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Catching Up with A Former T-Gurlfriend

I was jogging one Saturday morning at well known West L A park. I was jogging kind of fast almost sprinting when I came up on woman jogging slower than me. I almost ran into her as I was running. She moved out of my way I slowed down and apologized for being rude. That's when I realized she was a former gurl friend of mine. We laughed when we recognized each other. Her name was Tiffany and she looked awesome, real hot body. We hugged and I asked her what she was doing and if she was involved? I got a no answer. So I took a chance and asked her for a drink that night, she agreed We chatted for a bit longer, and we said we would meet up later at a bar we both liked. I got home and was so excited about later on. Tiffany was real sexy and we had good time dating, Lots of Hot sex. Im a bottom I found out during our dating time together and she fucked me good. Ive been with other Trans babes and Ive done my share of Topping but I always preferred being fucked. Well when I met up with Tiffany we talked about the fun times together, and wondered why we split up. After a few rum & cokes for me and white wine for her. She suggested we go back to her place. I readily agreed. I was turned on by Tiffany. She was 5'10 hispanic and slim. Tiffany was dressed in a nice knee length skirt and tight blouse, holding back some delicious c cup breasts.She also had nice 6 in. uncut cock. Which I remembered that I loved to suck on. We got a cab and went to her apartment. We made out in the backseat and I whispered that I missed her and wanted her bad. She bit my ear and said Im going to fuck you. To make a long erotic story short. We barely got into her place before we were taking off our clothes. She got on her knees and pulled down my pants and underwear and went to work on my already rock hard dick. My cock is shaved clean and I'm just average length. I'm not circumcised like Tiff. She sucked my dick and played with my foreskin. I was going to jizz so I stopped her and asked her for my turn on her..

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