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Miss Bernie

My name is Bernice McDonald and I am the very happy owner/ operator of a couple of children's day-care centers. I love my life and I love this work. I love children and since I have one of my own this helps satisfy my need to nurture.

I have not always felt or recognized this need. I was born in a remote part of the mountains of West Virginia. My parents owned an eighty acre farm and leased an additional forty acres. I was the last of twelve children and was the only boy. Yes! I was born a male. My birth name was Bernard Jenkins. I was always called Bernie. We were a poor family in a very poor area. I never had any new clothes and was dressed in hand-me-downs until I was about fifteen years old. Because I had eleven older sisters I wore girls clothes until I went to school. Then my mother modified my sisters' cloths, jeans and tops, to look more like boys clothes. My underwear were always the panties and t-shirts my sisters outgrew. My sweet sisters never made fun of my clothes, they knew better. My father would have come down on them hard.

After I was nine years old I was expected to hunt almost every day for the family's meat. We raised chickens, a few hogs and had a couple of cows and steers, but I was expected to supply most of the meat. I was allowed only two bullets a day for the 30-30 rifle and six for the .22 rifle. The old shotgun we had was a muzzleloader and was not reliable. Only my dad was allowed to use it. If there was not enough meat to go around I was the first to do without.

By the time I was twelve I never missed a shot. If it was not a good shot I didn't take it, I became very adept at stalking the game in the area and getting close enough for a clean kill.

My father was killed by a blowout on a front tire on our old truck when I was fourteen. In our hills going off the road is almost always fatal. Five of my sisters had left home by then and had moved into town. The rest of us struggled to keep food on the table. Two years later my mother remarried. My stepfather was an abusive man and I went to stay with my oldest sister, April. We lived in a small apartment in Charleston. When I enrolled in the local high school I told them I was eighteen years old and a senior. When the transcripts from my old school had not arrived I was given placement tests. I was placed in the senior class and graduated in the spring. I enlisted in the Marine Corps and was sent to Boot Camp at Parris Island in Beaufort, SC. Because I was a very good shot with a rifle and set new records on the rifle range, I was put on the rifle team. I didn't like it. It was not a challenge for me. I was recommended for Scout/Sniper school and was transferred to Quantico VA. After ten weeks of training I graduated first in my class and received orders to Language School where I became fluent in Standard Arabic and learned a little Kurdish and Farsi. On completion of the school I received orders to Iraq. I eventually served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I became a very good sniper with a good number of kills to my credit and a chest full of medals.

When my enlistment was up I was recruited by the CIA. I was sent back to Quantico, VA, only to a different school. My skills at blending into the local backgrounds were praised and I was given a crash course in Spanish. That was not too hard for me because I had taken Spanish in High School. The Agency had learned that I had made several kills in Iraq dressed as an Iraqi girl and as a woman. I had stayed with a local young Iraqi woman and studied her mannerisms and movements. I have a gift that allows me to mimic someone very accurately if I have an example to copy.

I am 5'6" tall and weigh 120 pounds. I am fortunate to have a metabolism that keeps me at that weight even though I exercise daily. My light brown hair was darkened to nearly black. I took tanning treatments and was fitted with brown contact lenses over my blue eyes. I spent several months in Columbia and Venezuela acclimating myself to those areas.

When I approach an assignment like this, my first task is to find a remote spot where I can visit for several days or weeks if I have the time. I learn the accents, the history, names of prominent people and families, the hangouts, where the best food is to be found, and things a person born there would know. I use this information to assume the identity of a fictional native of that area.

I have, on occasion, met a person very familiar with the village I chose, and have been able to convince them that I had indeed near lived there. Being small, I usually am of similar stature to the local men. I have never tried to assume the role of a female, except in the Middle East where I covered my head with the hijab or veiling worn over the asha, a black head scarf and a foota, a chin scarf. The abayah was worn over a dress. I tried to put a slight feminine sway in my walk and was never made as a man carrying a rifle under all those clothes. The feet in clogs or sandals were normally all you could see below the eyes. When you are that covered up a disguise is easy.

The Agency briefed me on four targets in two South American countries. I assigned the task of eliminating these targets. I was successful in carrying out all of my assignments. A leak in the agency led to my having a 25 million dollar price placed on my life by several drug lords who were sure they were next on my hit list.

I was ordered back to Quantico and debriefed. I was told that for my own protection I was being placed in a witness protection program. I was disguised as a sick woman for my trip into hiding. I was sent to north Florida where I was given a house in a quiet subdivision. I entered my new home and was told by my escort to remove all my clothing and place every item of personal property in a plastic bag, and I was instructed to take a pill I was given, then I was told to go to bed.

I was awakened in the morning by a beautiful young woman who handed me some female clothing and told me to get dressed. I stood and looked at the clothes. I almost fell down. My sense of balance was way off. I was startled to see two large breasts attached to my chest. I noticed that I was hairless from my eyebrows down to my painted toenails. I reached for my crotch and was startled to find nothing there. I guess my expression was priceless because the girl giggled and said, "Everything is still there, It is just tucked away and glued in place. I promise it will all work normally when you need it."

I looked at her and tried to smile, "I sure hope you are right, Ms.?"

She smiled and I felt a stirring in my groin area. She said, "I am Jane Cooper, Ms. McDonald, and I am well aware that you are not a man to trifle with. It is my responsibility to disguise you so there is no chance of you being recognized. The people at the Agency determined that your best chance is as a woman. Your body has some very feminine characteristics already. We will just enhance them. You will have nothing that is not reversible done to you until you can live totally as a female for a year. At that time you can make a final decision. How do you feel about that?"

"Ms. McDonald?"

"Yes, you have a new name to go with your new look."

I held my hands in front of my face, I looked at my fingernails painted to match my toenails. I looked at her and smiled. "Miss Cooper, If you can make me look half a pretty as you do I might stand a chance. I promise to try to learn everything you can teach me so I can be a prime example of womanhood."

She grinned at me, "The shrinks at Quantico said you were one of the most adaptable and versatile people they had ever seen and rated your chances of being successful at 98 percent. Call me Janie and let me help you with your clothes. We are going to start out simple, you will wear a bra, panties, women's slacks, a shell and a sweater. You will start with 'Stay-up' stockings under boots with a 2 inch heel. We have to get you used to high heels as soon as possible. We will always dress in similar clothes. We are posing as a lesbian couple. So try to act like lovers in public. In private we are strangers even though I know everything about you. You are a very brave man, I don't know how you did some of the things you have had to do for your country."

"To be honest with you Jane, I just didn't think about the risks involved in completing my assignments. I did what I was told was my assignment. I don't worry about what I did. I just shut that away and never think about it."

She stared at me with her mouth open, then she softly said, "I am so sorry I said that. Please don't think you need to think about it now."

I saw tears course down her cheeks. I reached for her and held her close to my chest. Our breasts touched and I shifted a little so they slipped past each other and were pressed tightly together. I fought off an urge to kiss away her tears away. "Please don't cry, I can't stand seeing girls cry."

"Forgive me, we need to get you dressed, here try these panties."

I laughed, "I thought I was out of panties for good, ten years ago."

She smiled, "Were you a cross dresser before?"

"Yeah! I guess I was, I had eleven older sisters and I never wore anything but hand-me-downs 'til I was about fourteen."

"Oh My! No wonder you have so many female traits, you were totally immersed in girlie stuff for nearly half your life."

"Female traits?"

"Yes! Your profile says you are very neat, fastidiously clean, caring of others, like your hair long, and other things that are considered feminine traits."

"Effeminate too?"

"Oh no, that was one of the questions about you. You are not a macho type but none of your friends or comrades ever mentioned that they thought you were effeminate or gay. The questionnaires they had to fill out asked that question in six different ways. There was not a single negative answer. No, they all think of you as completely male."

"They didn't see me as a kid. Around the farm I wore girl's clothes all the time. Skirts and dresses. That was all I had that would fit me. My sisters wanted to do my hair but I never wore anything but a ponytail. My favorite hunting outfit was panties, tights, girl's boots, and an ankle length brown skirt, a jacket and overcoat with a green knitted girl's hat that went over my ears. Hell, I even went to town once in a while with my mom and people thought I was one of her daughters."

Janie giggled, "You should have no trouble except with your hair and makeup. You look pretty stable in those boots."

"Hey, my hunting boots had the same height heels only thicker, the toes weren't as pointed though."

"OK Miss Bernie, girl, let's do your makeup, for now we will just go with a light lipstick in a pink. I'll just lightly brush your cheeks with a touch of color. Damn, you look cute already. Here let me put a spritz of cologne here and there. We'll leave your hair in a ponytail, only we'll put a gold clip around it. You look very feminine in just your clothes. Here put this lady's watch on with these bangle bracelets. We need to get your ears pierced while we are in town shopping for groceries. OK? Don't forget your purse, all your new credit cards and your new IDs are in your new billfold."

I glanced at her, "I don't know about this, it is too soon."

"Not for you, Honey, you have done it before. We can hold hands and no one will think anything of it. We are gay."

I looked at her, "I guess you are right, I think I am a lesbian, I am very attracted to you. Wow! Look at me, I know I am a lesbian now, I'm even attracted to myself."

Jane giggled, "Hey, I think you are hot too!"

I looked at myself in a full length mirror beside the front door. Damn, I did look hot! Nice tits, flat front in the slacks, long, long, legs. I turned a little, Damn! A real cute ass in the tight slacks, only the heel and toe showing on the boots. Where was 'I'? I looked nothing like me in girl's clothes. I was nearly smokin' hot.

I looked at Jane, she was smiling, "Hey! Miss Bernie, I never thought you would look this good. Want some higher heels?"

"No girl, let me get used to these first. They feel pretty good now, but I haven't done this for a long, long time. I don't know how they'll feel after I have them on for a while."

We went out the door to the garage and she pointed me towards the passenger side of the sedan. She corrected me on how I got in the car. She said it didn't matter now with slacks, but I needed to do it correctly so I didn't show off my panties when I wore a dress or skirt.

She showed me the proper way to sit, then swing my legs in the car while holding them tightly together, just the reverse to get out.

I said, "Heck, I just won't wear skirts."

