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A surprise for John

It was a busy day at work when I got a text message from John asking what I was doing that night. I replied that I had no plans. He told me he was leaving work early, if I wanted to stop by for a lil bit I was more than welcome. I told him I would. I did want to talk to him about a small trip I was planning.

I got to John's by 5:15 and took a quick shower to freshen up. Quickly put on thigh highs, short skirt and blouse, a touch of make-up and a wig. When I entered John was on the couch watching TV. I cuddled up next to him, gave him a nice long kiss and said hello. We chatted a lil bit when he mentioned the new lingerie catalog on the coffee table. He told me since I've lost a good amount of weight that I might need to get some new lingerie. I was happy he mentioned it, since it was 19 lbs. John noticed and would give positive reinforcement on everything I did. Talking and acting more feminine when dressed, trying to fulfill his desires, everything. I gave him a loving thank you kiss to show my appreciation. After, I told him my plans to go up to Boston for a few days to see my parents and a few friends. John knew my parents wouldn't approve of our relationship and I would be going alone.

He didn't have a problem with that but asked if any of my friends were special friends. I told him that none of them knew. He seemed to act a lil bit jealous. I assured him I would be a good girl and be faithful. We talked some more about the trip and after he made another small comment about my friends, so I asked him if he was jealous. He said no and that he was just teasing me. I asked him point blank if he really wants to watch me with another guy or guys and he quickly answered yes. I told him we could plan something when I get back. His friend Doug wouldn't be able to come for a few more weeks but I had an idea in my head. I switched the talk back to the lingerie catalog and asked if he picked out anything. He smiled and said yes. I asked him to show me which ones.

As he was going through it to find the things he liked, I reached over and started gently rubbing his crotch.

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