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Feminized By My Mother


My name is Dan. I'm doing okay, you? I see. Well if you are going to be listening to my thoughts please keep the volume down, I am trying to think. Some things are going on that have got me very mixed up and I have to concentrate. Like most overly complicated things in life, a woman is involved.

I have to admit that I have always been bothered by my penis size. I've seen smaller dicks online by typing 'small penis' in google but mine is defiantly nothing to boost about at around five inches. I worry that girls are gonna laugh at me, which would be mean, or that I just won't be able to get them off and they won't be interested in sex with me.

I've never actually had sex yet. I just graduated high school a few days ago and I've never been a social butterfly. I had some close friends, Thomas for example; Thomas is a good friend of mine. He has short brown hair and a VERY prominent chin. He excels at computer stuff and loves reading. I read as well, but not nearly as much as he does. We play cards and World of Warcraft together all the time. As for females I've never had much luck, until recently that is. I've been dating this girl, Jennifer, and I think I am going to get lucky with her.

About a month ago she said to me, "Dan, I think that girls should make a boy wait at least six months before they fuck them. My mom told me so. It sure is a rough wait though!"

I blushed like a nervous ninny when she said that, but my dick got hard just from her hand touching my arm and saying that. We had been dating five months and I was sure she was telling me we would have sex soon. Jennifer was a big bookworm, but still popular by virtue of the fact that she was a gorgeous young woman.

So right now, at this moment, we are sitting in my room and it is Saturday night. We are laying side by side on the bed and I'm running my hand through her long dark hair. It's funny because she is doing the same to mine. I've had long hair my whole life. When I was little my mom thought it was cool to have a son with long hair just like hers and she had it cut that way. Since I got old enough to pick my own haircut I just went with it, long brown hair was part of what I saw in the mirror and if I cut it off it would be weird.

It has gotten me picked on some in school though, but I don't think cutting it would stop that. I get called a fag a lot just cause I'm a bit of a loner and the jock types think I look effeminate. It doesn't help that my butt is kind of big, which doesn't make sense to me because I'm skinny overall but fat seems to go to my ass instead of my stomach like most guys. One bully liked to compliment my ass to mock me, it was always, "Man you got a juicy rump," or "That ass is looking fine Danielle!" I'm not gay though just to clear that up. Metallica had long hair, they aren't gay.

I realized that this was the perfect moment as Jennifer snuggled her face into my neck, she had a long neck, with pale skin, should I start by kissing it? I felt myself getting short of breath. There were butterflies in my stomach and my legs began to tremble a little. 'Calm down Dan!' I thought. I had to act before I lost my nerve.

I shifted myself and lowered Jennifer's head to the pillow; I propped up on an elbow and looked into her eyes. She smiled at me and my legs quivered. I leaned in to kiss her while my hand squeezed her breast through her shirt. We had made out plenty of times before, and I had fondled her sometimes, so I wanted her to know I was going further then that and give her a chance to tell me no. I slid my hand down her chest and rubbed her stomach as our tongues danced inside my mouth.

I always start out by putting my tongue in her mouth, but somehow she always pushes me back into mine. She likes to bite my lips and hiss at me; sometimes she bites my neck painfully hard. My hand reached her pants and I slowly undid the button. When she didn't protest I lowered the zipper. Her hands went under my shirt on my back and scratched me hard, her nails digging into my skin as I pulled her pants off.

She had on cotton panties with blue and white stripes, tiny hippos were running along the lines. I rubbed my hand over her crotch, feeling the warmth and the moisture on the fabric. Jennifer pulled her mouth off mine.

"Those come off last bad boy." She breathed into my ear and then pushed her tongue inside. I giggled as she wiggled her tongue in my ear, it tickled. I got her shirt off, then her bra, and backed off a bit to take off my shirt and pants so that I was left in my boxers. Jennifer spread her legs and grabbed my arms, pulling me into her embrace and clamping her mouth on my neck again. I felt her tits pressed against my chest, the first time I had ever felt bare tits, my dick was hard and I wanted to fuck her bad but I didn't want to rush this. Jennifer bit me hard making me flinch then she kicked with her legs and rolled me over so she was on top. She sat up and looked at me with a wicked grin, licking her lips.

"You are so hot Jen!" I said, gazing at her round boobs. She looked down at them and pressed them together, then pushed them to my face.

"I know you want to worship my tits Dan." She said in a sultry voice.

"Oh yeah..." I gasped, running my lips along the lower curve of her tits, licking at her fingers as her hands squeezed her breast and shook them right in my face. The soft bouncy jugs drove me wild, I slurped loudly on her nipples which she offered me for a few seconds at a time, then moved her tits so I had to catch them. She slapped me with them a few times actually, not sure if that was intentional.

"Bite them." She whispered.

I took her nipples in my teeth and flicked my tongue over them.

"Harder!" she demanded.

I bit her with about half my strength and she moaned.

"Chew on my tits Dan! Hurt me!"

I left marks around her breast, they were covered in spit when I was done and had bruises from when I got really excited and she screamed at me,


Finally she pushed me down her strong hands on my shoulders. She lowered her face to my chest and proceeded to give my chest the same treatment. It felt great at first, her tongue electrified my nipples and it was like there was a straight connection from them to my dick, I was afraid I would soot in my briefs, but then she started biting the crap out of me and I whimpered. When I tried to push her back she slapped my hand away. I was afraid to turn her off, so I took it as best I could, emitting a combination of sighs when she licked gently around my chest, moans when she swirled her tongue around my nipples, and shrieks of pain when she sank her teeth into my flesh like she was going to tear out a chunk.