"Sure you will, I have a LBD picked out for you to wear when you take me out to dinner tomorrow night."


She giggled, "Yes, Sweetie, your 'Little Black Dress'. With 4 inch stiletto heels. I'll need a baseball bat to keep the guys off of you."

As we drove along I asked some questions, "How are my tits attached?"

"Glue, they have to come off for a few hours every week to 10 days for the first couple of months, if there is no irritation under them they can stay on a month at a time. The attachment areas are artificial skin, as is the whole outer surface. If you leave them on too long they may permanently bond with your skin and become part of you. We don't want that to happen."

"We don't?"

"No, Honey, If you want to go permanent you want your own breasts. You need to go on a prescription for hormones, you will grow your own breasts that will be real with all the feelings and the ability to lactate. I would think you would prefer real ones anyway. Another effect is that your hair will grow faster and thicker but your beard will almost disappear. Your tush and hips will fill out a bit. You can figure you will look very much like your mother and your sisters. We have to carefully monitor your hormone levels so we don't do any permanent damage to your male sex organs and desires. How big your tits and ass will grow is in your genes."

"Hey great! All of them have C or D cup boobs, and they are all slim with tight little asses."

Janie grinned at me, "That is what you have now. That is what our investigators said your family had." She looked serious, "Can you cook?"

"Yes, I am a very good cook. I am the twelfth child in an Irish family. You had better damned well learn how to cook or you will have thirteen people on your ass. You either cook or do the dishes when it is your turn. You learn to do all the other housework too. I will admit my sisters all spoiled me because I was the baby boy. They all loved me." I felt tears grow in my eyes. "I love all of them too. What do my sisters know about this?"

"Nothing. If you like this, they could be told you are dead."

"Damn, I would hate to do that to them."

She told me of the plans she had to help me become a female 24/7. She would teach me to do my own hair and makeup. She had books and magazines for me to read. She said I needed to decide on a female voice to use as my own because she had heard me use several voices.

I said, "How now brown cow? How about this one?"

Her head snapped around. "Hey, that's my voice, find one of your own. Shit! You are really good at that, you sounded exactly like me."

I thought about the voices I knew well enough to be very comfortable with them doing them full time. I thought about a voice I really liked a lot. It belonged to my sister Catherine, I had loved to mimic her when I was young and had it perfected. It had a little southern country accent in it but not too much.

"How do you like this voice, Sugah! It's a sweet, slightly different voice from mah past."

"Oh! I like that! It has a lot of you in it, just sweeter and a hair higher. It suits you."

"OK Sugah, Ah'll use this voice from now on."

We pulled into a parking place in the mall. Janie led me right to a jewelry shop that did ear piercing and in no time I had two studs in each ear. Janie giggled, "I know you want a whole bunch of body and tongue piercings but they will have to wait."

I laughed and said, "Forever! I have never seen a piercing, other than the ears, that improved on God's good work."

"Good!" said Jane, "I am not fond of them or of tattoos either. I never saw one I thought improved the landscape very much."

We filled two shopping carts rather quickly with items on Jane's list. We filled the trunk of the car with the supplies and returned to the house. We carried everything in the kitchen. I let Janie do the arranging of the kitchen. I hadn't fully explored the house as yet, so when everything was put away I asked her to show me around. It was a very nice three bedroom two and a half bath, ranch, with a two car garage and a screened in pool and patio. The house was not new but had been refurbished inside and out. The landscaping was super and well cared for. The vegetation around the patio area was lush with a tropical appearance. We stood and admired the pool area.

I took Janie's hand and pulled her to me. I gently kissed her on the lips. She was startled at first then kissed me back. I pulled back a little and whispered, "That is for the neighbors on the right who are watching from their patio." She opened her lips and kissed me passionately.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the house saying loudly, "Let's go christen the bedroom." We entered the house and held each other as we laughed.

Suddenly we stopped laughing and looked in each others eyes. I said, "Girl, I think I ..." a finger went over my lips.

Jane said, "Don't say it if you are not sure of what you want. We don't need to say anything right now."

I held her tight. "I just want to say, I think I need a shower very soon."

Jane giggled, "Yes! I am sure you do. I vote we cancel going out tonight. We can fix something simple and eat here tonight."

"I second the vote."

"Great, the motion is passed by acclimation! Do you want help with your equipment?"

"Yes! I would appreciate that, I don't exactly know what to do."

"OK Bernie, I will be glad to take the matter in hand and see what can be done to help you get some relief."

I carefully took off my boots and placed them in the closet. I removed my slacks and clipped them in a pants hanger that I hung in the closet. I put the rest of my things away and looked for Janie. She was nude, on a chair watching me. "I am going to love having you for a roommate. The last two were slobs."

"How often have you done this?"

"Like this, never, the others were real roommates. I guess I need to explain. I accidently found out about you and volunteered for this job. You see, my husband and I were both Agents. He was killed in the line of duty in Columbia two years ago. After that I didn't want to live alone. I had two female roommates. I read your reports and knew you had killed the man who killed Tommy, my husband. I wanted to help you survive any way I could. I hope we can pull this off so you are safe. After this afternoon I believe we can do it."

"How long can you stay with me?"

"As long as we both agree it is working."

"Thank you for doing this for me. I really appreciate your sacrifice in doing this. I wish you weren't getting . . . . Oh! Forget it. I am happy it is you."

She smiled, "You were going to say you wished I wasn't being paid to do this. Right?"

I shrugged, "Yes, I guess so."

She walked to me and placed a hand on each side of my face, "Honey, I told the Agency from the start I would do this for free if they would give me a leave of absence for as long as it takes. They wouldn't hear of it. So I AM being paid. I am doing this for a couple of reasons, first I think it will give me closure in Tommy's death. Second I very much want to be with you. I watched videos they made of you while they debriefed you when you came back from South America. I like you a whole lot."
I walked over and sat next to her. I gently kissed her on her lips, "Thank you, with all my heart."

She walked to a dresser she removed a pile of pink lingerie and then went to the other chest of drawers and got a pile of white lingerie. She winked as she walked past me and placed the two piles at the foot of the bed. "Come on sweetie, Shower time." The bathroom was very nice. It had a huge garden style, whirlpool tub and a separate large shower enclosure.

She grinned and said, "It would take too long to fill the tub. The shower is ready now. I followed her into the stall. The water was just right. She picked up a washing puff and a bottle of liquid bath soap. She put two or three drops on the puff then squeezed it several times 'til the suds ran from it freely. She motioned for me to turn around. Damn the girl was built. I felt a stirring in my loins.

She scrubbed my back from top to bottom. I felt her hand press to turn me around. Man! I wanted to suck on her stiff nipples with the puffy areolas. She quickly scrubbed my chest and breasts and moved lower. She had a spray bottle and sprayed the area between my legs. She reached between my legs and I felt her touching my scrotum, she was gently pulling at it as the water ran down over us. I felt my scrotum pull free from between my legs and my balls slipped down into it. She grasped my cock and gently pulled it lose. She washed everything. Everything was working. My cock got as hard as a rock. Her hands gently rubbed my package. That felt great. He was sticking straight out. She looked up at me, "Wow! I didn't expect him to grow that much. I only saw him when they taught me how to tuck everything away. He was very soft then." She stared at him then looked up into my eyes, "I like the way he looks, and he doesn't look like a lady's clitty at all."

She stood and handed me the bath puff. I turned her around and rapidly scrubbed her back, her ass was simply delightful, firm and tight yet soft and round. Damn, I just had to kiss it. She giggled and turned around, the front was even better. Wow, this girl was Playboy Cover-Girl material. I just had to look her up and down in awe. I looked up and she was watching me. She looked as if she was about to burst into tears. I stood and pulled her to me and softly pressed my lips to hers. It was a long sweet kiss.

"I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. How many times have you been a Playboy centerfold?"

I saw a tiny smile start on her lips. She sniffled and said, "I thought, sniff, you didn't like, sniff, the way I look, sob."

"You were right, I don't LIKE it, I LOVE the way you look." I ran my hands over her body. "I Love the way you feel, I love the way you smell, and I know I will love the way you taste. I am giving you fair warning, I want to make love to you more than I can stand much longer. If that is not what you want too, I very strongly suggest you run like Hell!"

She smiled, "That is exactly what I want too. Oh! Not the running. Kiss me, my love. Come on!" She headed for the bed, dragging me along. I got my feet in gear and caught up with her. We hit the bed together. She turned and landed on her back. I moved along side of her and kissed her lips. They parted and we kissed for a long time while my hands roamed over her body, touching lightly, caressing and loving every bit of it. Her hands explored my package. It seemed like only a moment before she pushed me back a little. She grinned, "Damn, Bernie, you sure know how to turn a girl on. I love how you do that, but you have me so hot I NEED YOU inside me. Please! Oh please love me right now!" Her eyes locked on mine as I moved down and between her wide spread legs. She watched my every move with that faint smile on her lips. My knees were shaking and sweat broke out on my brow when my hard cock touched her slightly parted inner lips. I rubbed the bulbous head of my cock up and down the slit, stopping and pressing forward an inch or so into her pussy, then withdrawing. Her eyes rolled back and slowly drifted closed. I pressed in much deeper and saw her eyes pop wide open. I pushed in to the hilt and I could feel my balls hit gently against her bottom. I paused and looked as the beautiful smile crossed her face, then she moaned.

"Did I hurt you girl? I never want to do that!" I started to pull out. She grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against her pelvis.

"PLEASE! Don't stop now, I LOVE how you feel. You aren't hurting me at all. Not a bit, it's really wonderful. Do more. God that is so good, Keep it going, Yes, Oh ungh yesssss ungh soooo ungh gooooood ungh. So ungh verrry unghhhh GOOOOOD!"

Her arms held me tightly in place as I pumped in and out of her wet warmth. It was delightful, I couldn't remember when I had last had sex, I knew it had been several months. I felt that old familiar feeling in my loins and told Janie I was about to cum. She Moaned, "Oh yes, cum, baby, cum deep inside me. Ahaaaaaah! There it is, oh I love how that feels, so sexy, so very damned good, so hot and slippery, I just love it."

