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I was a student, I had a nice girl. I went out for a night on my own in Amsterdam. In a bar at de Nieuwmarkt I noticed a black woman on the bar and sat next to her. During the conversation I noticed there was something about her, and I knew what. Which set me on fire.
I had sucked a friend's cock twice, liked it, but realized then there was something missing: the upper part was all hard and hairy.
The woman next to me was really chatting me up drinking white wine. Dressed in een loose flowery shirt, short white skirt started stroking my leg. My hand went slowly undr her skirt and soon I felt something that I expected there. I was hitting the ceiling!
She lived closeby she whispered and we went outside.
In her apartment we went straight to her bedroom where I sat down on the bed and while she stood before me I lifted her skirt and unwrapped from her pantie that what made me feel like a kid on Xmasm though it was a hot summer night. I stroked, I licked, I sucked and went on to unwrap her furthermore. Lovely breats emerging from her bra that I enthoustically started to stroke and suck.
Later in the night, while sitting on top of me she discharged lovely stream of piss over my chest, something I had never enjoyed before... so warm and intimate that was. On her request I later pissed over her lovely boobs which she welcomed with dep sighs and I licked my own pee, everything was no limits.
We kissed till our mouths were dripping and after some hestitation from my side she very gently lodged her big cock in my ass and presented me with a high I never had experienced before.

The night went on , one never to forget.

Any one who wants another shot at me is welcome, nice tits and gentle cock provided.

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