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It was one of those soft southern nights you hear about in movies and old soft rock songs. I could smell the long leaf pines and the moon was nearly full. I had been on my own for so long that it rarely bothered me as it did in my youth. That lonely feeling that never quite goes away. Now it came only as a momentary discomfort. It was such a lovely night after all, it would be a shame to waste it on regret. I drove to the bookstore hoping to get a coffee at the adjoining hipster java joint. The line was not too terribly long so I decided to wait. My eyes roamed around noticing people as one often does when waiting in lines. My attention was drawn to a well-built blonde woman at a table near the counter. She was reading a book with her legs crossed in a lady like fashion. Her long slender hands reached for her cup and her perfectly painted candy apple nails glistened in the light. It was like a scene from a movie everything else just kind of faded into a blur and all I could see were those voluptuous full lips purse around that straw. My cock began to grow ever so slightly, I would have given anything to be that straw just then.
She must have felt me staring because she looked up with dark eyes that seemed to challenge the world. I immediately looked down at my shoes embarrassed. After a bit I stole a look up and she was looking at me and smiling. Her lips were pouty and full I could not get over how beautiful she was. I noticed her gaze shifting downward and soon she was staring at my crotch. Of course, in response as if to say, “Hi there,” my cock grew instantly hard. I knew I was way out of my depth here and despite my excitement I was starting to plan my retreat. I could not look away and that’s when it happened. She shifted her legs just like in “Basic Instinct” and I saw a bulge in her panties. I looked up to her face and her tongue appeared and in a very sultry manner licked her top lip, she then bit her bottom lip and I nearly came right in my pants. I looked around quickly to see if anyone else had noticed, and luckily no one had appeared to or at least gave no indication if they had. I was almost in a panic at this point, my heart was racing in anticipation and fear. What if I could not seal the deal? What if she got tired of waiting for my move, I was fucked and not in a good way either.

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