I was laughing as she licked the sides of my stomach on her way down, I was very sensitive there. Then the anxiety was back all of a sudden when I realized she was about to see my dick. What would she think? I looked down at her and tried not to show the worry on my face as she put her fingers into the waistband of my boxers and pulled. My five inch hard penis sprung free, and without batting an eyelash, she engulfed it with her mouth.

"Uhhhh!" I groaned and reached down to stroke the back of her head. The feeling was amazing, unlike anything I'd felt before. It was her breath and her tongue I think that really did it. I'd had wet towels before with hot water, and an awesome pocket pussy that was super soft... but they weren't alive like her mouth. Her nose let hot air flow out onto my crotch and goose bumps went down my legs, her tongue wiggled on the underside of my cock. She looked up at me as she bobbed her head on my dick, I felt my balls tightening up and the pleasure intensified. 'No not so soon!' I thought.

"Jennifer," I said, "I'm gonna, uhhh gonna, you know..."

She didn't stop or slow down; she just pumped my dick in and out of her mouth, staring up at me. I squeaked embarrassingly and came. My dick twitched in her mouth and poured cum onto her tongue. She held me in her mouth as I deflated. She kept a seal over my dick as she let it slide out her mouth, the wet head falling back onto my balls, and then she crawled up my body.

She opened her mouth and showed me then cum on her tongue, a grin on the corners of her mouth. I was horrified as she leaned in and stuck out her tongue. I turned my head away quickly. She closed her mouth and smiled then gulped audibly. She looked a little disappointed which I was sad about but seriously, what can a girl expect? I am not kissing her when her mouth is full of my cum. She lay next to me and started kissing my neck.

"My turn." She whispered in my ear, and flicked her tongue across it. I felt her hips wiggling next to mine as she pulled off her panties.

Jennifer sat up and crawled forward. She yanked the pillow from under my head and put a knee on either side of my head. I inhaled her scent and looked at her pussy. It was my first real look at one and I stared transfixed as she pushed it forward. She had shaved it to a landing strip over her clit. It was sexy as hell. My willing lips parted and I began to kiss around the lips of her juicy cunt. The taste was sweet and tangy, like a green apple, slick fluid filled my mouth.

"Oh yeah, eat me." Jennifer mumbled.

I did the best I could, probing her feminine parts with my tongue, exploring to see what made her respond. I pushed in as deep as I could, and lapped at the skin around the lips. I kissed her protruding slit and sucked on it, making it puff out a little more. Her fingers curled in my hair pulling my mouth tight against her. I loved her shoving my face into her wet slit, making it hard for me to catch my breath. My dick was standing up again.

"Do you like it?" Jennifer asked. I mumble my agreement as she shook, grinding her pussy over my mouth and nose. Her cunt-lips and pubic hair filled my vision. "Ohhh, suck my clit, suck my clit, suck it hard!" she squealed. I sucked her clit into my mouth and worked it with my tongue as she came.

Her body quivered as she came down off her orgasm and I licked her cunt-lips gently until she moved back off my face. She scooted back until she was astride me and lowered her pussy to my dick. I sighed as she took hold of my penis and lined it up with her vagina, lowering herself onto me easily. I shouldn't have been surprised that she wasn't a virgin, but part of me had hoped she was.

Her nails found my nipples and pinched me as she started to bounce on my dick. "You ate me good." She said, looking down at me. I tried to sit up but she pushed me back down. "You're gonna learn to do it even better." She licked her lips; I rubbed her thighs as her hot pussy gripped my dick with each stroke, her pussy juice splatting onto my balls and crotch.

"You feel so good!" I said.

"Don't you dare cum in me!" she shouted.

I managed to last a while that time, having just cum. Jennifer's tits were dripping sweet and she was breathing heavy when I finally announced I was close. Once I did she pulled off me and grabbed my dick. She jerked me hard and I spurted onto my stomach. Jennifer cooed and curled up next to me, putting her lips to mine. I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips, but I thought better then to refuse to kiss her now. She wrapped her arms around me and I just thought about how incredibly lucky I was.


My mom likes to stay out late. I had taken Jennifer home and kissed her goodnight, and was sitting in front of the computer wasting time browsing when her and her date stumbled in. I love my mom, and I don't mean to sound judgmental of her, but she is a bit ah... loose? Is that the word? I don't know I don't mean to say she is a slut she doesn't bang a bunch of guys and sleep around... but she always has a boyfriend and they never last more than six months. Although her current boyfriend breaks that trend actually, they have been dating for almost a year, his name is David and he is a pretty cool guy. He is laid back and has a twisted sense of humor.

Oh I don't know if I mentioned it but my mother raised me alone, my father ran off when I was little and my mom never heard from him again. I didn't have any issues with my mom's boyfriends about replacing my dad or anything, he was a prick, and my mom deserved to be happy. The only thing about the men she brought home that I didn't like, don't tell anybody this, was that I was jealous. My mom is really hot and sometimes I think about, you know. I've looked in her draws and sniffed her panties occasionally, which would get me hard instantly, especially the ones she left on the bathroom floor.

She didn't smell anything like Jennifer though, now that I thought about it. But I guess all women smell different. Anyway my mom has fantastic tits, bigger then Jen's. I heard music coming from my mom's room. She plays music to cover the sounds of her and her boyfriend's fucking; I figured that one out by like eleven. Sometimes I would creep up to the door and listen to the sounds under the music. I could hear slapping frequently, and that put dirty thoughts in my head of my mom being spanked.

