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A Hidden Surprise

Winter term at uni means thicker clothes which enabled me to hide some surprises under my clothes. The thicker blouses and tights would conceal anything from a thin g-string or a heavy lace pair of panties. And, me being me, I took this change of wardrobe to my full advantage. I’d been Matt’s fuck buddy for a month or so now and wanted to add some more fun into the mix. So as Friday rolled around I was lucky to finish at midday and got to head off into town for a little shopping session.

Trawling the shops, running my hands over the soft fabrics in the girls section, fiddling with their buttons. I picked up a few items and tried them on in the dressing room, enjoying the tight fit of the warm cloth on my skin, piecing together a cute little outfit for that night as I went. With a few outfits made up I bought them and set off to my flat.

I went through my usual routine of showering, lavishly conditioning my blonde hair that hung down past my shoulders now. Carefully I shaved and waxed all over, removing the faint hairs and leaving my pale skin soft and smooth. I stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around my hair, as I stood in the mirror, looking over my slight form, my waist line curving in gently to my hips, my slender arms reaching from my narrow shoulders and my fine legs reaching down to my feet. My limp dick hung out in front of me. I pulled the towel off my head and ran it over my body, savouring the fluffy touch on my skin.

I walked over to the bed and picked up tonight’s chosen underwear. It was a tiny red g-string with a tiny triangle of fabric at the front, the crimson string ran up my ass-crack to meet the top string joining in a small metallic jigsaw of golden cubes with inset gems. The metal section was cold on my skin and felt sensational as the tight garment stretched onto my hips. I carefully tucked my little dick into the fabric and turned round to the bed again to pick up the matching bra. The bra was heavily padded giving the appearance of a decent B cup, held up by red straps that attached to the cups with a similar jewellery to the g-string.

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