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A new girl around!

You know, things, I’m gonna tell you about started when I was a teen. I was like every teen guy, I loved web porn, looked at porn on the internet, surfing porn sites through the web space and masturbated a lot. I loved and now love to watch lesbian porn: it was so hot watching girls having sex. Soon after that I got used to watching and enjoying anal sex, watching the girl having numerous orgasms while she has a huge cock right in her ass. Once I was hardly caught by my dad, but I managed to close the browser in time! Then, later that week, while surfing the web looking for something hardcore, I stumbled across some porn I had never seen before. It was shemale porn. I became fascinated with shemales. From now, every time I got a chance to watch porn I would go straight to the shemale sites and masturbate again and again. Couldn’t say why but for me it was so hard turn on! I loved watching shemales, I loved watching their balls and cocks hang up and down while getting rammed! For some reason they just turned me on so much.
Oh, by the way! You do have to know my name! My names David, I’m 20 and single, I live in New York. I’m not fat but muscular guy, because I work out every morning in a gym. I like my body, it’s well built! Then I go to work, in the end of the day I come home and have dinner, but sometimes I go to the bar down the street and have a few drinks for a couple of hours. About a week ago I noticed a new girl at the gym working out by herself and I couldn’t take my eyes from her. She was gorgeous, big boobs and sun tanned skin, 42 inches round ass, nice flat belly… She had long blond hair, green eyes. I had been watching her work out everyday for a week. Then, on Friday, after work, I went to the bar and I was sitting there having some drink. I was enjoying my beer when all of sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder, and girls’ voice: “Excuse me! Can I sit here and have a drink with you?” she asked. I was a bit in shock! This girl wanted to have drink with me! It was something I wouldn’t’ miss! And getting over anxiety I finally managed to say “Yes, I would love that” I bought us both drinks and we made small talk. I found out her name was Selena and that she had just moved here from New Orlean. After a few drinks she said:

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