In the morning I was sitting at the kitchen table when my mom came in and sat next to me. I was still waking up early because that's what I was used to from school. Soon I'll be sleeping until noon though. I was in my underwear. I walk around the house in my briefs all the time. My mom favors modest dresses at home, although I've seen her change into some revealing outfits to go out in. I was busy dwelling on the size of my dick. Did Jen like it well enough? She looked like she enjoyed riding me, but if she came it wasn't near as explosive as when I ate her.

"Are you okay honey?" My mom asked.

"Yeah..." I said.

"Is everything okay between you and Jen? I saw she wasn't here when I got home."

"Mom you got home at like midnight!" I told her.

"So? Your girlfriend can spend the night you know." She said, putting some breakfast bars and a magazine on the table.

"I don't think her parents would feel the same way." I said.

"Well you graduated high school you can do what you want. They can't keep her from growing up."

"Mom," I said hesitantly, "How big of like, dicks you think girls my age like?" I felt dumb for asking immediately.

My mom laughed and I looked down. "Oh I'm not laughing at you honey it's just that was out of nowhere. Really I don't know I only know what kinds of cocks I like, do you want to know about some of the best ones I've had?"

"No! Never mind mom that was a bad idea forget I said it." I had terribly embarrassed myself, why couldn't I just keep that to myself?

"It's okay honey. Are you worried you won't satisfy her?"

"Yeah." I admitted.

"Well, let me see it." She said.

"What? N-no way!"

"Don't be a baby you walk around me in your boxers all the time and I saw you naked all the time when you were younger it's okay."

I shouldn't have, but I shouldn't have brought it up. At this point I figured I might as well. So I slowly pulled down my boxers and show myself to my mom.

"Well you gotta get hard honey. There is a big difference between hard and soft."

"Ehhh," I blushed, "I don't think I can do that right now..."

Then I gasped as my mother reached over and touched my dick, she squeezed the base with her fingers and tugged on me. I was like a deer in the headlights but my mom just smiled at me casually. Slowly my dick came to life and stood out.

"Oh, that's not bad." My mom said. "It might be a little below average but so what. You think every girl needs ten inches to get off? You've been watching too much internet porn baby. Besides some woman is gonna love you just the way you are. You're a sweet young man now forget about that." She went back to her magazine and chewed on a fiber bar.

I was freaked out, but maybe a little relieved that I had told my mom about my fears. I was a little horny now too. I called Jennifer.

"Hey Jen, you ah, want to go out to the pool today."

"That sounds great... bring condoms."

'This is so awesome!' I thought as I got ready.

"Are you going out?" My mom yelled.

"Yes." I replied.

"Okay don't get her pregnant."

I'm too nervous to get condoms from the grocery so I stopped at the gas station and used the machine in the restroom. Jennifer came out of her house in her swimsuit and I watched her ass as she walked around to the passenger side and got in. When she sat down she put her hand in my lap and said, "Don't drive too close to any other cars."

I was super nervous as I drove, but I couldn't bring myself to push her head out my lap. It was the middle of the day and she was slurping on my cock as we drove down the highway. This girl had been waiting to open the floodgates!


That night when I got home David's car was in the driveway and I heard the bed creaking from my mom's room. I walked down the hall to my room and saw her door was cracked open. 'Holy cow.' I thought. 'You'd think she thought she lived alone!'

As I quietly crept past her door I couldn't help but look in. I saw my mom dressed like some cheap prostitute with bright red lips, a miniskirt, a strapless top that just covered her boobs, and thigh high pantyhose. David was naked and pulling her hair as he fucked her from behind. I even overheard them talking dirty.

"Uugh, fuck that hits the spot!" My mom said.

"You have such a tight asshole Rachel!" David hissed.

My mom was taking it in the ass! If Jennifer had not made me cum twice already, I would have pulled it out and started beating it. Fortunately I was sexually sated and so my higher thought processes weren't that impeded. I did stare for a long while though.

What I saw the next morning would change my life though.

As I walked past her room the door was wide open and I looked in. David was gone, and my mother was asleep on top the covers, naked. I peeked my head in and my eyes traveled down her body. 'Such nice tits! Even a hot belly button... wow she has a big bush... wait...' My mind failed to process for a moment. I imagine it was something like discovering you're in the matrix, the whole world didn't make sense! This was impossible! This was my mom, my mother, the women who gave birth to me, and she, how could she....

My mind reeled as I gazed at my mother's soft cock.

This couldn't be! She was a man, a man! My whole life she had lied to me! Her whole character took on a different light. All her boyfriends; I realized they were all fucking her in her ass! They were gay or just plain weird! My mom was a fucking fag!

I wanted to puke, I went in my room and closed the door, burying my face in the pillows and sobbing. I was sickened on so many levels, especially when I thought about all the sexual things that I myself had thought about her, those thoughts had been about a guy! My head was in pure turmoil, I must have lain there for hours by the time my mom came in.

"Son, baby? What's wrong?" She asked. She put a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't fucking touch me!" I screamed.

"Honey..." She tried to slip next to me on the bed.

"Don't get near me! You fucking faggot!" I screamed.

"Oh. Oh God Daniel I'm so sorry...." She tried to reach for me again.

"I said don't touch me you damn cock sucking sissy!" I was just so overcome with anger. I slapped her and shoved her off the bed. She looked up from the floor shocked and I glared at her. Tears started to well up in her eyes and she turned away. "We'll talk later..." She said slinking away.

I lay back on the bed and breathed out a sigh. I just couldn't believe it. I just wanted to avoid the issue. Jennifer would be with her family at her grandparent's today, so I called Thomas.

