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A night out with my sister

Following in from Shopping with my sister - Please read my other stories first to set the scene.

Jane and I lie embracing on her bed, our naked bodies merging into one as we hold each other closely.

"What do you want to do tonight?" I ask

"I was thinking we could have a night out together, maybe a meal and a few drinks, see where the night takes us!" Jane replied.

"That sounds good to me, I haven't been out for a few weeks because of my exams."

"Well, I'll treat you to a nice meal and a bottle of wine on one condition" Jane offered with a devious smile on her face.

"Go on," I ask, feeling slightly concerned but excited at the same time.

"Well Dan, I want you to come to dinner with me dressed as Dannii," She smiled, my face filled with anxiety, "Come on Dan, don't be shy, you spent the whole day dressed as a girl and no one was any the wiser."

Without realising it, my cock had started to get hard and press against Jane's leg. "See, the idea of it turns you on, and it turns me on who knows what might happen when we get home!" Jane smiled seductively at me.

"I can't exactly say no can I?" I reply, trying my best to look annoyed, but the grin coming across my face gave away my true feelings.

Within no time Jane and I had showered and were getting ourselves ready to head out as girls on the town. I was sat in one of Jane's satin gowns, just long enough to cover my ass as she applied my makeup and styled my hair again. I looked in the mirror and was shocked. I looked stunning, Jane had done me proud, my makeup emphasising the feminine qualities of my otherwise masculine face. My hair again styled fashionably to sweep across my forhead.

"Jane," I ask nervously, "Is it ok if I get dressed in my own room so you can see me when I'm fully ready?"

"Oh course it is Dannii, whatever you want to make tonight as special as possible for you."

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