to try.

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