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Bad Habits CD Fantasy

Why did I keep making bets like that, was the only thing I could think of while in line. Why did I keep making bets I was destined to loose, and then have outcomes like...well, this. I was standing in line to go to a cosplay convention, and was in full costume, but of the wrong gender. I was dressed up as one of those Vocaloids, with knee length blue pigtails, A black skirt that was barely at my knees, a set of black and blue boots that went up to my thighs, a sleeveless vest like shirt, a weird belt thing, weird glove-like sleeves (that left my armpits and upper arms open for the whole world to see), and all lipstick, nail makeup, waxing, and skin lightener that went with it. In all honesty, I think the most embarrassing part of this whole outfit was the blue striped bra and panties as, why the bra couldn't be seen, all it would take was walking up the stairs for anyone to see the panties, and my secret. Unfortunately, the bet was that I had to wear this all day, while attending certain events, and I honestly don't think that-

"Why hello there!" A voice almost sang from behind.

"Calmly" turning around, I saw a sight that made my heart instantly drop: an ex-girlfriend. Not only that, but she had her two friends with her, and all three of them were dressed in the same outfit as I was.

"I didn't know you were into this!" She exclaimed, as her two friends circled closely around me.

"I-" I tried to explain, before she shoved a finger near my mouth.

"Don't talk," One of her friends smiled, as I found myself cornered against a wall.

"You wouldn't want anyone to know what you are doing, right?" The other friend asked, as she pulled something out from her purse.

"That's right," my ex nodded, as her free hand went under my skirt. " want the world to see this."

Quickly, she grabbed my cock, and almost immediately chuckled.

"Wow, I'm glad I never did you," she laughed. "Something this small doesn't deserve to be used."

Not wanting anyone else to notice us, I simply held my voice in, as she continued to tease both me, and my cock.

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