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Caucasian Sissy

When I go to the adult bookstore I always try to go to the ones in the worst neighborhoods. Most of the places I go are in the ghettos. The nastier the place is the better I like it, cause I know most of the men I'll have sex with will be either black or latino. Being white, I know how much real men of color love to see a white guy on his knees, ready and eager to serve them.

For me it all began when I was a kid, and another kid I knew who'd just gotten out of juvinile hall shook his head and said, "man, what they would do with you in the joint."

I didn't really get what he meant by that at the time, but later those words came back to me with a vengence.

About a year later I got raped by my mom's boyfriend after he caught me wearing my mom's high heels and lipstick. For about a year after he was my man. Then my mom found out and kicked him out. But he was black and he made me his sissy.

A few years later I was in the Navy and met my wife in a blowjob bar in Olongapo in the Philippines, where she was dancing nude and taking customers in the private booths. I knew she was a whore but i married her anyway.

For about 8 years after that I was pretty much straight - except for my fantasies. After we were married she used to tell me some of the things she did with men - how she sucked cock and spread for them in the private booths, usually when we were in bed. It got me SO horny to hear it. She told me right after our marriage that it wasn't unusual in The Philippines for women to have a boyfriend even after they were married, and so don't be too upset if she had other men in her life. After all, she was extremely pretty and sexy and she loved to wear halters and short shorts.

So when she started going out with guys a few years later I encouraged it - as long as I could her the details when she got home. The thought of my wife with some man's cock and balls in her mouth really turned me on. Once she told me how she met a black guy in the park and how he stripped her panties off and shoved them into his pocket while she took a squat on him and fucked him right there on the park bench with people all around them.

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