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Becoming the girl i really am....

I guess I'll start from the beginning, I was in my early teens and my parents had friends in town who we did everything with, travelling, camping, holidays, the works. They had a daughter who was a couple years older, and a son who was my age who was pretty much my best friend.

We started masturbating together in our very early teens, and since we were such good friends we were together a lot. One night i was sleeping ove rhis house and while we were masturbating he asked "have you ever gotten a blow job?" "No" i said, giggling nervously as he slid right up against me in bedand slowly reached down between my legs and took my shaft in his hand, stroking my rock hard teen cock gently but firmly as he looked me in the eys and asked "Do you want one?" "Ye..eees" i gulped nervously as he slid between my legs and licked the oozing precum from the tip of my cock before encircling the head of my dick with the tip os his tounge and slowly sliding his wet lips and hot mouth down the rock hard shaft...."ooooooo, uuuuuu, oh yea" i moaned in ecstasy, my eyes rolling back in my head as he gently played with my balls while his mouth worked my throbbing cock like magic.....before long my balls tightened up and i moaned "oh god im cumming" through clenched teeth as my young teen cock erupted in Bs' mouth, my thick jets of cum shooting down his throat and then on his lips as he pulled my cock from his mouth....."mmmmmmmm" he sighed as he licked my jizz covered dick clean before sliding up next to me on the bed and whispering "I hope you enjoyed that!" in my ear. "It was even better than i'd imagined." i told him as we lay in the moonlight in his bed. "I'm glad" he said with a coy smile " I'v got a sceret i want to share with you." "Sure thing, what is it?" I asked, but instead of an answer he said "Go into my bathroom and wait with the lights off." "Ooooo...ok" i replied, a little unsure, but i got up and went into the bathroom to wait.

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