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A Night i will Remember 4 Ever

About six months ago I went to a transvestite bar and dance club in the centre of the city where I live. I was dressed in my sexiest all-leather shift minidress, sheer stockings and 4-inch stilettos, and my favourite blonde wig. I was fully made up with long false eyelashes and blue shadow, painted nails, and dark purple lipstick, and my most valuable gold necklace and large chunky earrings. Though I say it myself, I looked beautiful. I have a very good figure – I need to, in my line of work – and long shapely legs.

I knew as I walked across the dance floor that I was drawing admiring glances from all the men and from the other ‘girls’; but there was only one that I had eyes for. I had seen her on the way in, and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had on a skimpy tank-top made of some glittery material, that strained against her perfect tits, a very short and tight red miniskirt with a bare midriff showing her pierced navel. Her long legs were sheathed in beautiful seamed stockings, the tops of which were visible beneath the outrageously short skirt. She wore gold stiletto shoes of the ‘fuck-me’ variety, and walked in the most sexy and provocative way, showing off her finely shaped arse.

Her hair was long, curly and auburn tinted, and she was heavily made up, but in an incredibly convincing way. I swear you would not have known that she had a full eight inches of manhood in her crotch. I soon found out, mind you, because when I asked her to dance she accepted immediately, and we moved to the centre of the dance floor, holding each other closely. She kissed me long and deep, and let my tongue virtually disappear down her throat, while at the same time rubbing her beautiful body next to mine. I could feel her cock hard and throbbing against my thigh, while my own strained against my skimpy panties as she lightly stroked it and fondled my balls under my skirt. We continued like that for some time, swaying slowly in time to the music, oblivious of everything except eachother’s bodies. We virtually made love on the dance floor, and there is no doubt everyone knew what we were doing. When I looked towards the bar I could see several of the men surreptitiously wanking themselves off just at the sight of us.

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