He showed up about thirty minutes later with some playing cards and we sat on my floor playing games. I tried to take my mind off my mom but it was hard, especially when Tomas made a comment, "So, your mom is she single right now?"
"No Thomas, you wouldn't want her anyway."

"I don't know she seems like a fine lady. You could use a father figure in your life anyway." That actually made me smile a little.

"Yeah well, I think she'd make you into the maternal parent."

"Hey man, I like the strong willed bitches." Thomas said.

After he left it was dinner time and I was starving. I exchanged some texts with Jen and tried to put off leaving my room, but there was no getting around it, I had to go out eventually. My mom was sitting at the table.

"I made some stew," she said, "It's in the crockpot."

"Well you're just the fucking mom of the year aren't you? Except you're a guy!"

"Son," She began, "I know that you are... upset. Just give me a chance to explain."

"Oh you don't need to explain mom. It's pretty clear. You are a fairy, a sissy faggot that pretends to be a woman."

Tears were forming in my mother's eyes again. "Dan. I know I lied to you about some things I just; I didn't want anyone to know because when I was growing up I got bullied for being so girly and after the change I encountered even more people who looked down on me. I didn't want you to have to be the boy with a transgender parent."

"Who the fuck is my real mother then? Who the hell are you to me?"

"I'm your biological father Dan. The story I told you was true, just reverse. Your mother left us shortly after you were born. I have never seen her since."

I looked at her, angry and dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say, except that I hated her. "You're a freak." I told her.

"Baby, please don't say things like that." She sobbed.

"Oh go use your tears to jerk somebody off with." I looked at my stew and ate in angry silence while my mom cried.

She should have just left me alone the dumb bitch, but she insisted. An hour after I ate she approached me as I sat on the couch watching TV.

"Daniel." She started, but I stood up to walk off.

She grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to her, hugging me. As I stood there with her crying on my shoulder I imagined her cock pressing against my leg.

"Get off me!" I yelled and shoved her roughly back. I moved to slap her again and she grabbed my wrist, then she SQUEEZED. "Ah fuck!" I yelped.

I looked in her eyes and saw the sadness leaking out of them. In its place a rage was building up, her features twisting into a snarl. "Don't you dare hit me again you ungrateful bastard!" Then she slapped me, HARD. I fell to the couch on my back and shielded my face with my hands.

"After everything I have done for you! You have no right to treat me like this! All my life I've had to take shit from assholes calling me a faggot and now my own son! You're gonna learn some respect!"

Then she started manhandling me like a doll, I twisted around and tried to shove her away and she slapped me again. I tried to bolt but she just pulled me back and threw me on the couch. I was a small man but being overpowered by my own mother, who from all appearances was a slim woman, was humiliating. I gave in for a moment, just letting her do whatever she was doing, and before I knew it was pulling off my boxers. That's when I realized her intent.

"No! Mom stop!"

"Shut up! We are gonna see who the fairy is you puny dicked bitch."

I tried to fight back and she decided she was done struggling with me. She bitch slapped me once, twice, three times and I became dazed, falling back onto the couch. I lay there dazed and scared, too scared to resist any more.

My mother smiled down at me as she undressed. I watched helplessly as her tits fell out. I have fantasized about sucking them so many times, but I hadn't know about the piece of meat hanging between her legs, I got a good look at it now as she stroked it, licking her lips and eyeing me up and down.

"What a sexy figure you have son, or should I say daughter? I think I'll make you into a daughter, I always wanted a little girl." She put her hands on my chest and messaged me. "Such soft skin, not much hair... very nice."

She pressed her hips forward so that her hard cock rubbed over my limp dick. She leaned forward and took one of my nipples into her mouth, my nipples that were so sensitive. I didn't want to get hard, I willed myself not to. I wasn't a fag like her, but certain stimulus can't be denied no matter how horrifying, and her hot lips pushed the right buttons on my chest, lapping at my nipples and biting them gently... at first. After a moment she started biting me really hard and I whimpered under the assault.

She looked up at me, "Get used to it girl, girls like us end up on the receiving end of a lot of pain. Ahh, but I see that made you hard hmm? Is your little weenie hot for mommie?"

I sobbed as I felt her grinding her cock against mine, "Mom, please! I'm sorry think about this for a minute I'm your son!"

"Daughter," She corrected me, "You're my daughter. What's more you're a nasty little girl aren't you? You need a good fucking to straighten you out."

"God no!" I cried as my shemale mom licked my chest and I felt her leaking precum on my dick, which caused her dry fucking of me to become slippery. Then she pulled back, was she coming to her senses? I tried to push myself up, but then her weight was on me, she sat on my chest!

I looked down in terror at her cock and she slid her ass forward. Her balls pressed right up on my chin and her dick lay across my face.

"Get a good look at your mom's cock. Do you like how it smells, I know you do. You think I don't know when my panties have been rummaged through you naughty little girl." She rubbed her dick around my face.

I tried to think of something to say, something to do to stop her. I had to let her know I didn't want this. But that didn't matter. She knew I didn't want this; she was punishing me. I now represented all the people who had sneered at her and she was taking out her anger at everyone who had hurt her. All my life she had played the perfect mom (except for a few quirks) and her son had told her she wasn't good enough to be his mother. I realized the full extent of my mistake too late.

My only hope, I decided, was to ride out my punishment and make amends when she calmed down. Maybe she wouldn't even take this too far. Yes, she would probably stop at some humiliation, she had made her point after all, and she wasn't REALLY going to fuck me.

"Smell my nuts baby!" My mother said. She pushed her nuts up to my nose and rubbed them around my mouth. Her voice was quiet when she ordered me, "Open that sissy mouth." Though she had pubic hair still over her cock I saw she groomed it and had completely shaved her nuts, this was one small thing to be thankful for as I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, she lowered her sack in.

