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But it's just two guys right?

CD's and TV's are not really chicks they are guys and they have guy sex drives! Unlike many online Cyber Queens as I call them. Years ago I did do some cross dressing. Unlike those AOL and Yahoo frauds I really did dress up and unlike them despite digital cameras being new things and very expensive I did get some shots of me dolled up. I found lots of gay guys wanted to suck dick and be fucked by a dick. They didn't give a shit if I was wearing a gorilla costume. So I ignored them all! Anyone who had no pictures didn't get a second look from me either!

Finally I went out of town to Wisconsin on business to a hotel for a couple of nights. I knew this was my chance to really dress up go online and see if I could seduce someone into fucking me! Or at least find out if I had the nerve to go through with all or part of my wicked fantasy! My first night I got completely dressed...body stocking covering me neck to toe...I didn't need it really because I had already shaved off all my body hair! I put on a sexy bob cut red wig, eye makeup and lipstick along with finger and toenail polish! Then I slipped into a form fitting dress and for a guy 40 years old I wasn't a bad chick! As it got late I hooked up the webcam and after spending almost two hours weeding out the total queers and fakes..I found a nice straight married guy who seemed to be very turned on that I was in the town right next to his.

I told him to have a couple beers to build up his courage and then he could enter the back entrance of the hotel and I would quickly sneak out of my room to let him in! Nervous I waited and did myself in the mirror a few more times. In about 30 minutes a car pulled up that fit his heart pounded and I opened the back door and this 6'4" 200 pound man with sandy hair and green eyes met my eyes and looked me over. As I led him into my room he said "wow you look better than your pictures and webcam shots!".

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