I rolled off her and on to my back. She snuggled up to me, her head on my shoulder' a hand cupping my right breast. When I awoke it was pitch dark. I eased out from under Jane and watched her sleep for a few minutes. I slipped on some black jeans and a black long sleeved pullover sweater. I stuffed my hair under a dark ball cap. I found a pair of black sneakers and eased out through the door to the patio. I scouted the area within a hundred yards from the house. It took me over an hour but I returned pretty sure we were not being watched.

That is something I am trained to do and I am very good at it. Today I would walk around the block in the daylight learn the places that had dogs or good observation spots to watch our house. It looked as if it would be difficult to watch us because of the style of landscaping. All of the yards were at least an acre and some were even larger. There are large areas of nicely groomed lawns between all the houses in front and hedges or fences shielded the back yards from casual observation.

The back yards on either side of us and behind had hedges on their property. The house on our right had a hedge about 4 ½ feet tall. The houses behind us and on the left had 6 foot high hedges. Our back yard was fenced with a four foot high chain link fence. There were gates on either side of our house. The CIA people who picked out this place knew what they were doing.

In the morning I talked with Janie over coffee. I told her of my scout the night before.

"Did you see anything suspicious?"

"No Sugah, Ah saw nothing. There are several things Ah want to do so Ah feel safer heah. First is a dawg." Her face broke into a huge smile.

"Oh Honey, I love dogs. We do have a perfect yard for a dog here, don't we?"

I smiled, "I know where to get a perfect dog for us. The breed I prefer is the Belgian Malinois, followed by the German Shepherd, and the Rottweiler. All are good when they are trained as 'Protection Dogs'. I can pay for it if there is no money allotted for a dog. I will have to go on the internet and find a nearby trainer. Usually the trainers deliver the dogs. They will teach us all the commands to use with the dog and how to keep up his training. The trainers generally stay for two or three days to ensure a smooth integration of the dog into our lives. These dogs are also great pets. They are trained to put their lives on the line to protect their family. A really good, fully trained dog can cost up to $50,000."

Janie smiled at me, "That is a lot of money for a dog isn't it?"

I looked at her, "What is your life worth to you, or what is my life worth to you?"

"Are they that good?"

"Yes, they are, the very least they can do is give you the time you need to protect yourself, as a trained agent you know that the first few seconds in an attack are crucial. I have seen one of these dogs put two or three men down in a few seconds. He will only accept food or water from you or I.

"The second things I want are detection devices to detect night vision goggles, electronic bugs and navigation/GPS trackers. I can have them delivered here tomorrow."

She grinned at me, "Everything but the dog is already in the closet to the guest bedroom."

"Wow! You are really on the ball. Ah love dat, Sugah!"

"Oh! You are so cute this morning I could just eat you up. Even without makeup you look like an eighteen year old girl." She grabbed me and kissed me with a passion I was not quite ready for. Wow! She was very aggressive this morning. Her tongue pressed its way into my mouth. She pulled back a little, "Bernie, Honey, I never thought you would instantly become a very pretty sweet little southern country girl. I expected a 'guy in a dress' look for a couple of months. I would defy anyone to recognize you as a man. Your Adam's apple is the only give away and it is a very slight bump, and I have seen real girls with worse."

"Thank you Hon. I am trying to assume the persona of a girl, I have never tried this before to this extent and I really sort of like it. I watch what you do and how you move and imagine the cause and effect behind your actions. I try to imitate you while retaining my own personality. Or rather the personality of me as a girl. A lot of my sisters are in me too!"

Janie kissed me again. She laughed, "I don't know who you really are but I like it a lot. Just don't lose the Bernard who is still inside you. I loved him when he came out for a while last night. I can't believe how wonderful you are in bed as a guy. I never want you to lose that. I think I may want to try the female side of you too, as a lesbian."

She glanced at me to see my reaction. I smiled gently, "I might just enjoy that too. I want to try anyway!"

She smiled broadly, "Mmmm, I can hardly wait!" She sighed, "I have some unpacking to do, why don't you order our puppy?"

I called an outfit in Jacksonville and talked to them for a while. They had two dogs that sounded good. I wasn't totally happy and told them I would get back with them.

I called a place in Orlando and was impressed with what I heard. The key part I liked was that their dogs are all home raised puppies and are not from large breeders. They had two desexed male dogs available. One was a Belgian Malinois (pronounced Mal-in-wah.) and the other a German Shepherd. Both dogs were Level III dogs. I gave them a deposit by credit card on the Malinois. Since we were only seventy miles away, delivery would be the next morning.

I found Janie hanging pictures in the den. They were of our fictitious families. There was a picture of both of us in bridal gowns at our wedding. There were several pictures of our actual family members. Whoever did them did a fabulous job. She was very excited when I told her about the arrival of the dog the next morning. She squealed and hugged me. "I haven't had a puppy in years, I can't wait to see it."

"This little puppy weighs almost as much as we do. He is nearly eighty pounds."

"He doesn't sound too cuddly does he?"

"Hey, he is a protection dog, He looks like a short haired Shepherd, he will attack on command. Don't kiss anyone he doesn't know or he may rip the guy's arm off. Yes, he can do that, he is weapons trained too, he will disarm anyone with a weapon who threatens you. Don't tell him to 'Stay' somewhere and forget about him or he will be there a week later if you don't call him."

"I was hoping he would be friendly, he sounds mean."

"Sugah, ya have to remembah A'm a trained killer too, A'm sort of friendly and cuddly sometimes, Ah think Ah am anyway."

"Wow, you have a mouth full of South today, Bernie, Honey. I think we need to get dressed to go in town, I made an appointment this afternoon for us both to get our hair done and our makeup done so we will look nice when we go for cocktails this evening at the Baker's house next door. And I do think you are the cuddliest person I have ever known."

"What should I wear in to town? When did we get invited next door?"

"There was a note under the front door this morning. I think your green full skirt with the beige shell and sweater set and your brown boots with the higher heels would look nice, you do need the practice. If you hurry we can stop for a salad somewhere first."

The worst thing about being a girl is the damned salads instead of a burger. I always seem to be hungry. Janie says I need to lose a little weight. Oh well, we girls have to suffer to be beautiful for our mates.

The Salon was a lot of fun. Janie told everyone that we are a couple. She said I have always been a Tomboy and that I need a little feminizing. Dawn, the owner, asked if I were the top in our relationship, I said no and Janie said yes. Everyone had a good laugh at that. I said we take turns really, but our two year anniversary is coming up and I want to look pretty for her.

Dawn fussed at me about not caring for my lovely hair. She said I had horrible split ends and needed a new styling. I told Dawn that I love my ponytail and I want to keep it. I told her that I would defer to Janie, she would decide how she wanted me to look. As a guy I actually wore it in a braided pigtail with a leather wrap most of the time.

I really liked what they did to me, I walked out with bangs and a dangling curl on each side of my face and a ponytail. I was now a light golden brown , almost a blonde color with lighter streaks. My eyebrows were thinned into a more feminine arch. My make up was a little heavy for day wear but would be perfect for that night.

Jeanie looked stunning when they finished with her. Her hair was lightened a little too and she was now almost a platinum blonde. Her hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back. She was hot! Very hot! I was going to have to keep an eye on her tonight.

We went home and had plenty of time to change for the cocktail party. I suggested we eat a sandwich before we went but I was overruled by my grouchy 'wife'. She wore a red dress that hugged and emphasized every one of her lovely curves. She looked like a movie star.

My 'little black dress' hid very little of my body. The neckline plunged almost to my naval and you couldn't wear a bra with it because it had virtually no back either. I showed Janie how revealing it was if I leaned in any direction. She laughed and said she had no intention of letting me show my boobies to everyone at the party. She went to her dresser and came back with some clear strips. They were double-sided tape and she put the strips on the inside of the neckline and then pressed the fabric to the swell of my breasts. Voila! I could lean any way I wanted and nothing new showed!

Jane had tucked my balls up inside me and glued my cock and scrotum in place. I could set down and pee with no problem. I was a little awkward in the strappy black sandals with four-inch stiletto heels. I walked through the house several times and became quite comfortable with them. I paraded in front of the full-length mirrored sliding closet doors. I loved the way I looked, and the way the wispy fabrics felt against my body. I tried a little twirl and grinned at the way the short skirt flared to show my black lace panties and the black stockings held up by the straps from my garter belt. Damn, I was giving myself an erection.

Janie dabbed some perfume here and there, behind my ears, on my wrists and my neck. She lifted my skirts put some somewhere down there. She smiled and softly whispered, "That is for me, for later, Sweetie."

We walked next door and the clicking of our heels on the sidewalk and the jiggle of my breasts had me becoming aroused again. We were introduced to about forty people. Janie and I became separated and I became a little worried when I couldn't locate her. Then I noticed that people were dancing on the patio. I stepped out the door and a man took my drink and put it on a table. He pulled me out on the dance floor and we started to dance, I was not prepared for this and was very awkward dancing backwards and in high heels. I was pleasantly surprised when a sweet voice said, "May I cut in please." Janie! The man looked startled when she took me and we danced away together, she whispered, "You lead." I did much better then. The music stopped. Janie kept holding my hand. Two men approached us and one of them said, "May I have the next dance with the prettiest girl in the room?" He was looking at Janie.

She smiled, "Sorry, I have the next dance with her." When the music started we moved onto the floor. She put both hands around my neck and kissed me passionately. We kissed through three more numbers.

Janie grinned and said "Can I lead for one dance?" I nodded and laughed as she messed up on the transition. It was a fast dance and we were mostly dancing apart. There was only one other couple on the floor. Most of the people were watching us. Janie did a twirl then whispered, "I want to twist you back and forth." I was afraid she would try and have me do a twirl and I didn't think I could do that. When the tune was near the end she took both my hands and twisted me back and forth, I knew enough to really swing my hips back and forth as far as I could. My skirt flew straight out. She did a quick twirl and her skirt flew up to reveal her white panties, stockings and garters, she was hot!

She led me to the bar where we talked to our host and his wife. Mrs. Baker was a lovely woman in her late thirties. She was quite frank when she laughed and said that they had not realized we were a couple.