"Worship my balls you little cunt!" She screamed at me. I did as she said, hoping to placate her. I sucked her balls and rubbed them with my tongue. I had no idea what exactly to do, but she wasn't picky. My mom made girlish cooing noises as I licked her nuts, my mouth full of their taste.

"Oh I could have you lick me like that for hours but I bet my little whore wants the main dish doesn't she?" She pulled her balls from between my lips and they dragged over my chin before swinging free, her cock running down my face. I stared at the crown of her cock up close, and saw its leaking tip go under my nose. My pan to be complacent couldn't overcome my natural reaction to close my eyes and turn away.

"Oh come on baby don't be scared. This is the cock that made you; your momma's cock is your daddy isn't it? Show daddy how much you love him hmm?" She grabbed my hair and twisted my head to her hot tool.

"No! Mom, UUMMPHFF! GAWK! GAH! GHARK! HUH!" I gaged and coughed around her rod as it shot into my mouth when I protested, my eyes looked up pleading for mercy but there was only lust and malice in my mother's eyes. She started humping my face slowly; I felt every vein and ridge of her cock as it pushed against the back of my throat. I had been intrigued before when I touched myself by how my dick was so soft to the touch, but so hard inside. Now it didn't seem intriguing at all to feel the sensations of a member in a different way.

I felt my body quake as tears slid down my cheeks. My mom pulled her cock out and slapped it on my face. The horrible smacking noise of a cock beating my face filled my ears, and my mother's voice,

"Stick out your tongue sissy, come on!" I did as she said and she slapped the dick on my tongue repeatedly, then she rubbed her dick up and down it before pushing back in.

"Let's see how your deep throating skills are." I shook my head no and my mom just smiled and shook her head yes as she pulled my head back with her hair and raised herself up, before plunging her cock down. I screamed with a mouthful of cock as she forced herself into my throat and fucked it raw. Tears were steaming down my face and I struggled to take in air but my mother just looked down at me with lust in her eyes as I felt her cock pulse in my mouth. My mom pulled out suddenly and I inhaled wonderful air. I coughed as she pulled me up by the arm and shoved me.

"Let's go to bed baby." She said.

I stumbled toward her room but she made it even harder. She shoved me onto the floor. "Crawl bitch!" And I did, I crawled to the bedroom with her slapping my ass along the way.

When we got there she pushed me on my back and slid over my body, she was between my legs, which began shaking, much as they had when I was with Jennifer the first time.

"Awww, such a sweet nervous little virgin." My mother laughed. She leaned over me and reached under the pillow next to my head, her hand came out with a jar of KY. 'She is really gonna do it!' I thought, 'She isn't messing around! I'm about to be ass fucked by a tranny!' I closed my eyes and tried to shut out what was happening.

"Look at it." My mother's voice said quietly. "Look at the fucking cock that is about to fuck you."

I opened my eyes and saw her stroking herself, lube dripping from her fingers. She took a deep breath, her tits heaving as her hooked my legs under her arms. She was so soft... but so strong. She gripped me firmly and pushed my knees up, presenting my virgin asshole for her inspection.

"What a cute little pussy you have! It looks delicious between your fat ass cheeks. That tiny cock of yours is precious looking bouncing around all hard too!" Then I felt it, her cockhead on my anus.

"Mom," I pleaded. "I'm sorry! I've learned my lesson, please stop."

"Oh baby you make me think you don't want a good fucking. Why are you such a tease? I guess you just get off on taking it rough, huh?" With that she started pushing forward, the head of her cock working against the muscles in my ass.

I begged up to the last second for mercy, "MOM! NO! God stop please it hurts! NO!"

Her cock tore into my virgin asshole and it sank what felt like a foot into me. But that was just the sudden pain tricking me; it was only about two inches I quickly realized as my mom's hips moved forward, pushing more and more of her rod into my violated body. She couldn't get all the way down with one push it seemed, and she pulled back until just the tip was in. I sobbed as she resumed her forward march, conquering my tight ass. In and out she went, hitting deeper spots each thrust until I felt her balls slapping my butt cheeks.

"It hurts, Mom it hurts..." I broke down, the pain destroyed my will to maintain my distance from what was happening, suddenly I felt like a frightened small child, and I needed my mommy. I reached for her, arms outstretched and she smiled sweetly, pulling me to her chest. We lay in what I guess is the missionary position, I'm not sure if they call it that when it's gay sex, but whatever. I cried in her arms and she whispered in my ear, but she didn't stop. She held me to her breast as she fucked me, a slow steady rhythm as my legs trembled and my ass ached.

It got even worse when the pleasure started. When I got hard from having my nipples played with that was one thing, it made sense. But now, as my dick rose to life against my mother's belly I thought, 'No, no, no, what the fuck? I can't like getting it in the ass, I'm no fag!'

I whimpered into my mom's tits and she stroked my hair soothingly as my tears turned to gasp. Pleasure was radiating from inside my rectum up through my cock and balls. With each thrust my ass glowed and my cock pulsed.

"You like it in the ass don't you baby?" She whispered in my ear.

"N-no..." I lied.

"Like mother like daughter." She chuckled.

I beat my fist weakly on her back as she pumped into me. "Your ass is so tight baby!" she moaned.

"You sick bitch... damn you..." I held her tight against me, feeling the need to cum overwhelming my sense, disgusting me, driving me wild. My head was spinning and suddenly I was making horrible embarrassing sounds like a girl getting fucked. My mother laughed at me, and I came. My dick twitched and sprayed onto our bellies and chest, the cum rubbed between us as my mom quickened her pace.

