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A sexy rendezvous!

Knock  knock  knock...Who's is it? Sunny...Just a minute Sunshine, my bangs are giving me fits today! I'm coming hear high heels clanking on the hotel room floor...the door opens & you see just the side of her face with her beautiful blue eyes sparkling... Hi Sunny, come in baby... you come in as she turns & walks back towards the mirror...Honey, could you please hold this mirror for me. I just want to be done so I can enjoy come up behind her & see her in the mirror... she hands you the mirror & blows you a kiss as you take it from her hand...Thank you, Darlin! I'll make it quick, ok... she pulls back her bangs & clips them as you feels her back her ass up against your pants...Great! Thank you, baby! She says as she takes the mirror from you & turns & taps you on the shoulder leading you to the bed... she lays down, you sit beside her...all your fantasies are rolling through your head as you realize this is real...she pulls you close & gives you a soft kiss????...Do I look ok, sweety? She says, as she flips her hair back...You look beautiful, you respond...As much time as it took to dress up for you, all I want is for you to undress me & make love to me! Please!...You begin to take off her heels...then her skirt, revealing her little are feeling an erection in your pants beginning to grow...she sits up & goes right for your zipper & begins to open your jeans...she gently pushes you down onto the bed as she slides your pants off & turns with her ass up, as she pulls your cock out of your underwear & gently grabs your growing unit...she begins to kiss the tip of your penis, slowly & softly, lickng it in a swirling begin to relax & touch her ass in those little  panties...she reaches back & pulls her painties to the side, revealing her little rosebud????... you begin to touch her little hole with your middle she's sucking your cock now, very passionately! She stops for a second & spits on her fingers & reaches back & spreads it on her asshole...

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