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Rob asked me to house sit and I didn't hesitate since he lives in a
beautiful big house on the end of a Cul de Sac. There is only one
house next to his and no one can see his backyard except the house
next to his.

His neighbor Bryan is a local college professor at the community
college and doesn't seem to mind when we skinny dip in the middle of
a Saturday afternoon. He seems cool so I thought this was going to
be a great two weeks. I had no idea what was going to happen during
these two weeks.

It was the first Saturday of my two week stay and I was sitting in
the back yard enjoying the sun and the pool. As usual I was not
dressed the breeze felt so good blowing on my undressed sun soaked
body. I have of course this chubby male form that most would rather
have clothed but, none the less I am undressed.

Bryan walks out of his patio door and just looks over and waves. I
returned the gesture trying to act like I am not embarrassed. Just
because he didn't seem to mind didn't mean I wasn't embarrassed by
being naked in front of him. I reach for a towel and cover up. "You
don't have to cover up, John. I don't mind, Rob does it all the
time." Bryan says leaning over the fence staring toward my package.
So I obliged and let him see how excited I was that someone wanted to
see my privates.

We chatted for a while and I then Bryan invited me over for dinner
and good conversation. I thanked him and said I would be honored.
He smiled and looked very pleased at my response. I had no idea what
was going to take place at dinner. I got ready and walked through
the gate between backyards of the attached fence.

I knocked at the patio door and there was no answer, the lights were
off and it appeared no one was home. I knocked several more times
feeling disappointed that I may not have a chance to see just how
interested he was in my package. Then suddenly down the stairs came
this Auburn haired, with long wavy curls, long legs and a sexy red
dress made of red velvet material. She sauntered to the door and
slid it open.

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