"I didn't even touch you and you spurted! You came from being FUCKED. Who is the fag now huh?"

I stayed silent recovering my breath, wanting to deny her words, but it was like she said, I came from her fucking me, like a girl.

"Oh my sweet little girl, where do you want me to cum?" She asked.

"What?" I responded, suddenly ashamed again. My horniness vanished after I came, and I was horrified at my own reactions.

"Tell momma where you want this cum babe? Your throat, I vote your throat."

"NO!" I screamed, I couldn't drink cum, I just couldn't!

"Well then ask me to cum somewhere and I will."

"Ugh, mom, ugh... my ass, just shoot it in my ass."

"My little bitch wants my seed in her ass?" My mother teased.

I needed her to cum so this could end. "YES! CUM IN MY ASS! JUST CUM PLEASE!"

My mother grunted and fucked me hard, and I felt it, god I felt it happen but I didn't want to. Her cock pulsed and she shook, burying herself deep and emptying her balls inside me.

Afterwards she rolled off me and I curled into a ball. She got up and went to the shower, I lay there listening to the water and thinking about what had just happened. What could I do? What would she do now? 'We could go on like this didn't happen,' I thought. I had freaked out and then so had she. It happens, people get in domestic squabbles. I'll apologize, and then she will... tomorrow when it's daylight and all this seems crazy.

After she got out she told me to get in, which I wanted to badly. I had cum in my ass and on my chest, and my face smelled like her balls. I scrubbed hard. When I came out I walked toward the door and she grabbed my hand.

"Sleep with me." She said.

'What the fuck,' I thought, 'Maybe she just wants to hold me and reassure me now.' She was probably feeling as ashamed as I was now that she had cum. I lay in the bed and she pulled me to her chest, pushing her breast to my face and rubbing the back of my head.

"Is my little girl okay?" She asked.

"You raped me mom." I replied.

"You needed a good fucking to set you straight. Ha, straight."

You remember how I said I was doing okay? Well that was a lie. I stayed silent and we fell asleep. Little did I know this was just the beginning. Excuse me, I need a minute.


Listen your cool with me but don't tell anybody about last night if you wanna keep hearing this story, that shit isn't something I want spread around. Anyway this is where I'm at now: My mother was up before me the next morning. She was finishing breakfast when I sat down at the table and noticed the soreness in my ass was still there.

"Good morning, dear." She said.

I figured I'd play it cool, just relax and go about things normally. Maybe we would handle it but sweeping it under the rug.

"Morning Mom." I replied.

She sat a plate of breakfast in front of me; bacon, eggs, and a pancake. She looked cheerful and ate while brushing her long hair. Mine was a mess, I had to brush as well, but first I ate. My mom finished her breakfast first and said,

"Here I'll do you."

She stood behind me and brushed at my hair while I ate, something she used to do a lot when I was little. "Such pretty hair." She said.

"I'm gonna go call Jennifer." I said, standing.

"Oh I've already been texting her baby, she knows you are gonna be busy today."

"What? With my phone or yours, what did you say?" I hoped she hadn't told her anything about what had happened.

"Your phone of course! If I told her she would just bother you to repeat it to her."

"What exactly am I gonna be busy with?" I said in a worried voice.

"We are having a mother daughter bonding day! It's time you learned more about me don't you think? You should come with me when I go out tonight; you realize I go out on the gay scene right?"

I was bothered that she called me daughter again, but I figured a cruel jape was nothing if she wanted to make amends, and while I was worried about hanging around her in whatever weird environment she lived in that she wanted to teach me about (what the fuck does the gay scene mean anyway) we would probably have to spend some time together to get fully over the shock of what she was and what she had done to me.

"Okay, but I'm a boy Mom, not a girl."

"Well honey of course you are... that said it might be best for you to get dressed up as a girl."

"What? How the fuck would that be best?" I asked.

"Well if you go out to a gay club dress normal people will think your gay and come onto you, or somebody you know might recognize you."

The last part swayed me; I didn't want anyone I knew to see me going to a gay club. I also thought that if I looked feminine enough some drunken lesbians might come onto me. Plus dressing up like mom might make her think that I was at peace with her being a tranny, although I still wasn't. It isn't so easy to find out your mother has a cock.

"Okay Mom, but no queer stuff."

"Of course baby." She said and kissed me on the cheek, which she always did but it was a little gay now that I knew the truth about her... I'll let it slide.

She took me up to her room and told me to undress. I wasn't entirely comfortable but I figured if she was gonna dress me up I had to. I was reminded of her calling me a "puny dicked bitch" the night before. Which did she really think, I wondered, her reassuring words from breakfast or the insults after dinner?

She looked me up and down, "Well first we have to get rid of this fuzz."

She took me into the shower and had me get in, after a few minutes she pulled me out and dried me off, then started rubbing some foul smelling cream around my body.

"What is this shit?" I asked.

"It's hair remover." She answered.

"Mom I don't want to be, like, uh, that!"

"Are you sure baby? You know girls love smooth guys." She said smiling.

"Really?" I was suspicious.

"Haven't you seen those body builders? How often do you think they get laid? Did you notice that they are mostly clean shaved all over their body?"

I nodded, that made sense. You never saw hairy ass dudes modeling or anything did you?

She got a buzzer and buzzed off my pubic hair too. By the time I complained it was too late, half was gone and she might as well finish. I tried not to get hard when she rubbed shaving cream on my ass and crotch and the razor slid so close to my sore ass hole. When she shaved my balls though that was hopeless. I was hard and my mom's face was inches from my dick.

