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A night with Jilly

My stomach tensed as I heard that knock on my door. A week of excitement, email and photo exchanges had finally come to this moment. I slightly opened my hotel door as a man carried a bag quickly into the bathroom and closed the door. I nervously waited with my hard cock soaked in pre cum over and over. After what seemed liked an eternity the bathroom door opened and the man who whisked into my hotel bathroom was now “Jilly”. A sexy CD with long brown hair, sexy makeup a silky blouse, tight skirt, dark nylons and red high heels.
I told her how beautiful she was as I handed her a glass of wine to help ease the nerves. We sat and sipped the wine as our fantasy took hold. I brushed her face with my fingers and kissed her cheek and ear lobe tasting her as my cock soaking wet strained in my pants. Then we sat our glasses on the table as our lips touched lightly like teenagers making out for the first time. Then my tongue found its way between her lips and deep into her mouth.

As my tongue probed her mouth their was no question I was her man for the night and my lead would dominate as our nervousness turned to raw passion. Knowing this was just one special night between the two of us we prolonged every second, she let out light moans as my lips moved from her mouth, to her neck, to her ears back and forth over and over. My hands began to caress her silky legs as I tasted her neck, slowly sliding her skirt up higher and higher. She moved her hand to my crotch opening my pants as I tasted her neck and caressed her thigh. She freed my hard soaking wet cock, slid her finger across the tip and moved a large drop of pre cum to her lips, she sampled my cum.

My hands unbuttoned her blouse as she moved her hand back to my self lubed cock, I slid down her bra and tasted each nipple slowly, flicking, sucking and gentle biting each one, as my lips teased each nipple my hand made it pass her silky thigh highs to her tight panties where I felt a raging hard on begging for release. She lightly whispered not yet sweetie, gently kissed me on the lips, knelt downs licked my cum soaked cock clean as I moaned and then disappeared into the bathroom.

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