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A French Maid For Me?

After calling the cleaning service, I really hoped that they would send some hot young cutie to tidy up my pad. When the doorbell rang, I dabbed the last bit of cologne on and headed for the door.

Upon opening the door, my heart sank. The most beautiful woman stood at my door in a French maid's uniform. I was speechless; all I could do is focus on her breasts, which were just about to bust out of her uniform. In her hand she had a case which I assumed was cleaning supplies. I finally mustered enough balls to invite her in.

She walked in the door and looked around, this house is not dirty she exclaimed. I know but it needs to be tidied up and I like to watch as you fine young women shake your ass while you dust the fan. She giggled and said my name is Gigi, and I am at your service. I plopped down on the couch and Gigi went to work.

First she stripped down, no bra, just a black thong. Gigi was built like a shit brick house. She was tall and thin with a nice tan. Her blonde hair would bounce on her back as she reached up to wipe the fan. Every couple of minutes she would look back at me and say am I getting it with a smile? Oh yes, you are I said. Next she sat down on the floor spreading her legs in front of me. Gigi gently guided the dusting broom around her panties and put the end of the dusting broom inside her and began bouncing up and down on it. She moaned and yelled as I watched. I can't believe this is happening I told her. Why don't you play with yourself while I jack off she said. Only if you will play with your titties for me and take that thong off.

With her left hand Gigi reached up and began playing with her titties. Pulling and twisting until she was red take off the thong I yelled. Only if you don't laugh she said. Why the fuck would I laugh. Gigi stood up and pulled down the thong panties, a monstrous cock popped out. She looked at me with shame. Hey don't be ashamed, I love shemales, come on over and I will show you!

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