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What If My Mom

Country Boys with a Difference

I loved my Brother's cock, don't get me wrong, it's just what happened and our Mother loves our cocks as well as she loves our breasts. Let me explain.

It all happened when I was 13 and my brother was 11. Ours was a happy family living in the hill country of Kentucky, way back in the hills, but we were not 'hill - billy's'. Dad had a good job with General Electric, a aircraft designer and Mom was a teacher at the local high school. I don't know why we got sick but we did.
Bobby and me, boy did we get sick.

Dad and Mom were real worried I got told later, Dad couldn't take time of work so Mom had to take us to the hospital. Then we were there for a week as the Doctor's ran tests Mom told us later. We talked a lot latter, Mom and Dad tried to explain but it was Mom taking care of Bobby and me that told me all about IT.

We had been 'exposed' to something. Nobody had told Dad and Mom what, exactly but the man from Washington was very helpful. All the hospital bills were paid and Dad got a raise. Mom got time off school to help us. It was very strange to my 13 year old brain. Bobby didn't worry as long as he could watch his cartoons.

It was about a year latter that 'thing's started to happen to us, Bobby and me. Mom and Dad had kept a watch on us but as time passed and there was nothing, well, we all thought no more about the strange sickness!

But just before summer break, 14 going on 15 with all the 'normal' teenager hormones, I was thinking about asking Dad if I could invite Peggy Sue over to swim when my chest hurt. We had been told to tell Mom or Dad when anything changed.

This was a 'change', boy it hurt, I was nearly crying by the time Mom got home.

"Mom it hurts, real bad".

"What hurts Joe, I need to know more!". I could see the old concern in her face.

"My chest" I said as I lifted my t shirt. I didn't expect the look on Moms face, shock.

"OH MY..........., shit". This was not what I had expected. Of all the things Mom could have said........ I was worried.

"You have developed breasts, Oh my, you, what will your Dad say????"

I couldn't get over the first bit let alone the second, "Mom, what's wrong?".

"Joe, I don't know if this is connected with the other problem but........ I need to see all of you..... your penis. I'm sorry honey but I need to know. Pull down your shorts.. please, just let me look!"

"I had had the 'birds and the bees class in school, I wondered about Mom being 'Sick' that day and knew I was developing, but".

I slowly lowered my shorts. "And your underpants". Mom added.

I was getting red, I could feel my face burning. "Come on, I'm your Mother, I have washed you and put you to bed. It's important, I need to see!".

I lowered my shorts, watching my Mothers face I saw, shock, worry, what.

"Whats wrong, why are you staring, Mom, Please, It hurts".

I saw the concern in her face. "Joe, I don't know how to explain this, you........ you are developing the sexual, well, you are becoming a girl. Your breasts are growing and your cock is shrinking. You are going to be my daughter, not my son".

By now I was old enough so I said it out loud, "OH MY GOD".

"Honey, oh Joe, I'm sorry, I....I don't know what to say, shit, what the fuck did our government do to you. I.....Honey, it will be OK, your Dad and I will find a way around it!".

We both heard Dad pull into the yard, "Go to your room Joe, I'll talk to your Dad, please Joe, I will help you. Trust me". The look on Mom's face told me to trust her. Just before Dad came in, "Joe, there's a bottle, a pink bottle in my bathroom, use that, rub it on your tits".

I didn't have tits............ did I, I headed towards the bathroom as Dad came in. What was going to happen next I thought. Shit, my whole life was turned upside down.

Peggy Sue and me swimming, that's all I wanted, just having fun. Now?. I used the 'F' word. What the fuck was going on". I waited until Mom called me.

"Thank god Dad didn't want to see, He just took Moms word. "How are you feeling son, any pain?'. Just like my father of old, when I fell of my bike. Man to man, any hurt?.

But this time I knew it was different, "Dad, it's ... it's different, I mean, I have never felt anything like this, it's inside, like... I don't know....."

"Don't feel bad Joe, this is something new. Nobody could explain what happened when it happened, the most important thing to remember, IT'S not your fault.

Something happened a year ago, your Mother and I have worried over it but we can't change things, it happened. So now we have to accept ..... whatever. Are you alright Joe?".

