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A Revenge Fuck

It had been a long day. I had fought the traffic after a miserable week to get home early and surprise my wife for what was to be a romantic weekend. But as I pulled up to the house my heart sank. I saw a bright red motorcycle in the drive way and something inside told me, "This isn't right!" So, mindfully discreet, I snuck into my own house. Slowly closing the front door as quiet as I could.

Above, from the bedroom I heard a thump and another thump. Moans escaped them as I ascended the stairs and full words when I reached the second floor hall.

"Fuck me!" my wife cried out. I could hear the bed rocking and thumping against the bed. "Hurry fuck me yeah-yeah-yeah-harder ugh!" her voice was rushed, panicked, exasperated, filled with animal lust. I crept down the hall, my heart racing. I didn't believe it, I couldn't- how could she?

(Thump! Thump! Thump!) The bed beat against the wall. (Slap! Slap! Slap!) Flesh pounded flesh; thigh and buttocks. (Slop! Plop! Flop!) Cock and balls stabbed into an over juiced pussy. "Oh fuck my tight white pussy yes! Yes! Yes!"

I remember thinking, "What the hell? What's the big deal about her being white?" and then I heard the man's voice. A deep black accent, "Oh hell yeah bitch, take that fucking rod, you like it huh?" and the sound of him slapping her ass with his hand.

"Yeah! Yeah! cum in me baby!" she cried back.

The bed pounded into the wall with more frequent force as they picked up their pace. My feet carried me, without thought until I stood, amazed at the door way to our bedroom. A year ago I had bought my wife a "diamonds are forever" necklace that grew in the size of carrots as a sign of our ever growing love. It swayed back and forth between her sweaty breasts, which lumbered from side to side as some Black guy humped her doggy style on our bed. His black hands pulled on her soft white skin, yanking the Victoria Secret underwear she had bought last month, supposedly for me this weekend, to the side as he rammed himself into her from the back.

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