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Attracted to transsexual ladies

Surfing shemale forums, i have stumbled upon a post of a man, who saw t-ladies for the first time two years ago and became very attracted to them. I was deeply touched reading this, and i hope so will You.

What's wrong with me? Up until about 2 years ago i never even knew these ladies existed. I never even imagined that they could have existed. I realize that for a very long time i was naive about alot of things in life.

I was never really even into porn much (that may be difficult for you to believe, but nevertheless). All i know is the first time i saw a pictures of Talisha, Arreya and some of the other beautiful t-girls... it touched me very deeply in a way i'm not sure how to describe.

At first i tried to dismiss these pics as some kind of photoshop manipulation fantasy thing. But at the same time i knew that even if they were fake pictures, this is what i had been looking for my whole life. Never has beauty affected me so intensely.

What am i now... gay? I'm not attracted to guys, so what is happening to me? Is this just some immature fantasy obsession thing? I don't think so... I'm 39 years old now and these girls get me instantly ROCK-HARD. I didn't get this excited when i was in my teens!! And its not just a sexual attraction thing (again, probably difficult to believe...) I really feel something in my heart when i see these girls... deep inside me... in my spirit... does that even make sense? Am i crazy? Am i just another hopeless naive romantic idiot who believes in love that will never be?

There was so much more i wanted to say but i should just shut up. I will never meet anyone like these girls, but let me just say THANK YOU for being who you are, ladies. You are so beautiful and sexy. You are everything to me. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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