It didn't answer my question but it did make me feel better.

"Joe, your Mother is going to be real important soon, you can ask me questions but I want you to listen to your Mother, she will help you more than I can at the moment but remember, I'm always here and I'll help you any way I can".

Dad left to make a call to Washington and I got..... weepy. I wanted to cry. It wasn't my fault, I....

Mom had pulled me into her embrace before I knew what was happening. "It's ok honey, we're here for you. Just hold tight".

And I did. After the talk with Dad, I.... I just wanted to hold my Mummy. Like a little boy/girl lost, I just wanted to hold My Mommy. I sobbed into her breasts. "Why me, what did I do wrong?".

"Honey, it's not that you did anything wrong and I still love you. Remember that, your Daddy and Mummy still love you. No matter what. You are still our child and we love you".

All my thoughts about Peggy Sue disappeared that night as Mom tucked me into bed and 'love you' lingered after the lights went out.

But the next morning, Peggy Sue was back, large as life and filling my mind, my troubled mind. I was growing breasts??????????? My cock was shrinking.

We had never gone to 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours, yet. Shit, what if I got bigger breasts than Peggy Sue. Mom, help.

How do you ask your Mother about something like that?. My attention was grabbed by Bobby as he snatched the milk. "I got it first". just like a silly girl.

I used them again, I liked them." What the fuck was going on?". Bobby stopped, I mean froze. "Put the milk down and take off your T shirt". It was a command, like Dad used sometime. Bobby put the milk container down and lifted his T shirt. "Mom, come here quick".

It must have been something in my voice, Mom shot into the kitchen in her bra. Nothing else.

Looking back, I think it must have been funny, I mean, Mom with only her bra, Bobby with his shirt up showing tits and me, sitting there pointing at them.

"He's got tits too". My mouth shut with a bang. My Mothers pussy was staring at me.

Boy, girl, what was going on. As a teenager, a boy, Moms naked pussy was doing thing but, as a teenager, a girl, her breasts were doing things as well. I was confused.

What was going on.

Mom, the main stay of the family, brought everything back to earth. "Sit, I'll be back".

Both Bobby and I loved those movies and we sat, not daring to move. HE WOULD BE BACK.

Mom walked into the room. It took a minute for me to figure it out, she had no more on than before, just a bra. It must be important. Bobby and I looked at each other. We were in trouble, big time.

"I just called the school, you are excused for the day. You WILL make up lost time, now.........

Bobby looked at me, then Mom. I sunk into myself. I don't know, don't blame me.

"Look you two, stop playing around, we need to talk. GIRL talk. Take your clothes off, NOW".

This time Bobby and I didn't look at each other. MOTHER was in a bad mood and we were in the 'firing line' as Dad put it. We were in trouble. We stripped. So did Mom.

"I don't know, oh brother, you are not..... well, you are boygirls, neither one or the other..., both. You have a penis and you have tits............ I..... I think your penis is going to shrink and I think your breasts are growing to grow. I have no fucking idea.

Boy were we in trouble, I had never heard 'that' word from Mom before.

"Now, look at me. I am female, with tits and a pussy, vagina, whatever, you don't have one of those....., yet. You, you have a penis and tits. I never.... well, unless you have hormone treatment......... I've never heard of it before. I'm thinking it's because you got sick. So......, I'm going to teach you to be a girl as well as a boy... man.

I wandered where this was going but had no idea of what was coming.
"Joe, have you fucked a girl yet? I mean Peggy Sue, I hope there's only one?".
I just about fell off my chair. I mean, I felt about the size of Jimmy Cricket, small. My mouth opened, closed, opened again, "No Mom, I", my mouth closed with a snap.

"Well, good for you, this has all sorts of........... well you know".

The hell I did, all sorts of what?, I was just about to ask 'that' stupid question when Mom floored me again. "Well good, one down, one to go. Do you want to fuck her?".

Mom was sitting there in front of us, asking me if I wanted to fuck Peggy Sue. How the hell, pardon the expression, does a son answer that. A vision of us walking down the isle, the preacher asking the question. I DO rolling of my lips, fucking Peggy Sue.

