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A Meeting at a rest stop in Alabama

Typically my wife comes with me when I visit my grandmother in Smyrna GA. Last Friday she didn't want to come with me. Perfect.

I stopped at the last rest stop just before the Alabama Georgia line and took my bag of clothes with me to the bathroom. I opened the door and then walked into a stall. I sat down and took off my all my clothes and promptly put on female clothing. Stuffing my hard cock down between my legs I stepped out and to a sink and mirror.

Fixed my long brunette wig and slightly opened the door. No one is sight I exited the nasty smelly bathroom and walked quickly to my Mazda. I sat down and cranked up my car and backed out of my parking spot.

A minute later I was about to pull out onto the entrance ramp and a young guy flagged me down. He leaned down as I slowed up and he reached out to my door. He asked me if I would take him to Atlanta and then commented about my outfit.

He told me his name was Robby. I introduced myself to him as Debbie. He told me we could get high on the way if I would take him.

Twenty minutes later just after we passed an exit sign Robby asked if I'd get off at the next exit. He wanted to take a piss in the woods. I exited and turned onto a dirt road right at the exit.

He told me to come with him and we could get high. He said he was afraid to in the car because if we got pulled over we get caught.

I followed Robbie into the woods and he stopped and he began to open his pants to piss. Once done he turned towards me and was holding his hard cock out at me.
Suck me bitch he said firmly. He stepped closer and wiggled his cock at me. Come on bitch suck me. You know you want too.

I looked at him and I was just so excited that he even suggested that I was thrilled. My hard cock was pushing down between my legs into my panties. I wanted him in me more than just sucking him off. It was a hot muggy day and my cock leaked as I stood there. Come on bitch this will take a couple minutes and we'll be on our way.

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