'If she tries anything I'm gonna fight.' I thought.

But she didn't, she just shaved my crotch and then my armpits and after that grabbed a towel which she rubbed over my body. The hair just pulled right off with no fuss or discomfort. That cream was pretty amazing stuff actually. As for facial hair well, I haven't got much yet, it's mostly like peach fuzz, but maybe I'm a late bloomer in that department, some people don't really need to shave much until their college years... She let me shave my own face though to get it perfect.
I got back in the shower to rinse off and then we started trying on clothes. My mom pulled out some gel boobs and had me put on a bra.

"I wore these before I got implants." She said with a smile.

That was a little weird but they puffed out my bra and I shook my chest at the mirror, fascinated by the idea of having tits on me. Fortunately (I guess) my mom was roughly my size. When we started putting on panties I couldn't help but think about the fact that these had had my mom's dick in them. We went through a variety of outfits, my mom continuously trying to put less clothing on me while I tried to put on more modest attire. In the end it was somewhat of a compromise, I showed a lot of leg in the dress but at least it wasn't like many tops she had that showed her whole stomach, though mine would actually be slim enough to pull it off.

"You know what I have always wanted to do?" She asked me.

"Ah, no." I replied.

"I've always wanted to give my little girl pig tails, is that okay?"

Well that was more gay then okay but at least she was nice about it, so I sat next to her on the bed while she did my hair into pigtails, and explained how I could do it myself later, if I wanted to.

After that we stopped and ate sandwiches, she made them while I sat and read some girl magazine she gave me. I doubt this magazine was very representative of all women though, unless they are secretly far more obsessed with sex then men and have fooled society into thinking otherwise.

After that she put make up on me, fortunately not gaudy amounts and bright coolers like I knew she went out in sometimes but soft pink colors. I looked worriedly at my painted fingers.

"Doesn't this stuff take a while to come off?" I asked.

"Well that's what nail polish remover is for silly!"

I didn't even know about nail polish remover. I had a lot to learn about dressing as a woman.

"Beautiful!" My mother pronounced as she turned me around in my heels. "Your one of the best looking trannies I've seen without any surgery or hormones. That bubble butt of yours really helps."

"I'm not a tranny Mom." I sighed.

"Oh course honey, cross-dresser I should have said."

'I'm not a cross-dresser.' I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror. 'That's a guy in the mirror, that's me. I am a man.' Would other people know? I doubted they would know in the dark of a club or if they were drunk. What if guys made a pass at me when we went out?

'Oh yeah,' I realized, 'They are gonna be gay.' I needed to look as fem as possible.

"Try and speak in a girly voice." My mom said.

"How... no... How do you do Sir?" I said. My mom laughed.

"You sound like you're British."

"Yes mum. Mummy. Muuuum. I feel pretty. I like Roses." I practiced slightly different voices while my mom made a phone call. I sat in front of the mirror and actually had some fun making different faces and saying silly things until my mom got back.

David came over at around five and he had a friend with him, somebody I have never met before. 'What the fuck?' I wondered. Now some random dude is going to see me all dressed up like this. With David it was cool because I knew he wouldn't mess with me over it.

But then, I guess David is gay. I kept forgetting and being shocked by the truth about my mom. It was like my mind wanted to slip back to the old reality. Mom is dad was an idea that I had trouble accepting.

David was totally unsurprised to see me dressed up; I guess my mom told him on the phone. "So what's your girl name?" He asked.


"I thought all trannies had girl names. Let me guess, Danielle? That fits easily enough right, or did you get creative?"

There was a guy at my school who made fun of my ass by calling me Danielle and saying I had a fine rear so Danielle didn't really appeal to me, but I guessed it didn't matter. "Danielle works but I hadn't thought about it, this was kinda sudden."

"So you found out Rachel was a t-girl last night huh? Man you took it well. When my dad found out my first girlfriend was really my best friend in girl's clothes he flipped the fuck out. He was all like 'No queers in this house' you know?"

I guess mom gave him a white washed version of last night. He thought I was immediately supportive of her and then wanted to go out with her on the town in drag. This made me think about what exactly the fuck I was doing right now. Honestly I didn't know, I was just doing what my mom said, hoping we'd resume a loving relationship again. I love my mom, I really do. I was still pissed though, about the lies more than the rape, maybe I had that coming, I had hit her and berated her so... I don't know.

My head hurts rom this shit! No one should have to deal with this bullshit!

David introduced his friend, Dicky.

"Is that your real name?" I asked in my British girl voice.

"That's what everyone asks," He said, "And it is. It's my last name and sort of my nick name too."

Dicky had dark skin and short cut hair, I guessed he was mixed black/white but he could have been African American with very light skin. Heck he could have been Indian I'm not good at such things, he had no accent though his voice was slightly raspy. He was actually very skinny, I wondered if he ever dressed as a girl, he could probably bull it off, but his arms suggested that his body was tight and muscle, just without bulk. Maybe that's how some trannies are though.

I needed to research this stuff, I realized, but there was no time before tonight to get away and do so. My mom came out with drinks, including one for me. I can barely stand the taste of alcohol, but these were fruity bitch drinks so I could stomach it. My mom had never had qualms about me drinking and I had never abused her trust, mostly because I can't stand beer.

We were sitting on the couch drinking and talking, and I learned that Dickey and David had met in the army, at eight we left the house and went to Chili's for dinner. If the waitress noticed anything strange about us she didn't show it, but I was very nervous out in public. I realized that this dress, it certain positions, could potentially show very closed to my panties, I kept a hand on my thigh as if to keep a gust of air from blowing up my skirt and showing my panty covered dick to the world.

