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A TV in the Shoe Store

I work at a ladies shoe store at a large metropolitan mall.
My name is Jillian, though my friends all call me Jilly.
Those same friends also say that I am blessed with a
beautiful face, and an athletic body! Pretty heady for a 30
year old woman whose ideas of athletics never got beyond
sports illustrated and Cosmo! But friends tend to flatter,
that is why we are still friends! I tend to dress with a
flare towards teasing. You see I always wear my skirts and
dresses a bit shorter than fashion demands, and I always
wear sheer reinforced heel and toe stockings. A habit
started by a doting Aunt that gave me my first stockings
and garters for a big dance at my high school. The
attention and care given me by my date and others that
night convinced me that stockings were my hosiery of
choice, even if most other girls wore pantyhose, or ugh!
bare legs! My dear Auntie also loaned, then gave me,
against my mothers wishes, my first pair of stiletto heels.
Mom always said her sister was the black sheep of the
family! Well, Auntie did look hot in black!

The salon I work for is called "Pizzaz!". The store fills
the niche of supplying stylish and risque ladies shoes for
discriminating tastes. I have been working all day and we
are closing in 15 minutes. I begin to put away the clutter
from the day's fittings as I spot a new customer, walking
into our lobby. She is a striking tall lady with a stylish
look. She appears to be over 6 feet tall, in her 5 inch
black leather pumps. Her smokey grey hosiery has the sheen
and delicate look of money! A very haute leather dress of a
deep reddish hue adorns her lithe body. Curves in all the
right places speak of endless hours in the gym. Long blond
hair in a French twist, has her high cheek boned face on
full display.

Gorgeous eyes and lips are made up so expertly as to only
hint they are not natural. This woman was of class and
breeding, no doubt. I couldn't help but admire her elegant
walk and calm demeanour as she purveyed our stock of
fashionable shoes.

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