Janie smiled and kissed my cheek. She laughed and said, "We sure are, we were married in Canada several years ago when we were both Foreign Service Officers there with our State Department. I hope no one is upset with us, we are just like any other couple, we love each other. If we are offending anyone we will gladly leave, we do not like to be where we are not wanted. We go through this all the time."

Mrs. Baker said, "Hell no! If someone is offended they can leave, you are both always welcome at our home." Mr. Baker said he fully agreed with his wife. He grinned, "That is as long as you don't make a pass at my wife."

I giggled my best girlie giggle, "Sugah, don' worry yo' li'l ol' head. We ah' deeply in love and ah' monogamous. We have decided that when we want children we will flip a coin to see who has the first child. We will both be present when she is impregnated."

Mr. Baker smiled, "If I can get my wife's permission I will volunteer for that job."

Mrs. Baker laughed, "What makes you think you could do the job, Bill. You haven't gotten me pregnant yet. So forget about it."

Janie said, "Mrs. Baker, we plan to wait a few more years. But I think Mr. Baker would make beautiful babies with either of us."

"I was just teasing Bill, we are not ready either. We will think about it when you are ready. You are the two cutest girls I have seen in years. I know the two of you will have so many volunteers for that job that you won't know what to do with them all. And please call me Jan, I want us to be friends."

We had a good conversation between about six couples. I yawned daintily, Janie said, "My sweet darling is sleepy, I need to take her home and put her to bed. We have both had a wonderful and pleasant welcome to the neighborhood and we hope we haven't upset anyone, we promise we won't bother any of your men, unless we have a tough bottle top we need opened, that's all they are good for anyway, isn't it." All the ladies laughed and we were invited to several Koffee Klatches with the girls.

I swept the house for electronic bugs when we got home. I found nothing. We got ready for bed and took a shower then fixed a small salad for each of us. I was learning to hate salads, what is wrong with a good old hotdog?

We got in bed and kissed and snuggled together. The next thing I knew was that it was morning. Damn, we were already acting like an old married couple. Then when I finished my morning routine Janie pushed me onto the bed and tried to pull my panties down. I didn't resist too hard and she gently grabbed my cock and put her mouth over it. I was erect and hard as a rock before she closed her lips. I relaxed and let her have her way with me. I moaned and said, "Suck my little clittie, Sweetheart, I love the way you flip it with your tongue." I felt her hand caress my rear end and trace the crack of my ass. I said, "Yes Dear, put your fingers in my pussy." I made up my mind that we should use those terms for my body parts during our love making so anyone overhearing us would think we are just what we claim to be.
I let Janie bring me to the brink then pulled away from her and pushed her on her back and then slipped between her thighs. I wanted to be inside her, I knew it was where I needed to be. My wet cock slipped right into her hot wet vagina. It felt super. It was where I wanted to be. Our lips were pressed together, her tongue inside my mouth, slipping around between my lips and my teeth. Oooo! That was an erotic feeling. Janie began to whimper and mew as I rapidly thrust in and out as fast as I could. She started crying. I slowed to a stop. She screamed, "NO, DON"T STOP, I love it, I love it, loveit, loveit. I am crying for joy. I thought I would never feel this way again." I couldn't move. She looked up into my eyes, into my heart. I knew then that I loved her with all my soul. I saw her love for me. I tenderly held her sweet beautiful face between my hands.

I gently kissed her lips, "Janie, Sweetheart, I have to tell you this, I have fallen in love with you, I felt it when you first woke me up a few days ago, now I know for sure. I love you."

"Oh! Bernie, I love you too, I felt it when I first saw you lying helpless on our bed. I couldn't believe how strong the feeling was when I had to tuck your balls up inside you, I had a hard time finding the holes where they go, after that it was easy, but I was almost overwhelmed by the feelings of a fierce need to protect you, to hold you and nurture you. I never felt that before. Never! I loved my Tommy but not like this. I cried over him for months, now I cry for joy over finding you. I love both of you equally, I love both the male Berny and the girlie Bernie. I love my new husband slant wife." We cried together for a while, I knew part of it with both of us was the feeling of cloture of her life with her dead husband, and a renewal of her life, with me.

We lay quietly clutching each other for a long time. Then she lifted her head, "Breakfast?"

It was warmer that morning so we put on T-shirts, panties, and little white shorts with light makeup. I laughed. She asked what was so funny. I told her that a few days ago I would never have worn white shorts for fear of getting them dirty, now it felt right. She smiled, "I am glad to hear that, you think like a girl now. That means your disguise is damned near perfect."

I giggled, "It must be, my front in these tight shorts is perfectly flat."

"It sure is, it looks delicious. Mmmmm! Does it still hurt a little or is it getting more comfortable?"

"I don't even notice it anymore."

"Great, we need to take you shopping for a couple of cute Bikinis, I was afraid to buy any when I got your stuff because I just knew you could never be able to wear them."

"Well it will have to wait for another time. Our new family member is due here in about an hour."

"Oh! I forgot. How could I forget that, it's almost like having a baby isn't it?"

"I sure is, he is a damned big baby though, I'm glad we won't have to change his diapers. Would you like to walk around the block with me"

"I would love it, Hon. Is it for the exercise or do you have another motive."

"A little of both, I want to check out the area in the daylight too."

We walked down the sidewalk holding hands. We saw Bill and Jan walking out to their car and waved. They waved us over so we stopped. Jan hurried over to us and kissed each of us on the cheek. Bill gave each of us a little friendly hug. Jan said they hope we had a good time at the party. They said the party lasted an hour or two longer and that everyone asked why we left so early. Jan said that she just asked them how they felt the evening they moved into their house. Most agreed that they wouldn't have even been able to show up. Jan asked if we needed help with anything, she said Bill was very handy and had all sorts of tools. We said our goodbyes and headed out again.

We got about two houses further down the block when a woman ran out and said she was Grace Blaise and that she had met us last night at the party. She offered her help if we needed anything. We said we were fine. A large Rottweiler ran to her gate and barked. She looked at him and said "Hush". He sat and was silent. Janie smiled, "He is well behaved, We are getting a new dog this morning, we are very excited."

Grace asked what breed we were getting. I said, "A Belgian Malinois."

"Oh! Is it a trained protection dog?"

"Yes, he is."

"Oh they are wonderful, our Rottweiler, Bud, is a sweetheart but we really wanted a Malinois, but they were too expensive. What Level of training does he have?"

Janie smiled, "Level III."

"Oh my god, he must have cost a fortune, right?"

Janie smiled, "I thought so too, but that is what my baby wanted so that is what we got. Oh look, that must be him now." She said, pointing to a Mini Van pulling in our driveway. We hurried off. A man and woman were getting out as we walked up.

The man saw us, "Hi! We are looking for the McDonald residence. Is this it?"

"It sure is, we are the McDonalds. Do you have a new family member for us?"

They both smiled broadly, "That is just what we like to hear. You are off to a great start. We would like to take him right into the house before we start introductions." The woman stayed by the van while the man followed us to the door and when I opened the door he nodded to the woman and followed us in. We looked back out the door as she opened the door to the van. She snapped her fingers and pointed down.

A large black and brown dog jumped out and sat beside her, looking up at her. She said something quietly and walked forward, the dog stayed beside her. She whispered something else to the dog as she approached the door. The dog bounded in the door and looked quickly around, then checked behind the door. He walked back beside her and sat down until she entered the house and sat in a chair, he sat beside her. The big dog was a beautiful animal. He looked carefully at Janie, then looked me over.

The man smiled and said, "Which of you is Bernice?"I lifted my hand. He looked at the dog, "Tyler, this is Bernice, she is your new Mistress, give her your paw." He stepped forward and extended his right paw. I took his paw in my hand. He brought his massive head forward and smelled my hand. He licked it and sat up again.

I looked up at the man, he smiled and nodded. I looked back at the dog, "Tyler, this is Janie, your other new Mistress, give her your paw. He repeated his greeting with Janie. She reached out and rubbed his head. The man said, "Tyler, relax." The dog lay down and put his head on my foot and a paw on Janie's foot, his tail was wagging a mile a minute, slapping on the floor.

The man introduced himself as Mr. Abe Grant and his wife Sandra. We offered to let them stay with us but he said they were more comfortable at a motel. I told him we had made reservations for a room for two at the Best Western Inn in Ocala just Off I-75, about 25 minutes away. I added that they had room 163 and two nights were paid for. He grinned, "Great, now let us tell you how lucky you are about Tyler. Tyler was ordered by an executive, he wanted the very best dog available, the pick of the litter and the best dog we could find. He said he would pay a twenty-five percent bonus if we would pick three of the very best puppies we could find, have them home raised with other dogs and with children, small and large. We would get the dogs when they were ready to train, and train them to the highest level we are capable of reaching. We finished training the dogs and Tyler was easily the best, we think he is the best dog we have ever produced. We have been unable to contact the buyer for three months now. He gave us a good non-refundable deposit on Tyler, so you will get him at the base cost of an average Level III."

I smiled and walked to our desk and picked up our check book, "How much do we owe you?"

He gave me a figure less our deposit. We spent the next two days learning all about Tyler. We learned to say 'Tyler' before each command. Both Janie and I fell in love with him, he was an eager and intelligent companion as well as a vicious attack dog. If one of us made a mistake in his command he would look at us and cock his head, as if to say, "Tell me what you really want me to do."

Mr. Grant said, "If you want Tyler to go everywhere with you, buy him a guide dog harness and wear dark glasses and you can take him anywhere. He will turn whatever way you want him to go if you put pressure on his harness toward the way you want him to go."

Having worked with military attack dogs I caught on pretty quickly and helped Janie learn too. Tyler loved Janie. Where ever she went he was close by. At first he was upset when ever I kissed her. Then I called him over where we sat on the couch. I had him put his front feet up on the seat between us. Jane and I kissed with lots of tongue play right over the end of his nose. We moaned and licked each other's tongues, I would softly say 'Mmmm good' over and over. He backed down and watched for a while before he dropped his big head and closed his eyes.

Before we would make love, Jane would send him to the living room until we were through. I don't think she ever noticed but Tyler would sneak back and watch us for a while.