Back in the here and now, I remembered, Mom was naked, we were all naked. Where was this going.

Joe, and you too Bobby, you, I mean...., well, you have to treat a girl right. I mean, well you are going to want to be treated right as well, I.... Damn it, this isn't easy".

"There are going to be a lot of new feelings, your bodies are going to, I think, well...., change. I'm sorry Joe, but when you cried, I held you as a, oh my god, as a girl. I was a Mother holding her daughter, not a son. Please forgive me".

I don't know just how it happened but Bobby and I were side by side with Mom, holding her, whispering to her that everything would be alright, not to worry. That we loved her. All of us crying, holding her tight. Cupping her breasts, licking the tears and kissing her.

"OH my baby's, Mummy loves you both so much, so much, I....Want you to love Mummy, my darling girls".

So it started, Mummy loved our little cocks, our budding breasts. She really loved our little cocks, more and more each day as they got smaller and our breasts, as they got bigger.

She would watch my cock as I sucked on her pussy, swinging back and forward in front of her face. Catching it and sucking as he passed by, making her happy. That was our joy now. Making Mom happy. She always had a smile for Bobby or I and even Dad. Dad didn't mind. We were a happy family again.

Peggy Sue, well, she wanted to spend all her spare time with me. "Mom, what am I going to do with Peggy Sue, I mean... well, she wants to squeeze my tits, I...."

"What do you want to do, do you want to fuck her?".

Mom and I had become much more.... I think, open, willing to share.

"You have to tell her whats happened to you, I mean, your tits are lovely and your cock is just right but she needs to know, know everything. You have to be fair".

"Can you be here as well, I mean when I talk to her. She likes you a lot?".

"Ask her if she wants to come over on Saturday. I want Dad to be here as well. She may have questions that, well....., he might be able to help both of you".

One thing that had changed, the one I didn't like much, was that we were being home schooled. Mom was a hard teacher. She explained that it would be easier for us. No one would tease us as we changed. So the next few days dragged as we did our school work and our chores around the house. Peggy Sue said she couldn't wait until Saturday.

Peggy Sue arrived early, in time for breakfast. Dad was having a lie in and Mom was going to take him his breakfast, then we could have ours, and our talk. After we had washed and put everything away, Mom told Bobby he could go and watch the cartoons. That could keep him busy for hours. He knew we were going to talk and that his 'talk' would happen latter.

Mom took us to my room. I think that Dad had picked this house because it had so many rooms, and space where we could play. And learn about Nature.

Mom sat on my bed and we sat either side. She took our hands and held them together in her lap. "Peggy, do you remember when Joe and Bobby got sick?, Peggy Sue nodded, well I think that was from some spraying. I think something got into the stream and Joe, well, he and Bobby may have drunk it. Nobody knows for sure and nobody is talking. Dan and I have talked about it a lot. We think it was a hormone or a mix that is similar to what is used before a sex change operation. Now that Joe has had IT in his system for over a year, well, his Dad and I don't think IT can be changed back".

Dad and Mom had talked to us before, but never with such detail. I was quiet, Peggy Sue looked......, I don't know what she looked like. Mom carried on. "It means Joe is not going to grow up quite the same as other boys his age. There are some drugs he can take later, we just don't know.......".

Peggy Sue sat there, I held my breath, I did like her. A lot. What was she going to say, do?. What happened shocked both Mom and I, she started crying. Mom put her arm around her waist and hugged then did the same with me.

I was crying and I didn't know why.
After a while Peggy Sue sniffed and wiped her eyes. She looked at Mom and then me. "I was sick at the same time, mother thought it was the flu and I was better after a couple of days, but something changed about a month later. I had started my periods and I...., grew lots of hair, you know, down there. Mother told me not to worry, everybody was different, but that wasn't all. My nipples grew as well, I mean big, not long......, they are very sensitive too. Anyway, the big thing I have got to tell you, try to tell you..... Please Joe, don't get mad......... I, I had sex with Dad.........."

Mom and I looked at each other. "Peggy, if it is the hormones we think it is, well, they would do different things to different sex. With males, their penis shrinks and their breasts develop, with female's, well I guess you got super horny. I do remember Dan and I went mad in bed......... and a few other places for a while. I thought it was having the boys get better that made me so sexy, so turned on. Peggy, your Dad didn't rape you did he?".

