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Ad trap

I saw their ad at the site: “Couple looking for a bisexual guy.” I decided to call them I knew I had to hurry, there were always many people ready to try, I wanted to be the first. When I dialed the number I heard a nice voice, it was a man, he sounded like a beefy man. He turned out to be 48, she was 29. His name was Hayden, her name was Kerry.

“When will we meet?”

“What about tomorrow?” Hayden said.

I knocked on the door. A short beefy guy opened it (I was right about his build). He had a big head, thinnish hair turning grey, wrinkled hands, and a tattoo on one of his hands. Hayden really looked like 48 years of age but no much older. I thought I would probably look the same in some 10-15 years. My ex-partners were much younger, but I didn’t mind trying something new.

I was deliberately slow. I wanted to look round the place. It seemed like a new house of a well-being person. They had new Italian furniture, and the house looked like been recently renovated. The design was pretty lovely.

Hayden was wearing light pants and a tie. Kerry wasn’t around. But she was definitely in. I heard some noise from the bedroom. We were sitting in the living room. It was a bit empty there, it lacked all those small and unnecessary things that women like to pile in living rooms to make them look “cozy”. A bottle of expensive wine and some fruits were standing on the table in front of us. I took a couple of sips from my glass, Hayden gulped his one down. He was shy and inhibited. He was playing with the glass in his hands. Then he finally started speaking trying to elude looking at me.

“You know I love her. I love Kerry. I’ve never loved anybody like I love her. She… she’s a very special girl. She’s so doting and caring. She… well, she was a man. We were dating for long. God, I was so happy, I was so madly in love with her. I gave her flowers, tons of flowers. I kissed her first only in two weeks after the day I met her. She knew I wanted more than that. She gave me head, it was fantastic… When I first saw her nude… I really love her so much. I don’t care about her past. I offered her to do the second operation but she’s too afraid of surgery to do that. I love her the way she is.”

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