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A long fun weekend with Desi

I come over to your place after work on Friday evening. We are going over to one of your friends houses for a get together. I head home real quick and change clothed and get my bag for the weekend. I shoot you a text as I head out the door, "On my way". You are at home getting ready to go out. Thus get together isn't anything fancy so you put in a pair if tight jeans that accentuates your ass and a cute top with spaghetti straps.
I arrive at your house and walk up to the door and ring the door bell. You are still fixing your hair so you just holler for me to come in. I come in and head to the bedroom to put my bag down and see you stand in in the bathroom doing your hair. I set my bag on the floor and head to the bathroom door and lean against the door frame.
"You look nice tonight." I say.
"Thanks!" you day with a smile as you look at me in the mirror as you keep fixing your hair.
"How much longer?" I ask.
"Not much, why?" you respond.
"Just wondering." I answer. "I'm gonna go wait in the living room."
"OK, I'll hurry." you say still fixing your hair.
I just smile at you and reach out and rub your left ass cheek with my right hand before I turn and head to the living room. You just smile and keep getting ready. I grab a glass of water and head to the living room to wait for you. I turn on the TV and watch some baseball as I wait and drink my water. After about 10 minutes or so, out make your way to the living room and stand there in the entrance way. I turn and look at y and my jaw drops when I see you. I can't say anything and you know that it means that you look amazing and you just smile at me.
"You look... I mean, WOW!" I say.
"Thanks." you say with a shy sexy smile. "You ready to go?"
"Yep, I sure am." I reply as I get up and turn the TV off before putting my glass in the sink.
We head out the door and down the sidewalk to my truck holding hands.

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