Tyler was a wonderful addition to our family, he allowed me to sleep at night confident he was always alert. He slept a lot during the day. He prowled the house silently at night. We tested him now and then by having someone make a small noise at the front door. Tyler would listen for a moment then run to our room and lick me where ever he could find bare skin. I would jump up and get my pistol and go see what was going on. I would let him out a door on the other side of the house from the noise. I would wait until he scratched at the door and let him in. We had friends watch him from across the street.

If the noise was at the front door he would go to the door and cast about, trying to pick up a scent. When he found it he would follow it to the edge of our property, and watch in that direction constantly smelling the air. Then he would circle the house checking everything. When he felt all was clear he would scratch to get back inside. I always had a treat for him. As far as we could tell there were never any false alarms. Once a he caught a coyote and killed it. He brought me five or six dead armadillos in the first couple of weeks.

Jeanie and I took him with us whenever we could. When one of us went to the grocery store Tyler would wait outside by the door. We put a leash on him and draped the end of the leash over a convenient small sign showing the hours of opening and closing. He was always there when we came back. Children could pet him and climb on his back. Adults could not get near him without a snarl or a snap.

One day I came out and a Deputy Sheriff was standing watching him. I said, "Tyler, Come." and he bounded to my side.

The officer said, "Pardon me Ma'am, is that your dog?" I said that he was my dog. He said he was going to give me a ticket for breaking the leash law. I told the officer he had a leash on. He said you must hold the leash or have the dog secured at all times. I said that the dog had been secured at all times. He said that I was wrong the leash had not been tied to anything.

I said, "Does being secured mean that the dog is prevented from moving from a certain place?"

He agreed with me. I led Tyler back to the sign and draped the leash over the sign again. I said, "Tyler, Stay!" I walked over to the deputy and said, "Move him."

The office smiled and eased over and got the end of the leash. He said, "See, he is not secure!"

"Sure he is, he hasn't moved."

The Deputy pulled hard on the leash. The dog didn't move. He pulled harder. The dog didn't move. By this time a crowd had gathered and were watching. The Deputy gave a hard yank and the leash snapped. He held up the broken leash, "See, he is not secure."

"He hasn't moved."

The crowd laughed and jeered. "He hasn't moved, he hasn't moved!"

The Deputy drew his night stick and started toward Tyler. I said, "Wait, If you try to hurt that dog I will release him so he can defend himself, he will hurt you. Don't try it." The deputy moved closer. I said, "Tyler, Hold!" Then the Deputy jumped toward Tyler and swung the baton at him. Tyler ducked and grabbed the Deputies arm. I screamed, "Tyler, Hold!" Tyler had the Deputy by the wrist and sat and held him. The Deputy was trying to get his gun. I yelled, "Deputy, if you touch that gun the dog will rip you hand off and disarm you. Don't try it." I walked over to the Deputy, "Has he hurt you?"

"No, not really, he is just holding me."

"Right, and the dog still hasn't moved, right?"

"No ma'am, he hasn't moved, he is apparently very secure where he is."

"Tyler, release, now!" The dog let the wrist go. The Deputy checked his wrist. There were a few red marks but the skin was not broken. He reached for his nightstick. Tyler growled deep in his throat. The Deputy froze. I said, "Tyler, heel!" The dog moved to my side. I smiled my cutest and most innocent smile, "You can get it now. Mr. Deputy, Suh, is it all right fo' ma puppy an' Ah to go on ouwa way?"

"Yes Ma'am, just be sure to keep him on a leash."

"Oh! Yes Suh, My My! You are so forceful, no wonder they made you an Officer. Bye Bye Now."

The crowd yelled, "Bye Bye Tyler!" I pushed my cart to my car and the Deputy followed me and helped me load everything in the car. I thanked him and he said, "Ma'am, that is some dog, he could have killed me, right?"

"If he thought you were harming me he would kill you in a heartbeat."

"Aren't you afraid he might hurt a child."

"Officer, I have seen Tyler sit and let a two year old bite his ear until it bled. Tyler just whimpered. Don't ever spank a child around him. He will stop you. He dearly loves kids."

"Thank you Ma'am, are you by any chance married?"

"Why yes I am. To the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. G'Bye now!"

When we got home Janie wanted to know what took us so long. I told her Tyler had a run in with the law. She had to hear the whole story. I told her how the Deputy's jaw had dropped when I said I was married to the most beautiful girl in the world.

Janie said, "Of course it did, all he could see was a beautiful girl in tiny shorts and a peasant blouse with her tities on display." She giggled, "I'll bet he had a boner too."

"Yes he did! He was real cute too!"

"Hey, you aren't chasing guys now are you?"

"Hell no, I am a confirmed lesbian now. I only chase you, Sweetie!"

"Hey, I bet you could catch me now."

"Not 'til we put the groceries away, I have some frozen stuff in here."

I did catch her later, I guess I am much faster than she is because I never have much trouble catching her. Right! Letting her go is a bigger problem. I never want to let her go after I catch her.

A week later we removed my false breasts and checked the skin beneath them. I had been itching badly and we were not surprised to find I had a bad rash under both breasts. Janie was very concerned and called the Agency Medical people about the situation. We were told to meet the Case Physicians at a local Motel that afternoon at 2 o'clock. We decided to take Tyler in the car with us. When it was time to get ready Jane suggested I wear a sundress with a built in bra and wear white heels. She had foam breast forms I could insert in the bra cups.

The meeting was interesting. The Doctors said Tyler could come in with us because it was too hot in the car. The Doctors, both female, could not believe that I looked so completely female. They asked a lot of questions about how I felt about being a female. I told them that at that point I loved the way I looked and wanted to stay that way.

One doctor said, "So you want to go ahead with surgery and become female?"

"NO! I don't want to be a female, I love being a SHEMALE."

Janie softly said, "That is what BOTH of us really want."

"Have you fallen in love? Are you a real lesbian couple now?"

I answered, "Yes I guess we are, all our neighbors are convinced that that is what we are and are comfortable with that, so are we. We do have normal male on female sex almost every time."

"Well I am pleased with your decision, Mr. Jenkins presents himself as a totally feminine person, so much so that I really didn't believe that he was Mr. Jenkins when I first saw him come in a few minutes ago. His movements, mannerisms, and voice are just perfect. He will not be able to continue with the artificial breasts because of the rash. I am going to recommend breast enhancement surgery as soon as the rash is cured. I estimate that will be cleared up in three days. We can start him on a hormone course of therapy that will give him natural breasts that will grow above the implants. The saline gel in the implants can be periodically removed as the desired size is reached, or you may get too big. I believe the gel can be removed in an outpatient mode with several visits to your home. The implants will require a short hospitalization. If you agree, I will go ahead and schedule the procedure for five days from now. If there is a problem with the rash we can reschedule. I would like to see her then anyway." She took my hand and led me to a window and looked at my face carefully, "Damn girl, you are just beautiful, I would recommend a slight Tracheal Shave while you are there." She rubbed a finger across my face and turned to the other doctor, "Look at this, she has only a trace of makeup on. I would give my right arm to look this good, I think she should have been born a girl."

The other woman looked closely at my face, "You are right, I am glad that skin is not going to be wasted on a man." She turned and asked Janie if there were anything else she wanted changed. Janie said she was worried about my male plumbing breaking out in the rash too.

The doctors had me remove my panties and lay on the bed. Then they asked Janie to take some towels and wash cloths soaked in warm water and show them how she sprayed me then removed the glue used to hold my parts in place. They watched her carefully. They asked how often she removed the glue.

She blushed and said she removed it every night and glued everything back in the morning. They poked at and handled my cock and balls and soon had me hard as a rock. Tyler growled, I said, "Tyler, Stay." He did.

One of them laughed and said she would probably leave my cock out most of the time and get me several gaffs to wear unless I was going to wear very revealing clothes or go swimming in a tiny Bikini. "I can see your sweetie loves to wear a Bikini from her tan lines." She giggled, "It doesn't cover very much." I got dressed again and went to the bathroom and touched up my makeup a bit. They were talking about Tyler when I returned. One Doctor was writing out prescriptions, she handed them to Janie, Janie smiled and showed me one. It was a note permitting the guide dog, Tyler, admission to the hospital waiting room on the day of my operation.

The operation was a great success, I was back to a 'C' cup and loved the feelings I had in my nipples now. Any place Janie touched my breasts was erotic to me now. WOW! I wanted her to touch them all the time.

My throat was smooth now and they had tightened up my vocal cords just a hair so my natural voice was Bernice's voice now, I had to imitate Bernard's voice.

Janie and I fell into a routine that would last for years. We would do exercises and a little dancercise to the music from a DVD together each morning. Tyler sat and watched us carefully. He would do his best to imitate what we were doing. He did pretty well on the push-ups but couldn't figure out a way to do sit-ups. Barbells stumped him too but he loved to dance around on his hind legs when we were dancing or doing other exercises.
We were asked to a large party at the nearby Country Club a month or so after I returned home. The invitation said Cocktail dresses were appropriate for the evening. Janie bought me a new dress and lingerie but hid them from me. I knew where they were but I didn't look. The next day I went to the mall in Gainesville and bought six gaffs in several styles and colors to match most of my panties, I also bought several in nude and three skimpy sheer ones the clerk swore were invisible when they were worn under panties. At Macy's I found a very revealing dress for Janie in lovely shade of pink that would go well with her complexion and her almost platinum hair. I found pink lingerie and sandals too. She was going to turn a lot of heads in that outfit.

I enjoyed walking through the mall looking at my reflection in the windows. I could watch the reaction other people had to me. Men and women in my age group followed me with their eyes. Some even stopped and watched me pass by. I loved the attention and inside I felt I was totally feminine and deserved their approval. I loved being a girl. I had never felt anything like it as a man. Being female was so completely different there was no way to compare my two lives.

I found a jewelry store that had a necklace with matching earrings in angel skin pink coral surrounded by baguette diamonds. It was Italian work and expensive, but I knew she would love it. I was walking out of the store when an engagement and wedding ring set caught my eye. I had to have it for Janie. The clerk who helped me had a strong accent, Columbian I suspected. I talked to him with a little Venezuelan accent and asked him where he was from.

He verified he was from Columbia and asked where I was from. I said I was from Panama but had moved to New York as a child. He asked if I knew anyone from Columbia around here. I said I didn't but then I usually only spoke English and everybody teased me about my Yankee accent. I talked him down a few hundred dollars on the ring set and bought it.