Peggy Sue smiled, "NO, it was more the other way around. Dad was in the bath, he wasn't even hard until I stripped and got in with him. He couldn't help it, I sat on his cock. I don't think I was thinking at all, I just wanted...... , I don't know what I wanted, but there was Dad.... He was so gentle and it was so good feeling his cock in me. He rubbed my nipples, oh god, I could have stayed like that forever. It must have been a while because the water was getting cold when Dad, we finally finished".

Mom kissed the top of her head and gave me a squeeze. "We have done it all year and Mother knows. I think she even likes it, they have sex nearly every night. Sometimes we are all together. Dad said he get's twice the pleasure. But now, it's not like I don't love them anymore....., but I have this feeling about Joe, his body next to mine. I can see it, in my head. Do you know what I mean?".

This question was aimed at Mom so I kept quiet, thinking about what had been said. It didn't worry me about her and her dad, I thought about what Mom and I had done. OK, I didn't exactly fuck her, but....... I was brought back to earth, Mom was telling Peggy, she was no longer the little girl Peggy Sue, about us. Our sex and Peggy's hand was pushing both our hands into Mom's lap. Mom opened her legs.

"Have you thought about having sex with a female?, is that why you want to feel Joe's body, his breasts?. His nipples touching yours?".

"That's it, I don't know and it's driving me crazy".

"Dan thinks it maybe a time release hormone, that means IT could still be working on you, all of you. That's why we are home schooling, we don't know what will happen next. I think I, we had better talk to your parents. If you have gone from your father to Joe, well, I'd be worried.
You don't want to do it with any of the boys from school, do you? Are you on the pill?".
It all sounded so natural, a mother talking to her daughters, explaining the facts of life. I felt real good, the opposite of the feeling like crying all the time. What was happening to my emotions. A full swing from one to the other. Suddenly I thought, this is what happens, this explained why the girls at school acted so crazy sometimes.

I felt very close to Peggy when Mom's voice broke into my thinking, "I do believe we have the plan all wrong". What?. "Joe, you should be sitting in the middle, next to Peggy". Then she smiled, "Or maybe lying in bed.... , naked. What do you say Peggy. You do want to play with Joe's breasts, he told me. And I love playing with them myself!".

Peggy started crying, again. I had no idea of what had caused this so it didn't start me of as well. Mom just looked at her, then the pair were hugging again. I was left out as Mom stroked her hair, her back, making little sounds I couldn't understand. Peggy did and when she finished she looked at me, smiled, "Do you want me in bed with you and your mom?"

Did I, stupid question, "Of course". Mom and I were already stripping as Peggy stood up. She waited until we were completely naked then stood in front of me and asked Mom to take her dress off. Her eyes were locked on mine as she lifted her arms. Mom took the hem and lifted. I think she knew what Peggy wanted. She lifted the slip on dress slowly.

Peggy hadn't even looked at my breasts, or my cock. she was watching my eyes. I wasn't looking, I mean, directly, but saw Mom gather the dress as it passed her pussy. No panties. I wanted to do the same as Peggy was, just looking into her eyes. She took a deep breath as the bunched up dress cleared her breasts. No bra. We were still locked as Mom suddenly moved faster. The dress was gone. Peggy was naked.

As our eye lock broke we both started to look down. I stood up. Mom folded the dress, still a mom, and stood watching us. I had got to her belly and was heading to her V when we both gasped, we both started to say something, we both stopped.

It was Mom who finally said anything, "OHMYGOD, you are....., you....". We looked at her?.

"Come on, into the bathroom. you won't believe it otherwise". We followed Mom into my bathroom. "Stand here, both of you. side by side". we were still looking at Mom.

"The mirror, look in the MIRROR!". We turned together...........

How could this happen........ we looked like sisters, apart from my cock.
I, we had never made the connection. But now, naked and standing together, well, it was incredible. Just a haircut for me, hairstyle maybe, we could have been twins. What a difference a breast makes.
Was this the reason we had been attracted to each other, each time we saw one another we had been looking into a mirror image. Looking at ourselves.

