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After Gym Class Chapter 01

I was tired. It was the last period of the day, so at least the day would be over soon. I didn't sleep very well last night, still thinking about that jerk Josh and what he had said. "I really want someone who is more open to doing different things sexually," he had said. What the fuck, he was such a dick and a small one at that! He had no idea how bad he was in bed. I just wanted to find a guy who could actually last more than one minute before cumming and rolling off of me.

"What's so funny?" Sara asked. I realized that I had been smiling at the thought of calling Josh 'minute man.' I was brought back to reality. Sara, my gym partner, was holding the rope for me. It was my turn to climb up the rope. God, I hated gym. Sara was cool though, and we were giggling because we both sucked at rope climbing and fell back down often. It was hard work too, and we had both begun to perspire.

As seniors, gym class was usually very boring. None of us really cared, and we didn't really try very hard. I landed with a splat, and lay on the mat adjusting my too-small sports bra. I had almost popped out again. In contrast to my dark skin and hair, Sara was blonde, taller and a little stockier than me, but had nice curves too. Guys always seemed to drool over her ass and she wore spandex often. She seemed to like the attention, but she never had a boyfriend, at least not that anyone knew about. She was a bit of a loner, and I really didn't know her very well outside of gym class.

Sara was leaning over me now, offering her hand to pull me up off the mat again. "Come on Candy, up one more time." I was too tired and just pulled her down to the mat with me.

"No, you come down here, it's more comfortable!" Sara landed next to me with a flop as we both giggled uncontrollably again. Sara's leg landed over top of mine, and as she moved to get up. I felt something different pressing against my thigh, but wasn't sure what to think. Then old Ms. Peters blew the whistle and the day was finally over. We both headed to the locker room. Sara's arm was around me as we were still giggling. It felt good to be close to someone. I realized that Josh had completely slipped my mind, and I was glad for that.

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