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Business trip

A few months ago I had to go on a business trip for some additional training for my job. I had to go fly to Georgia for the training. I flew in and got my rental car and was headed to the hotel. On the way in I passed an ABC store. I decided to get a bottle of whiskey since I was going to be in town for a few nights. I got to the hotel and headed to the desk to check in. There was area people in front on me and one was a really attractive brunette in a business suit. She had curly hair, nice legs and a nice looking rear. She dropped some paperwork and I picked it up for her and made some small talk. She checked in a said bye and maybe I will see you around. I said yeah maybe you will. Later that evening I was hungry and there was a restaurant attached too the heatedly. I went to the bar and ordered a drink while I waited on a table. I look across the bar and there she was sitting by herself. She saw me and waived. She then walked over to me and sat down beside me. She said well hey there, I didn't expect to see you so soon. She said her name was Becca and I said hello and introduced myself. We made some small talk and she told me she was in town for a business trip too. I asked her if she was hungry and asked if she wanted to join me. She yeah sure. We went to table and had a great meal. Becca was very funny a and so attractive. Well one thing lead to another and I told her that I had a bottle of whiskey in my room if she would like to join me for a night cap. She was like sure sounds fun. We got to the room and I poured her a drink and told her to make herself comfortable. We had two or three drinks and she excused herself and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later I hear a voice say, Hey you want to have some fun? I turn around and Becca is standing there in a sexy blue bra and panty set with black stockings and heels. I almost fell over. I was speechless. She said Come on it will be fun. I said okay sure. I took my clothes off and she started the shower.

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