Mom moved next to me, looked, then moved to stand beside Peggy. We both saw it. We all looked the same. Mom pushed in between us, wrapped us in her arms, pulling Peggy and me around as we all hugged. we stayed like that for a while.

The mood was not broken, just enhanced as we all started to rub our breasts together.

"This is it, this is what I have been seeing, feeling. this is what I want. I don't want to take your son away, I...... I want to join you". Peggy kissed Mom, I mean kissed Mom and squashed her nipples against Moms. Breaking the kiss she turned to me. my turn.

"Do you still want me Joe........ ".

It was more a beg than a question. My mind was so fill with everything else I just nodded and kissed her again.

As we pulled apart, Peggy got my attention by playing with my cock. "Could we sit again, please. There's something else I need......, want to ask", she asked my mom.

We headed back to my bed. Mom sat first and pulled me onto her lap, we often sat like this, then pulled Peggy close beside her, looking, waiting.

Peggy seemed to take forever to say whatever she needed to ask. We sat there waiting, Mom started to move my foreskin, watching Peggy watching.

She took a deep breath. I wanted to learn how to do that, not the breath but the way both her and Mom sort of pulled their shoulders back at the same time, made the nipples stand out. I touched Peggy's nipple for the first time. Time stopped, Mom saw what had happened and touched her other nipple. "OOOOOH yes........".

Then it came "Would you let Dan fuck me, I mean after........... ohhhh", we were still playing with her nipples. Mom just took it all in stride, not stopping for a minute.

"Let's see, you want to rub nipples with my son, she pulled my foreskin right back, you like me playing with your nipples, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, from Peggy as she flicked her nipple and I flicked mine, and while I am playing with my son's cock and breasts you want my husband's cock in your pussy. Is that all?".

"Please, more, I'm cumming. Please......, squeeze my nipples. OOOOOOOOOh yes".
I had never seen a woman climax before with just her tits being touched, my breasts hardened, I got a warm feeling between my legs, my ball bag drew up, my cock got harder in Moms hand. It was small but I could still cum, and I was going to.

Peggy was moving her bum back and forward on the bed as Mom bent and sucked a nipple into her mouth. I was to busy, to far away to suck her other so I sucked Moms instead. Mom tightened her grip on my cock. Just what I needed and started to cum as Peggy cried out again. She was there as well.

Mom collapsed back across my bed dragging Peggy with her. I rolled off Mom, I knew what she needed now and buried my mouth between her wide open legs.
I sucked and licked, just like Mom liked it, not to much of either and taking my time.

It was not unusual for Mom to suck my cock as I was busy in her pussy, but this time when I felt a tongue lick me I knew it was different. I was lying the wrong way. Peggy. I was waiting for her to suck me into her mouth when I got the next shock. It was Peggy again, pushing me, my head with her head, trying to get at Moms pussy.

I moved slowly back so she could take over and Mom wouldn't miss anything.
I watched as my friend started lapping Moms clit, her fingers circling and rubbing, probing and finally slipping inside. Mom moaned, she was getting closer, much faster. I kissed my way up her body until I could suck her nipple, my hand going to the other.

I looked back down Moms body. Peggy must be doing something right, Mom was humping her hips and Peggy, small as she was, was riding her, staying glued to Moms pussy. I felt Mom's hand cover mine. She was ready and I sucked harder, drawing the nipple into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth, flicking it with my tongue.

I was not prepared for what happened next. Mom cried out, her body shock and there was a noise from Peggy. I looked. Mom had Peggy's head held between her legs, I mean locked, her ankles crossed over her back. I don't know what Peggy did just then but Mom liked it, she arched her back again. There was no cry this time, Mom was biting her lip, her eyes closed. She was loving it, even more than when we did it alone. I had to remember to ask Peggy exactly what she did.

Mom collapsed, I mean collapsed, her legs spread wide as Peggy wriggled up her body, her face shining with Moms juice. She kept coming until we were together, she kissed me and smiled, winked and we both sucked Moms nipples as one. Mom just held us there, gently sucking her breasts.

"My children, my Loving children............

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