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A night alone without hands

A night alone. The urges came fast. A quick visit to the world-wide web and inspiration flowed abundantly. My hand was fast at unbuckling my own pants and shortly after a rock-hard cock laid pumping in my hand. I slowly rubbed it up and down – moaning with each stroke. But something was missing – I could feel it clench in my anus the more I got excited. I ripped off the remaining of my clothes and got into the bathroom where I opened my favorite cabinet. A large 7-inch dildo stood there and welcomed me with eager. I grabbed the lube and the dildo.
I filled my left hand with the lube and started to massage my anus to the point where my cock started dribbling with pre-cum. Then I took the dildo and mounted it on the wall. Carefully I got on all four and leaned backwards until I felt the tip of the head press gently towards my anus.
I quivered in excitement and took a deep breath before I pushed myself backwards and filled myself with the full length of the dildo.
I screamed by the pleasure. My cock even harder now than before. I started wiggling my ass back and forth. I could feel the cock sliding inn and out – opening me with force. My cock was slapping back and forth and the pre-cum flying in every direction. I was going faster now – feeling the full rod pressuring the top of my rectum. I quivered again by the pleasure and started feeling a pressure build in my cock.

I was breathing heavy and moving rapidly to make the dildo sliding in and out. The feeling of my anus closing as the dildo went out was only exceeded by the sensation of the feeling as it filled me up again on the way in. Like a hypnotic movement, I was locked to the dance. And now it came – the pressure was absolute and my cock exploded. Cum was rushing out of my penis and covering both the ground and my own stomach.
But I did not stop. The dildo massaging my rectum that unwillingly wanted to clench by the orgasm was overwhelming me and I could not stop shaking.
I had shut my eyes in overpowering pleasure and screamed of exhilaration. As I opened them I lost my breath for a moment and slowly let the dildo glide out of me.

You would think I was satisfied, but the emptiness I felt only have me the desire of more.

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