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Alleyway Adventure

One day after school I am walking to a coffee shop and I notice this hot chick waving at me to come over to her. She is wearing a tight pair of Lululemon yoga pants and only a bra on top. As if in a trance I walk over to her and she smiles. She leans over and whispers in my ear "Do you want to come someplace more private with me and i'll show you what i've got for you?" I say yes and she takes me by the hand and leads me towards a alleyway behind the coffee shop. Before we go in the alleyway she moves her other hand and puts it on my growing cock. Smiling she leads me to the back of the alleyway where no-one can see us. In seconds she's taken off her bra, undone my pants, and sucking my cock. Waves of pleasure run through me, as she starts deep throating my cock looking in my eyes the whole time. Finally, she stops sucking me and takes off her pants doing a sexy hip shimmy. Once they are off she faces me and starts guiding my hand to her tits. She makes me squeeze her tits, and jerks me off the whole time. At this point I can't hold in my cum anymore. I cum and plaster her hand. Smiling she puts it in her mouth and eats it. Then she says "Do you think you can go again?" I nod. Smiling even broader now she takes off her thong to reveal a nice plump ass, and a seven inch rock hard cock. I don't no how I didn't see the bulge. Maybe her tits were to distracting. Smiling she says "You have to make me cum now." She puts her cock into my hand and makes me give her a hand job. Meanwhile, my cock starts to get hard again. I reach down and start jerking off but she stops me. "If you want to cum again, your gonna have to suck me off!" Slowly she brings my mouth to her cock. I start to suck her cock and hear her say "Yes good boy". She then grabs my head and starts fucking my face so intensly her balls smack my chin. After a while she pulls out her cock and jerks it off, shooting her thick, sticky load all over the place.

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