I thought about how to get all the goodies past Janie without her seeing them, when I was a guy I would stash stuff like the ring box in my pocket and waltz right past someone. In my tight jeans and cropped top there was no way that would work. I dropped the jewelry in my big purse and thought I had better pull over and put her dress, lingerie, and sandals in the trunk until I could sneak them in the house. When I walked in the house, Janie was on the phone laughing about something. I got everything in on the kitchen counters when she came in and kissed me.

She said she was talking to Jan Baker, next door, Jan wanted Janie to come over and help her pin up the hem on a dress she wanted to wear to the dance at the Club.

Janie said, "Do you want me to help you put stuff away and then we can go over together?"

"No, go on over and hurry back when you are through. I'll prep the stuff for dinner. Italian sausage with peppers and onions, covered with melted Mozzarella cheese and Marinara sauce sound OK?"

"Yes, I love the way you do that. See you in a little bit. Tyler could use a run if you get a chance." After she left, I slipped her new things in the house and hid them.

Janie didn't like to run with Tyler because he ran too fast for her on a leash. I loved to run with him because he gave me a good run for my money and I ran him without a leash. He loved to run a couple blocks to the big regional park. The park had a mile long walking/ jogging/ running track where Tyler and I would really stretch out our legs and hit a good pace.

It was very rare that anyone passed us and we whizzed past most people who used the track. I had dropped about ten pounds and a good part of it was off my waist. I was having to wear two exercise bras so my new D cup boobies didn't flop around too much. We made two laps around the track and headed home at a decreasing pace so we walked the last 100 yards. Janie greeted us at the door and had a dish of water for Tyler and a cold bottle of water for me.

When I finished my water she kissed me as if I had been gone a week. I loved it. She had a casual outfit laid out for me when I got out of the shower. It was a tiny pair of terry shorts and a little halter top that showed off my breasts. We had an afternoon thundershower hit right after I finished dressing. We sat and watched the storm pass by through the patio doors. I was feeling very good about our life and about being a pretty girl. Every time I saw my hands with rings and long painted nails I felt a thrill run through me. I told Janie about the clerk who asked if I knew any locals from Columbia. She jumped up and made a call to the Agency.

After dinner we sat out by the pool. The rain had cooled thing off nicely and we were very comfortable. The doorbell rang and Janie jumped up, "I forgot to tell you Jan and Bill said they might stop over for a drink this evening, that must be them. Tyler beat Janie to the door and was on guard as they entered. I heard Bill's voice boom out, "Hi Tyler and Tyler's Mom." I greeted Bill and got a kiss on the cheek from Jan. I told them I had made a bunch of 'Killer Margarita' mix if they would like to try one. It only took a minute to fix a pitcher of the tequila based drink. The drinks were a big hit and everyone agreed they were delicious. Tyler sat with his big head on my knee. Bill said, "I thought Tyler was Janie's buddy."

I answered, "Oh he is! Tyler loves Janie and I both, but he is especially fond of Janie. His problem in this case is that he is too big, Janie won't let him put his head on her lap, it's too heavy."

Bill laughed," He reached over and petted Tyler's head. "Poor Tyler, Don't feel bad old buddy, all the guys want to do that and she won't let them."

I smiled, "It is a lovely lap, I love to put my head on it."

Jan said, "Bill, all you think of is sex."

"So! What else is there?"

"Oh! Hush! You girls mentioned when we first met that you were looking for a business you could work at together. I think I heard of something that might interest both of you. A friend of a friend was killed in an accident last month. She and her sister ran a day care center for younger children. Now the sister wants to sell because it is too much for her to handle alone. They hired good people to work for them but she still can't manage it by herself. Do yourselves a favor and go look at it, she may make you a hell of a deal."

Janie and I looked at each other for a long time. Then Janie said, "I think I would like to look at it. How about you, Hon."

"I have never thought of anything like that. I have no idea of how a day care operates. I don't know anything about them."

"Well I did work at one as an assistant for three years when I was a teenager." She giggled, "That ought to qualify me to run one."

I smiled, "I rode on an airliner once, we can start our own airline."

Bill chuckled, "That ought to qualify you for either job."

I got up and went to the kitchen and made another pitcher of Margaritas. I filled an ice bucket and went back out and put everything on the table, "Everyone help themselves."

Bill said, "Damn girl, you look hotter than ever, your bust looks bigger and your waist is smaller. What are you doing?"

I batted my eyes at him, "Ah'm just tryin' ta look good for my. . . ." I turned to Janie, "Hey, are you the wife today or is it my turn?"

Janie looked around, "Hey, it is hard to find good mates these days, Bernie is too beautiful and too damned sweet to throw back. To answer Bill's question, I've had Bernie on a diet and exercise program to improve those very areas. Isn't she doing great?" Jan looked at me, "Stand up girl and let us see you. Gracious, look at YOU! WOW! I wanna do that too. Oh! I could never get my waist back like that."

Janie said, "Sure you could, all it takes is a diet you stick to, and perseverance in your exercises. Bernie runs two miles a day, every day. She does hundreds of sit-ups and toe touches every day too. She is very close to her goal, then she can cut everything in half and we will see what happens. I weigh her and measure her every day, first thing in the morning."

"With all those exercises you would think she would have bulging hard muscles, yet look at her, she is soft and smooth."

"That is because what she does is calculated to break down the fat and tone the muscles. Her diet is low protein so she doesn't build muscle. She swims laps for an hour every day to keep her muscles smooth too. Personally I think she is going a bit too far. I do not want to sacrifice health for beauty when she is already a knockout."

We got the information from Jan before they left and we visited the day-Care the next day. We were both very impressed with the neatness and cleanliness of the facilities. The place was originally a small Motel built in a U shape around a pool. It had twenty rooms and an office. The rooms on one side had been modified so that they all joined to form rooms for babies of all ages up to two years. The older children were in the rooms on the other side of the U. The pool was filled with sand and grass and held slides and jungle gyms. The closed end of the U held the office and two Staff rooms. The inside of the U was enclosed by a screened roof.

We talked with the owner, Caroline Jackson, and she gave us a brief rundown on the financial aspects of the business. She said that if we discussed things and were serious she would let an auditor of our choice go through the books.

At home we talked very seriously about the day care. The people who ran our Witness Protection Plan had advised us that when our new Identities were comfortable and well established we would be encouraged and helped to find jobs or start a business.

We contacted our case officer and gave him the details of the business. He was back to us the next afternoon. He said the business checked out and had an AAA rating from the BBB and a Superior rating from all the Florida state inspectors and agencies concerned. He recommended that we seriously consider buying the business. He gave us the name of a business consultant he suggested we contact as soon as we made up our minds.

The consultant met with us and we called the business owner and all of us met together. In the end we reached an agreement that pleased everyone. We bought the business and Caroline agreed to stay on as the manager for a minimum of a year at a nice salary. She was very happy because she loved the business and interacting with the parents and children.

Janie and I worked there every morning and took on-line courses from the University in the afternoons and some evenings.

I was really attracted to caring for the infants and Janie liked the toddlers best. The Day Care had a unique program available to working parents. The cost of care for infants was very high because of the additional care required. Our program offered a contract allowing the parents to average the cost over as many as five years. We had a waiting list of over seventy children. Many parents signed up before they became pregnant.

We were open 24/7 with advanced notice. While we were much more expensive than babysitters, the babies got the best of care. We had six RNs and 12 LPNs working for us. There was always a nurse on duty. We had a few customers that worked the night shift and loved our service.

Our night at the Country Club was very nice. When we started getting ready we took a bath together and helped each other shave where it was difficult to reach. We were both so horny after our bath that we stepped into a cold shower before we left for our appointments at the salon. Janie wanted me to wear my hair up that night so I had a crown braid with curls hanging on each side of my face. They gave both of us pedicures and manicures. I insisted on pink for Janie's color. She asked me if French tips were OK. They were. Our makeup was more dramatic than we had done before and we were both pleased with the look.

When we got home I gave her a new pink lingerie set I wanted her to wear, with panties, garter belt, and nude hose. She asked where the bra was. I said, "Honey, it is in your bra drawer, you won't need it tonight." She laughed and got a bag from under the bed and handed it to me. She giggled and said it was my undies for the evening.

I laid everything out and found a very sheer black set. It had a quite thin lace appliqué and hid nothing. I smiled, "Are you going to glue me together tonight?"

She laughed

"No girl, I got this for you." She handed me a gaff that was different, It was a false vagina with little lips showing. When I put it on with the panties over the gaff I appeared to be a real girl. Janie got on her knees in front of me and looked at it closely. She looked up with a grin, "It looks real even from very close, step closer, let me close my eyes and feel it." When she opened her eyes she said, "Wow, it feels real." I hugged her and thanked her.

Then I dropped to one knee, I took her left hand and slipped the engagement ring over her ring finger with her wedding band. She lifted her hand and looked at the ring she started to cry. I yelped, "Hey, don't spoil your makeup!" I dabbed carefully at her eyes with a tissue and saved her look. She looked at me and I saw the tears well up again. I handed her the box of Kleenex.

She sniffed, "Bernie, I never expected this, it is so beautiful. I love you so damned much, then you do something like this. I can't help crying for joy, you always make me feel good, but this is so sweet I want to just smear our makeup together."

I grinned happily, "Later, Babe. Later."

We sat on the bed to put on our hose, mine she handed me were the most sheer I had ever had on. They were like gossamer. They felt wonderful when I pulled them tight and clipped them to my garter straps.

I said , "the hose are so fine, I love them, they are as fine as frog's hair split nine times!"

"Frog's hair? Frogs don't have hair. Do they?"

"Yeah they sure do, It is so fine you can hardly see it." I walked to the mirror, I was shocked at how sexy I looked. I felt a stirring in my loins and turned quickly away.

Janie held some black fabric up and slid my dress over my head very carefully, it settled around me like a dark cloud. It was a silk halter dress, fitted to the waist, then flaring to the hem well above my knees. I hurried to the mirror. Wow Wee! It was Hot! Hot! Hot! The square neck of the halter barely covered my nipples and showed lots of breast cleavage. My legs looked a mile long.

