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A Close Encounter

Another great tape and another great yank of the crank. Yea, she-males were pretty hot, Tom thought as he hit the eject bottom on the tape deck, but where on earth would he really find one? He had little doubt that if he did find a place where they hung out that there would be more than a few with a serious case of ugly. The chances of finding one like the ones in the video taped he had just been watching was pretty slim. But, he knew if he never went looking, he would never find one. He knew they preferred to be called transsexuals and not she-males as they regarded she-male as a rather derogatory term; the term "tranny" seemed to be okay with them. Getting into the sack with one was a fantasy of his. It wasn't that he didn't like women, he just liked men a lot better. Well, there were parts of women that were interesting, hence the attraction to the she-males. A she-male was pretty much the best of both worlds. The only trouble with trying to turn a fantasy into reality is that you just might like the fantasy better. But, if he didn't try it, he would never know!

Tom went out looking for one, just to see if sex with a tranny would be as much fun as he had imagined. Well, that was just the start. It took some digging to find out where they hang out. There are places that have more than others - and they can be found - if you care to look a little. That being said, Tom finally found a place where there were alleged to be a few. And, as he had guessed, the first few trips down to those bars and clubs were a bust. Oh, there were a few trannies there, but nothing to write home about. But, it was promising. Where the uglies hung out, there were probably going to be a few lookers too. The trick of course would be to find something of a looker that wasn't attached and didn't think she was the cat's meow. Tom was pretty sure that he wasn't the only one who would like to get a decent looking tranny in bed with him.

The forth attempt at finding a decent looking tranny paid off. Unfortunately it was on a Wednesday night, so if this did pay off, he was seriously considering calling in sick the next day!

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