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A little office fun

Two days had passed since Scott’s amazing night with Louise. He hadn’t heard from her at all but today he was finally going to see her again at work. He was nervous and excited all at the same time.
Scott proceeded to his work desk and worked his day as usual. He hadn’t seen Louise at all throughout the morning, however as lunch finally came around, she appeared at his desk.
“Long time no see”, she greeted him, a devilish grin on her face.
Scott looked her up and down. She was wearing a tight red dress which accentuated her beautiful curves - black heels which made her gorgeous legs pop. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail which gave her an irresistible teacher look.
He sat back in his chair and smirked.
“Hey, it’s about time something looked up in my day. What are you doing for lunch?”
Louise leaned her hip against his desk, her fingertips grazing the length of his stapler, eyes locked with his. “Well I thought I would spend it with you. It’s been a pretty slow morning. Perhaps we can speed things up a bit?”
She moved away from his desk, moving towards the corridor. Scott got up from his desk and followed her, both of them moving towards the lifts. She turned around and grabbed his arm. “I have an idea, are you up for some fun?” Scott nodded yes and Louise pulled him towards to the bathrooms.
As they walked in, Louise slid the lock into place.

Turning, she looked at Scott, a pure look of lust in her eyes. Craving the touch of her body against his once again. Scott could feel her need, his own matching hers. He slowly pressed his hand against her thigh, hesitant at first. Nervous. Unsure. As he reached beneath her skirt, she sighed, her soft skin tingling from the touch of his fingers.
Louise pushed him back against the bathroom wall making him grunt softly in surprise, a grin spreading along his mouth. Pressing her body into him, she teasingly licked his bottom lip before melding her lips to his, her tongue delving into his mouth. As their tongues fought for the same space, he reached beneath her skirt once more, between her thighs and up, up, up…

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