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A Slice of Life - Ch. 1

Written by Nobody Home. All comments and feedback welcome!


It is dark out, night descending upon a wintery, snowcapped city backdrop. Cold against the windowpane, I feel my head shoved into it and my hand makes a streak against the glass. My would-be attacker tears my panties off of my slender hips and I hear him unzip his fly. Feeling the cold of the window against my cheek, I shudder at what’s coming next. His belt clinks against the hard floor as he drops his pants.

For a moment, silence.

And then, I feel his hands grasp me by my waist. My bra is still on, but that doesn’t matter. And all of a sudden, I feel moist saliva drizzle down my bubble butt, moistening the hole. He doesn’t finger me to make sure I’m lubed and ready for his cock. Instead, he pulls me back til I feel his mushroom head just outside my poorly lubed boypussy.

I exhale as he thrusts into me, the head of his cock moist with the saliva. But it’s not enough. As he drives into me, I feel like I’m being torn apart.

He’s such a big man.

Finally, after an unknown expanse of time, barely conscious, I realize he’s in to the hilt. All 9 inches of cock, thick as a soda can, driven into me like a pike all at once. I hate to think of how badly I’m going to be bleeding by the time this is done, but as he adjusts his position, something other than pain stirs inside my bowels. I feel my tiny cock start to galvanize, feeling his shaft brush against my prostate as he shifts.

After a moment of letting me get used to it, he withdraws, hands still on my hips. Doggy is always going to be my favorite position; it makes me feel so girly and submissive.
“You like that?” the man grunts as he thrusts back into me, his sinewy hips crashing into my bubble butt and making me moan. His cock feels so good.

“Fuck me, Aren!” I whisper, getting the breath knocked out of me. Withdrawing from my tender anus, he pulls out to lube his cock. Positioning back into my hole, I feel trills of delight shoot up my centerline and expand to my toes and fingertips.

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