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Angel and Karly 01: Her Girlfriend Has A Dick

Last week Angel had walked in on Karly when she was in the bathroom. Karly had always been very shy around Angel. Now Angel could see why. Angel had a secret. And seeing Karly standing up to pee, with a dick between her legs… well Angel was very surprised.
Karly looked up, shocked. “Hey!” she tried to turn away. Hoping Angel hadn’t seen her secret. But it was too late. Angel stared in shock.
“Is that what I think it is? Angel said. A smile spreading across her face.
Karly was embarrassed. “What do you mean?”
Angel walked over to her friend. “Hey! Do you mind?” Karly said, trying to get her pants back up.
“No, I don’t mind.” Angel giggled. She reached around Karly, and found what she was looking for. Karly’s cock. It was a good size, and it quickly began growing hard in Angels hand.
Angel began to stroke it slowly. “I can’t believe you hid this from me!” her tits were pressed against Karlys back, as she jerked off her friend from behind.
Karly began to moan. Obviously she was enjoying Angels hand. “I was afraid” Karly mewed. “I didn’t know what you would think.”
Angel smiled. “Silly girl.” She turned her friend around. Looking directly into her eyes. Karly had hard hair. Nearly Black. And a very pretty face. “You know how much I love cock. I’ve told you how much I love to fuck and suck. This will only make us better friends.”
Karly smiled and looked away, embarrassed. “You want to …to…suck my cock?”
Angel slowly sank to her knees. “Does this answer your question?” She wrapped her hot lips around Karlys cock. Taking it slowly into her mouth. She slowly took the whole thing in. Letting it enter her throat just a little. She stayed like that as long as she could. Feeling her best girlfriends cock grow harder in her mouth. Pushing deeper into her tight throat. Karly moaned loudly. She was surprised at everything that was happening. She didn’t know how to respond. It was all like some sort of dream. But she knew it felt amazing.
Karly looked down at her friend with her lips w****d around her cock. She was really starting to suck now. Karly was so hard. Angel had shortish blonde hair. Kind of spiked a bit. They were both slim girls. Small breasts. Both very attractive.

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