Janie giggled, "Bernie I need a big 'TAKEN' sign to hang around your neck."

I got Janie's dress out of it's hiding place. I held it up so she could slip it over her head. It had long bell sleeves and a plunging V-neck. It was tightly fitted on the top and flared out to the hem. It was in a color called Paradise Pink. I handed her the little T-strap pink sandals and said, "You are going to need the double faced tape unless you feel a little daring tonight, Dearest. Maybe just put the tape in your purse."

She stepped over to the big mirrors and grinned when she saw herself. I went to my lingerie drawer and pulled out a small package. She watched as I placed the pink coral necklace around her neck and put the earrings on her ears. Her mouth dropped when she saw how they looked. They set off her outfit perfectly but could be worn with almost anything. She shook her beautiful head and said, "Bernice McDonald! What am I going to do with you? You fill me with love for you. How can I keep up with you."

I smiled, "Just kiss me a lot."

I guess we were the hit of the party. We were being hit on constantly and barraged with requests for dances. I was surprised to see that one of the waiters was the Columbian clerk from the jewelry store. I pointed him out to Janie. He seemed to be watching us, but it is hard to tell if it means anything because most of the men were watching us all the time, or so it seemed to us.

I noticed the waiter in question walking toward our table and I 'accidently' dropped my napkin. I stopped him and asked him if he could pick it up for me. When he squatted to retrieve the napkin I had let my thighs drift apart widely. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him get a good look under my dress. I thanked him for his trouble. He walked off with a smile.

Janie saw what I did and asked why I did that. I whispered in her ear that if he was with the Drug Cartel looking for me he would report back that I was a genetic female. She smiled, "You are certainly as devious as any woman I know, you are more female than male now, except after you take a shower, then you are my tiger. During the day you are my sweet wife and best girl friend and at night you are my shemale lover, It can't get any better than that."

By prior arrangement, Tyler sat in the foyer of the club. During the evening a man rose and went to the band and took the microphone, He introduced himself as Steven Bagen, president of the club.

He said, "Folks I want to clear something up that I have been questioned about this evening. The handsome dog in the foyer is the property of two people who we hope will become members of our club. This will answer the rest of the questions I have been asked tonight. 'Who are the two gorgeous girls with Bill and Jan Baker?'Let me introduce Mrs. Janie and Mrs. Bernie McDonald. Yes, they are a legally married same-sex couple. Now I would like one of those ladies to demonstrate why the dog is with them." He looked at us. I told Janie I would handle it, I screamed as loud as I could, "Tyler, Come!" The door to the room slammed open and Tyler flew through the door looking quickly around he headed for us. Everyone plainly heard his low growl. He was at full speed now and I said, in a normal voice, "Tyler, Heel!" His rear end dropped and his legs were stiff in front of him as he slid to a stop at my side. I petted him and whispered, "Tyler, Good Boy." Tyler calmly sat at my side. His tail gently tapping the floor. Janie nodded to a friend who stood and started toward us with a table knife in his hand. Tyler jumped between the man and us, snarling, and baring all his teeth. The man smiled, retreated, and sat down.

Mr. Bagen laughed, "In case you are worried I will explain that Tyler is trained to the highest possible level available as a guard dog. He spends most of his time in a day care. He checks the infants in ten rooms constantly. If a child cries Tyler is the first one there. If Tyler doesn't bark the nurses know everything is alright, the baby is probably wet or hungry.

The nurses believe Tyler has saved at least one infant from SDS. Sudden Death Syndrome. Tyler barked and then howled. They ran to the child who was not breathing and patted it on the back and it started crying. The nurses want the owners to get another dog or two to be there full time."

Bagen looked around the room, "Tyler is a Belgian Malinois. I love Tyler, my son, Stevie, is the baby that was saved."

Actually, Janie and I had already contacted the Dog Training Kennel where we bought Tyler. We had a price for two more desexed female dogs to be given full obedience training, minimal protection training, and we would train them further to develop a training program for a class of dogs to be known as 'Nurses Aid Dogs' with a further training in pediatric care or geriatric care.

When we were finally home I took Janie's hand and led her to our room. I pulled her around and into my arms for a passionate kiss. I slipped the zipper down her back and unhooked the neck. Her dress fell forward revealing her lovely body in her sexy lingerie. I guided her back against the bed and eased her down on her back. I stripped off my black cocktail dress as fast as I could. I heard her shoes hit the floor about the same time mine did. I was between her legs in a second pulling her panties off and down her legs. My face was buried in her hot wet pussy an instant later.
Her odor mixed with her perfume was intoxicating. I lightly touched her delicate inner lips with the very tip of my tongue. I traced the wrinkled outer edge of her lips using only the smooth underside of my tongue, just barely in from the tip, to touch the pussy lip.

Then I swabbed the entire area enclosed by her pussy lips with my flat tongue several times. I went in as deep as I could into her dripping vaginal canal. Next I sucked the whole pussy area into my mouth with a lot of suction and slowly pulling back to suck up her sweet juices. Janie was quivering and moaning as her finger tips lightly touched the sides of my head. I trailed my tongue through her pussy when I moved my attentions to her little love button, her clitoris. I let my soft lips push the clitoral hood away from my prize, then slipped inside to grasp the engorged shaft with it's little pearl on top. I rubbed the lower side of my tongue back and forth across the top causing strong shudders and moans of joy from Jeanie. She grasped the sides of my face and pulled me up a little ways. I looked up and saw her smile, "You are so damned sweet, tender, and gentle, you are better than any other girl. I love you Sweetie. FUCK ME NOW, Bernie."

Janie and I sat down the next morning to talk things over. We decided we were heading in a direction we didn't really want to go. We had too many things going on. We decided to stay out of the day-to-day, hands on operation of the Day Care. We discussed the possibility of opening another operation in a new area. There was a new medical plaza under construction on the other side of town. It was going to be huge, with a major hospital as an anchor. We explored the neighboring area and found an ideal place on the main road leading to the plaza. It was another motel. A bit larger than the first Day Care Center and we had it checked out by our advisors. Using our highly successful business for collateral, we were able to buy the place and renovate it. It would be about half again larger than the original day care.

We had thought that staffing was going to be a major problem but it turned out that our reputation was so good that as soon as word got out we were hiring, we had waiting lists of both staff and children. We didn't know that the fact that we were opening in that convenient location was being used as a selling point for the medical businesses in the plaza when they were hiring their own staff.

There were many new Doctor's offices under construction and they and their employees we were on our waiting lists. We accelerated our preparations and had new hires training at the old facility. It looked as if we would be at seventy-five percent capacity when we opened the doors.

Janie and I found we were busier than ever. I sat my wife down one evening and told her I wanted her to have my babies. I thought we were getting too enmeshed in the businesses and that we were both at the ideal age to start a family, if that was what she wanted. She laughed and told me she had gone off the pill a month ago.

I giggled and said, "Why didn't you tell me? I haven't even been aimin'."

"You had better start aiming because I should be ovulating now."

"Damn girl! Call us in sick for the next two or three days, we got work to do." Two weeks later her OB/GYN doctor verified what the IPTs had been telling us, Janie was pregnant. I laughed, "What are we going to tell people?"

Janie grinned, "Bill Baker has been bragging that he was going to be the father when we got ready. Shall we blame him?"

I grinned, then sobered, "Jan will kill him."

"No, I will tell her first. I will say we used AI, Artificial Insemination. He will know he is not the daddy but will probably take the credit for it anyway."

"We can have some fun with this, I need a prescription for some meds that will make me lactate too! My doctors say I should be able to give plenty of milk." We did have fun, Bill bragged all over that he fathered our baby.

A month after our son was born we attended the homeowner's Association meeting for our community. We had heard that a rumor was going around that I was so strong that I must be a male in drag. At the meeting little Mike started to cry. I was holding him and standing talking about a motion before the meeting to require muzzles for all dogs over twenty pounds when they were outside the house. I said, "Excuse me for a second please." I put a towel over my shoulder and opened the top of my blouse. I placed the baby under the towel and he started nursing, loudly slurping. I said, "Now where was I?"

Janie smiled, "You are busy now, I'll finish your thought for you, Dear, please sit down." She took over where I left off, explaining that percentage wise the small dogs under twenty pounds bit far more people than the rest of the dogs. There was further discussion. We advocated a training requirement for ALL dogs, saying that the dog owner must bear responsibility for the dog's behavior.

Lots of the ladies wanted to watch the baby nurse. I didn't mind anyone watching Mike finish his meal. He is a big baby and Janie took over when I ran dry. It just worked out that I was holding him when it was Janie's turn to feed him. That happened every now and then and we always did what I did. If one of us was busy we just let him start with who was holding him or was closest to him.

If it was at night Tyler would wake who he thought was next. If you didn't get right up he would bark loudly in your ear. That always worked. Tyler did not want to leave Mike for any reason. He would go if you insisted, but he would let you know that Mike was his baby and not yours.

I was easier to wake than Janie and ended up doing most of the night feeding. It was heavenly when he started sleeping through the night. I was a bit groggy one morning when Janie said she had an appointment with her OB/GYN doctor for a check up. I stayed home and happily played housewife. I bathed Mike and dressed him, I fed him and changed him again and put him down for a nap. Tyler slept by his crib.

I thought about how long it had been since Tyler and I had had a good run. I couldn't remember when Janie and I had had a good run together. Or when Janie and I had gone to the club, out to dinner, to a movie, had sex or anything.

Mike was sound asleep. Tyler was watching me from beside the crib. I went to the master bedroom and stopped in front of the mirrored closet doors. My hair looked dull and flat. No makeup. A sweatshirt and jeans over flats, Nails and toenails not polished. My shoulders sagged and I had shadows under my eyes. I looked crappy! Who would want a wife like me. I ran and took a shower, shaved all over. I got out and checked on Mike as I patted myself dry. I carefully did my makeup and hair, then slipped into some really tight white Jeans and a tight blue and white striped tube top with detached matching long sleeves. I fixed a couple bottles for Mike and got a baby bag ready. Then I called the Day Care and made some arraignments. I went back to our room and slipped into some white patent pumps with a 4 inch heel. I put on some gold hoop earrings and a heavy gold necklace. A handful of bangle bracelets completed the sexy MILF look I was trying for. Janie walked in and smiled when she saw me, "Hi Sweetie, do you have a hot date later?"

