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Big Booty Black Boy Gets cheated on

I have been secretly bi throughout my life. But nobody has known. I have had several girlfriends and all. One physical trait that I developed at the age of 18 was a big booty. It grew so much that I couldn't hide it much. One time I went to the gym with tight clothes and my curves were obvious. A lot of guys were checking me out that day-- guys that looked straight-- since my ass jiggled with every step. My ass was shaped like J-lo, and my thighs were thick.

At one point, I had made several booty videos and placed them online, where I had got thousands of views and none of the viewers knew they were admiring and jacking off to a big round onion butt that belonged to a guy. I also had trained my voice to talk and moan like a sexy girl. But every time someone looked at me, they would see a man... because that was the person I was public with. Now that you know a bit about me, here goes my story.

Last month, my girlfriend of eight months did not know that I had got out of work early.When I got to our apartment, I opened the door with no warning. At first, I thought that nobody was home. Then... I heard a noise. I followed the noise to our bedroom, where the door was ajar. From the door's gap, I could see my girlfriend, her caramel, skinny frame bouncing on the biggest black cock I have ever seen-- in person, at least. She moaned loudly, as if she could not take the size of the dick. Her long, light brown hair wildly moved left and right as she bounced. Soon, she got off him, and I saw the complete cock. It must have been at least 11 inches. My own dick was only 6 inches. As he stood up, probably to change positions, I noticed that the man was sexy and muscular and tall-- perhaps 6'5" compared to my height of 5'11".

Without making any other sound, I tip-toed my way to the guest room, that had a secret compartment in the closet where I kept all my stuff. I put on my tight, red dress, which hugged all my curves and was so short that my thick thighs were exposed.

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