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Ann was the woman who gave away free samples in the supermarket where I was manager, and as often as we could, the employees could find us sitting in my office, smoking, laughing and talking. Ann had a way of smoking a cigarette that drove me insane with sexual desire. Inhaling, her lips were puckered, full and looking like she was sucking a prick. Upon exhaling her cigarette smoke, she let the smoke only drift from her lips, as she simply exhaled it as she would her breath…I could not take my eyes from her each time she took a drag from her cigarette.

Ann was sharp, witty, great sense of humor and looked directly into my eyes as we talked, a small woman, perfect figure, lovely breasts, which were firm, never seemed to bounce as she walked, a petite little ass and such a slender waist. She always wore middy length full skirts, sweaters or tight blouses to show off her perfect breasts, couldn’t have weighed over 80 pounds, 4-inch heels that made it impossible for her ass to not swing as she walked. A cute short hair cut, wavy and so soft. Ann was much older than I, and I was 50, by how much I never found out, what she did before retiring, how she lived, did she have any relatives…as silly as it sounds I never learned a thing about her, except we literally seduced one another, verbally, just sitting in my office, happily talking back and forth about nothing, except our eyes always looking directly into each other’s did it all.

Then one evening as I was walking out of the store to go to my apartment…there she stood next to her car, smiling as she casually asked, “Hey, Mr. want to have a drink with a lady, my treat?”

“With such a tempting offer as that is how can I refuse?”

Actually laughing at what I said she took my arm and led me to the sports bar next to the supermarket. Once we were seated at the bar, she called, “Lou, 2 scotch, my usual…Lee, honey, you like scotch?”

“You know I do, is there anything better, as long as it’s single malt.”

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