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A date with my CD lover

Hi I am rob and this is my story. It was long ago so need for any fake names. I used to have this guy when I was young. Just suck each other's dicks and he would let me fuck his sweet hot ass once in awhile. Its was real nice. He told me to come over one day for one of our hot sessions. He had a pretty good sized cock. It curved and was nice and thick like a beer can. I admit I was hungry for his hot tool to slide in and out of my throat. So I eagerly accepted his invite and made my way over.
So when I finally got to his house I tried the door so I could walk in undetected and catch him stroking his hot piece of meat so i could wrap my hungry throat around his fat cock. Door was unlocked and I made my way to his basement which was half-finished. There was a full bed down there for guests. When I walked in the door I found him attempting to sit on the bed knob to get his ass loose for my own cock. He was wearing lipstick eye shadow and a incredibly hot pair of fishnet stockings.. He said he found these in his sisters room and threw them on. Said he looked hot. He looked fucking amazing my already stiff cock was straining at the zipper. So I knew what i was there for and I instantly pulled my dick out and starting fisting my swollen meat.
He looked at me doing this in shock and asked me if I liked him in this outfit cause he had a wig to complete the look. Man was he fucking sexy. He soon was on his knees as I plunged my thick swollen dick to the hilt in his hungry slut mouth. I forced him to take every inch as I said "you dirty cunt, suck that fuckin dick" He worked my cock real good and was about to cum when he turned to me and said your saving that for my lubed hole.
He then turned around on all fours and looked back at me as I took his fat hard cock in my mouth. Then in which I would stroke his shaft and bury my tongue in his hot ass. As i sucked on his hot taint and balls, all the while stroking his thick cock I could tell he was close.

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