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Amsterdam shemales

This was a few years ago I decided to go to Amsterdam and see if I was gay . Booked A weekend and went drinking,went around the the red light district see what girls and others were around. Went to this beautiful brunnett girl from Bulgaria with big tits, she started sucking me off but I could not get Hard,after a few minutes just go out of there. Then I went to the part that caters for shemales, crossdresser. I went to the window of a black shemale ,she was hot, she wanted €100, gave her the money and undressed, Sucked her hot cock ,let my tounge go around it and giving good mouth, she was moaning good, then she got me on all fours put gel in my ass and penetrated me with her cock ,it felt so good and I was getting hard,right there I knew I was gay, she was so good.should have done it years ago if I knew getting fucked in tha ass was so that good,she started to go faster/harder ,had to hold her back then she came into her condom. The it was my turn to fuck her ,she put the rubber on and put my cock in her and grabbed her hair and fucked her till I came. I wanted to do it all again but she wanted more money that was that and then left went to a few bars and drank happy.Day 2 I went sight seeing around the city to kill time until it got dark, went to this white Crossdresser/transgender girl from Ibiza Spain,she a short blonde hair to her neck like a bob,cute girl,sucked her off and I fucked her,wasn't as good as the night before wasn't feeling it and I don't think she was either. Left her and went drinking ,was going back to Ireland the next day and wanted to end the end on a good vibe, so went around the red light again This I went to window of a shemale from East Timor long hair, golden skin,nice big ass and nice cock, gave her the money , sucked her off and then she put gel in my butt ,put condom on a fucked me,now the night was good and I was hard,she came then ,she turned around for me to fuck her put rubber on and fucked her,she was really hot and beautiful really got into fucking her,cam into the condom ,she cleaned me down below and I got dressed,then left,went back to the hotel in good mood,next day fly back home, I must have spent about €400 euros in the red light. changed my life I want to be like them and dress up or go through transition and get fucked like them.

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