"I sure do, I have the hottest little chick I have ever seen, right in front of me, and I am taking her out for lunch and maybe a movie or shopping."

"What about Mike?"

"Handled! They have a crib reserved for he and Tyler next to the nurse's station."

"Do I have time for a quick change?"

"Very quick, we are meeting Bill and Jan and a couple of their friends for lunch." I changed Mike and put a fresh little sleeper on him. I got Mike and his bag, my purse and Tyler and was strapping Mike in his car seat when Janie joined me. After a stop to drop off half the family at our new day care, we took a good bit of teasing from the staff about the service not being good enough for our own kid, this being the first time we had used it. It was a short drive to the club. Bill and Jan were seated with two men. Janie stopped in her tracks when she saw them. One of the men, very large and handsome, stared at Janie.

He said, "Janie Cooper, I'll be damned, how are you Sweetheart? It must be five years, you look smashing." He pulled her into his arms and kissed her soundly. He grinned and looked at everybody, "I have loved this girl for years. I don't know how I let her get away."

I was introduced to the other man, Jason Hastings, also large and handsome. He took my hand and said, "Lovely Lady, may I please have the pleasure of this dance. I didn't know what was happening and the next thing I knew I was dancing with Jason and Janie was dancing with the other guy. As we danced he came on to me. The usual old lame lines I had used and heard a hundred times. He asked if I were married, I said I was, and he said, "That doesn't have to stop us from having some fun together does it?" I smiled and said, "Oh yes it does! I am a true blue wife, I can't do that."

He grinned, "Well your friend will soon be gone with Jason, He seldom strikes out. And with one he has had before he never misses, never."

"Was she married before?"

"I don't know but it won't make any difference."

I said, "I am hungry, let's go back to the table." I looked around and didn't see Janie and her friend. When we neared our table I saw Janie and the big guy sitting at another table, he was holding both her hands in his. He was talking and she was smiling. When we got to the table I excused myself and said I had to go to the Lady's room. I went in and sat at a vanity mirror and touched up my face. No sooner than I finished I started to cry. I cleaned up the mess and started over. No good! I cried again, he was a huge handsome stud, I was a small effeminized shemale. Maybe she needed a real man, a stud. The room seemed to close around me. I could hear over and over that he never missed with girls he had been with before. I washed my face in cold water and fixed it again. I forced myself to be calm. I walked to the table and saw Janie sitting very close to her friend, their heads close together. I stopped by our table and squatted down next to Jan and pressed the keys to the van into her hand. I told her I had other things I needed to do and to give the keys to Janie, if she needed them. I stood and walked out of the club. The doorman had a Taxi for me in no time.

I went to the day care and checked on Mike. I hugged him and kissed him, I was crying. Tyler was pawing me, he knew something was wrong. I hugged him too and petted him. I ran out and got the cabbie to take me to the bus station. I got a bus to Charleston, West Virginia.

It was a long, long, ride. I didn't know what I would do when I got there. I had never been so low in my whole life. My face was sore around my eyes and cheeks from all the crying I was doing. I just couldn't seem to stop crying.

In Charleston, I rented a car and stopped at a Wal-Mart and outfitted myself with a few clothes. I drove to my old home place. It was deserted. I sat at the little graveyard and wept for my father and mother. Someone walked up behind me. I looked up and saw a familiar face, I knew it was a sister because it was almost like looking in a mirror, but I didn't know which one. She looked at me for a long time. She smiled and said, "I don't think I know you' but you sure look like a Jenkins!"

I laughed, "I don't know who you are, but I know you are a Jenkins." I looked at her more closely, I said, "Kathy?"

"What? How do you know me?"

I said, "Sit down, this may be a shock to you. I am your little brother Bernard, Berny!"

Her eyes grew huge, "You have got to be kidding, wait, I see it now. What happened, we all thought you were dead."

I told her a brief story about what had happened to me. When she really believed it was me she hugged and kissed me. Then she looked at me and smiled, "You look just like the old pictures of Momma when she was your age. You are a spittin' image of her."

I found out that most of my sisters had moved away and were scattered all over the country. All of them were well and one of them even lives in Orlando, Florida only 75 miles from where I used to live.

She said she had seen my rental car and came over to see who it was. She lives in a doublewide across the road. She is a nurse practitioner at a clinic a few miles away. She was very concerned about how I looked. We drove over to her house and I met her husband. I didn't know him but he seemed quite nice.

She sat me in a chair, she looked in my eyes, took my pulse.

She got her medical bag and took my blood pressure. She looked in my eyes. She asked why I had been crying so much. I told her what had happened. She said, "You have a new son you walked off and left?" She looked at me felt my arms and legs. "How much do you normally weigh?"

"120 pounds."

"Honey, I'll bet you don't weigh 100 pounds. Give me the name of your doctor."

I shook my head. "I'm OK. No problem."

Karen looked at me, "From what you are telling me I think you have a hormone imbalance and it has your mind screwed up. When did you eat last?"

I couldn't remember eating for several days, maybe even longer, I had lost track of what day it was.

Karen was on the phone to Angie, my oldest sister who lived ten miles away. Another sister Donna was twenty miles away. She grinned, "They are both on their way. Now listen to me, I want you to go rest in our guest bedroom until they get here, OK?"

I said "Fine, I could use a little rest."

When I woke up I didn't know where I was. I got up and looked around and remembered where I was. I went out and was greeted by two more sisters. After lots of hugging and kissing I had to answer a whole bunch of questions. One of my sisters said she always thought I should have been born a girl and that I when I became a teenager I overcompensated for my feminine side by trying to be very macho and masculine. She said joining the Marine Corps was an example.

I objected, "Hey, I WAS a damned good Marine, I won medals for heroism under fire. I WAS a man's man. I became a girl to save my life in a witness protection plan." Then I broke down and sobbed. I couldn't stop crying again. I sobbed out how I was not a man nor a woman and that my wife had gone off with a real man. I was in real pain from my breasts and had been milking my- self when it got too bad.

Karen held my face between her hands and told me I was wrong, she said she knew that my wife had to love me. She took a blood sample and had her husband take it to a hospital lab for analysis. She gave me some pills to take and helped get me in bed.

I felt better the next day when I woke up. I had a dream about hearing Mike cry and Tyler bark. I tried to get up to nurse him. I sat on the side of the bed and cried. I missed them so much. I didn't see any point in living.

The bedroom door opened and there stood Janie. She rushed to me and kissed me. She cried, "I love you with all my heart. Please kiss me." I felt a weight on my leg and a warm wet tongue licked my face. TYLER!

Janie pulled me into the living room and brought me some pills and a glass of water. I took them looked around to see Karen holding Mike. I started to cry again and kneeled beside him and kissed his little cheek. He laughed and kicked his little arms and legs, giggling and trying to reach me.

Karen looked up and said, "Bernie, I think you have lots of reason to want to live. You have a beautiful family. It is not hard to see that they all love you very much."

I looked at Janie, "what happened to your boy friend?"

She looked at me, "Who? Robert?" He was never my boyfriend, he was just a good friend. He likes other men. He is gay. He puts on a big act to fool the people he works with into thinking he is a big macho man. We were just buddies in college and we never even dated. I was just hearing all the gossip about my old friends. I missed you and you were gone. I was scared to death, I alerted the agency. Karen called me and told me where you were and she said that she thought you had a serious hormone imbalance. I checked and found you had been sent the wrong dosage the last time your prescription was refilled. We hope we got it in time so there will be no permanent damage to your system."

"Do you mean sexually?" She nodded and I saw a tear course down her cheek.

I laughed, "Hell, I not much of a man anyway. I am a small effeminate sissy boy at best, certainly not a man."

Janie said, "NO! You are wrong. I got a call from the Agency right after you left. The hit on you has been recalled. An informant says they have decided you are dead or retired and are no longer a threat. The Agency says they are not positive, but that you might want to consider returning to your manhood. Bernie do you want to know how I feel about it?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"First, as you pointed out a few months ago, we are not really married; I am paid quite well to do this job. I could take MY baby and go home to get a fresh start."

I felt as if I wanted to die, the tears were welling up in my eyes.

Janie said, "BUT THAT Is NOT WHAT I WANT OR NEED. I want you Bernie, I want my best ever girlfriend, my best ever boyfriend, my business partner, dog trainer, lover and my husband. I love you beyond all reason. I love to set with you and gossip, put rollers in our hair, do each other's nails. I also love it when we have regular sex together and you are screwing me with your delightful cock and at the same time I can play with your sweet lovely breasts, pulling those sweet nipples, and being deeply in love with that man, the father of my baby. I want you to be happy, that is the most important thing in my life right now. I want you to be happy, if you think I can't make you happy, you are free to go find someone who will make you happy. Just one more thing, my love, I will love you as Bernard, I will love you as Bernice, but why? Why can't I have all of you?"

"Janie, this is how I feel, when I was a guy my greatest thrill was to stalk an enemy of my country, in his own place, kill him and get away. As a girl, nothing thrills me more than snuggling with you, Tyler at my feet, and my son suckling at my breast."

I heard a sniffle, I looked at my three sisters, all of them had tears in their eyes. Karen said, "That is the first real sense I have heard from you all day. I am convinced that without the hormone problem, that the tests have verified, none of this would have happened. It is plain as day to all of us that you were never happy as a boy, all your family knew you were a girl inside, and prayed you would find a way to be that girl. You have found a wonderful and beautiful girl who loves you for who and what you really are. If you have the sex change surgery it is chancy about you ever having an orgasm again. Why take that chance. Why fight it?"

My other sisters wiped their eyes and said, "Amen! Brother, Amen! Sister!"

I chimed in with my "Amen!" Then I looked at Janie and said, "Sweetie, will you marry me? We can legally do it here, I AM legally still a man."

Janie smiled happily, "Yes! Oh yes! But it doesn't matter, I AM your wife, I will always BE your wife." If you check the marriage records in Canada, you will find our marriage listed there. Why change a thing?"

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