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Bar Hopping with my sisters

My two older sisters asked me to go to the bar with them which is always cool considering i am Transexual and they are not, course i always felt the reason they always asked me to go with them is because i had a way of drawing men to our table like bears to honey ha ha ha.(not that i think i'm all that and a bag of Salsa Doritos, but i'm alright looking i don't scare children and dogs so i must be doing something right XD

It was Friday night and i decided to wear a purple mini dress with 3/4 sleeves with my 3 inch thigh high black suede boots and my black lace bra & panties, decided to wear a pair of purple flower earrings with a matching necklace i had gotten for Christmas and a spritz of Imari purfume, my sisters were hollering for me to hurry up before all the good parking spots were taken so i hollered back "Alright i'm coming Geez you know i have to look my best never know what kind of Hot men i might meet tonight! and everything has to be perfect!.....wouldn't hurt you skanks to do the same and maybe ya'll wouldn't be sitting around while i'm dancing my ass off ;P"

so we leave to the Bar and when we arrive the music is pumping some mighty fine tunes, i go find us a table and my oldest sister Elena goes and gets each of us a miller light ( as if we need to watch our weight :D we weren't even there 20 minutes when this fine looking man comes up to me and asks me to dance, of course before i say sure! i make sure to tell him I'm Transexual (this is something i always do, cause you know how sensitive "straight" men are about these things especially in front of other people, but we also know How "straight" men are when no one is around they are the first to whip out that dick so they can get it sucked ;) He say's " I just wanna dance with you not bring you home to meet my mother :D" course i'm laughing right along with him, he made me laugh and put me at ease so i figured hell lets go dance ;) as we are dancing he asked

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