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Breakfast in Bed

I wake up and he already has his cock between my ass cheeks. His face rubs between my shoulder blades, scratchy stubble. His breath is hot, his hands soft as he reaches around to cradle my tits.

I come awake slowly, sure I’m still dreaming, but no, he’s there, drowsy with the morning, but with the most beautiful, blissful look on his pretty face. His cock is, of course, very hard, and sandwiched between my ass cheeks. I shift, swing a leg up, and now it’s jutting up between my thighs. I squeeze my legs around it; stroke him with one fist as we share a good-morning kiss. His pre-come streaks my palm. My cock is already hard, aching. I want his mouth on it.

I roll to my back, offer him my naked body, and he feasts, starting with my nipples and ending with my balls. He sucks me with that sleepy intensity of someone almost sleepwalking. He’s sighing happily every few seconds. I put my hand into his hair, which is messy with bed-head. His mouth engulfs me. I arch up into him, get a finger pressing against my ass for my trouble.

He teases, asking for entry and then backing away, circling my asshole with his fingertip, pressing in, pulling away. I’m aching already, ready to take him, but he insists on teasing me. His other hand plays with my nipples, pulling and pinching them until they stand up straight, stiff, each one a point of excruciating pleasure.

My cock jerks and twitches in his mouth. He pulls away from it but gives me another pleasure… he pushes that finger into my ass as far as it’ll go. I respond to the probing with eager enthusiasm, moaning and raising my ass so he can get at it. Eventually, when the teasing is too much, I roll to my side, then my knees, offering him my ass, raising it up to him.

My face is scrunched into the pillow. I have one hand down and am stroking my cock while he fingers me. His tongue makes its presence known, sliding alongside his finger, teasing me. He licks my balls, the space behind them, teases me expertly.

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