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A Fantasy for the future

I walk up to you from behind. Just as you sense my presence, you hear my husky voice whisper in your ear, "Do not turn around, or all this will stop".
A shiver of excitement goes through you.
I start to stroke the back of your neck, first with my fingertips, then with the ends of my beautiful long nails.
You wriggle and purr lightly, moving your ass from side to side, I undo the clasp at your neck that holds your dress in place and it falls to the floor with a rustle of silk. You step out of it and I move it away with my foot
I lean back to admire your soft, silky skin, partly covered by a silk camisole and tight fitting panties, already showing signs of dampness between your thighs.
My fingertips find your shoulders and explore them, loving the feel of the muscles moving beneath the skin.
My fingernails rake down the outside of your arms and rest momentarily in the soft inner of your elbows, before continuing down to caress the inner skin just above your small wrists.
I use both hands to cup your breasts, I marvel at the heat and firmness there, but I can tell they are truly wonderful, With a flick of my fingers I release the front fastening to reveal the twin flowers of your nipples, already standing proud from your taut breasts.
Your moans start as I rub your nipples with the palms of my hands with gentle circling movements, you show your enjoyment by circling your ass and trying to press back to my body.
Again I warn you "Do not turn around, or all this will stop".
Your shoulders drop a little with disappointment, but to make up, I start rolling your nippple with my finger and thumb, while I stroke the underside of your other breast with my nail ends, causing you to shiver.
Stroking your breasts and twisting your nipples from one breast to the other makes you moan louder than before, even though you have your legs clamped tightly together, you circle your ass to invite my attention.
I gently stroke the sides of your soft body with my hands, always stopping short of your panties, but caressing your ribs first with fingers, then with my warm hands, finally with my nail ends.

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