The main thing that bothered me though was that Dickey drove me while mom drove with David. Then Dickey sat next to me at the restaurant, and as we left for the club I started to wonder what the deal was. Dickey seemed like a cool dude but, well, here I was in woman's clothes riding alone with a stranger, who I had strong reason to suspect was a homo. Was this guy my date? Maybe mom figured he would keep other people off me and maybe she knew him and that he wouldn't try any funny business on me.

I was really incredible squeamish as we entered Club Triangle (what a gay fucking name I mean come on) and I saw men dancing with men all around me, as well as women rubbing up on other women... or were they guys too? The lyrics to some band I didn't know sure didn't help much as they sang,

"Cause your filthy Oooh, and I'm gorgeous! Your disgusting Oooh, and you're nasty, and you can grab me oooh, cause you're nasty!"

The club was actually very nice though. My mom took my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. "I have to teach her how to dance guys." She told David and Dickey.

I didn't dance in my normal life! Now my mom was dragging me out into the middle of a gay bar in drag to dance? This was fucking embarrassing. At first I just stood there while she danced.

"Come on!" She shouted, shaking her hips.

"I don't know how to dance!" I replied.

"Don't be silly! Only guys have to know how to dance. We girls can do anything and guys think it's dancing so long as our ass is moving."

Well that didn't encourage me much. Shaking my ass for all these dudes to stare at wasn't appealing, but I was in disguise wasn't I? I shook my body some and tried to loosen up. Maybe I could practice and take Jen out. She would be surprised if I could dance. The heels made it harder, high heels are an awful concept entirely.

I actually got into it then and was shaking my ass against my mom some when I noticed Dickey and David cheering us on. That was embarrassing. I tried not to rub up on my mom after that, although that would have been preferable to what happened next.

I felt Dickey's hands on my hips and suddenly he was dancing behind me. He wasn't touching me too aggressively, but enough to make me nervous. My mom was dancing with David right in front of me. After we danced for a while we fortunately went over to some pool tables and my mom decided we would play a team game of pool, me and her versus David and Dickey.

Well I sucked at pool and couldn't get a single ball in, my mom on the other hand destroyed every time she shot and managed to beat David and Dickey despite the handicap of me being on her team. The only unpleasant part of that was when she would lean over and stick her ass out. Every guy nearby checked out the panty shot. When I leaned over the table to shoot in the same way I could feel their eyes on me, happily I don't think my junk showed in my longer dress.

Dickey brought me some drinks and I nervously drank (being 18 and all). But what could they do other then throw me out anyway? Actually that would have been fine by me; I drank with ease after that realization. On the way home I could feel the world slightly off tilt, I was on a boat but the sea was clam. The alcohol eased my tension around Dickey some, he touched my hand and I didn't say anything. He moved it.

'Do wha?' I internally mumbled, and squeezed with my fingers. What was that? I rubbed around. It was dark and I was somewhat intoxicated so for a moment I didn't get where my hand was. There was something soft under it, I pawed around, it was soft but there was a lump. It was a bag or something; maybe he wanted me to get him something out while he drove.

I felt about for a button or clasp, found a zipper and pulled down, reaching inside. It was warm, and furry, like there was a fur blanket in there; I wrapped my fingers around something and pulled it out. It was stuck and I tugged it some but it didn't come out.

"Waz dis?" My fem voice was slurred; the liquor was sneaking up on me.

I squeezed it and ran my fingers up its length until I felt the bulbous head, then it clicked and I pulled my hand away.

"Eh, thas no nice..." I hiccupped. Those were bitch drinks weren't they? How much alcohol had I had?

"Hey babe I just put your hand on my lap!" Dickey laughed. "It's okay relax."

I did that to myself I guessed. "Ohhh, is okay."

We got home and I fell out the car door. Dickey came around the side and said, "You need some help Danielle?"

"Not drunk!" I said, "I walk fine." When I lay there unmoving her picked me up and carried me inside. He was skinny but strong.

"You strong..." I muttered.

He took me up to my mom's room and laid me on her bed, I guess he didn't know where my room was.

"Do you want something to drink?" he asked.

"Yes, you a gentmen you are go. Go bring drink." Some water would be good, or soda.

In a few minutes he put a glass in my hand and I started gulping it down. It was like a slushy or something. Wait no...

"Dis not wata." I said.

"Haha, no you didn't say water, sorry. It's your mom's strawberry daiquiri. Are you doing okay?"

Ugh, alcohol. That wasn't good. "Oh I fine! Just loss my balance." I hiccupped.

My mom lay in the bed next to me, David was on top of her and they were making out.

"Get a room lease!" I said, falling back onto the pillow. I didn't remember my mom having a ceiling fan.

Dickey was taking off my heels. That was good, they hurt like the devil, and then his fingers rubbed my feet.

I sighed, "You gentaman..." I told him.

I wondered how many calories all these fruit drinks were. 'They are gonna go straight to my ass.' I thought. I had never been this drunk before. In my head I felt fine, I didn't feel inhibited, but it was like my thoughts weren't getting to my body right. Dickey's hands were messaging my legs, that was nice of him, but gay, so I tried to tell him to stop. I succeeded in making a girlish mumbling but the words were just noise.

"Oh, David!"

I looked over at my mom, her top was hiked up and David had one of her nipples in his mouth. That was good, I thought, he could keep her off me. He was pulling down his pants; it looked like he might be in too much of a hurry to undress. That was good too, I didn't want to see him fucking her naked.

Wait... "Sow don." I said. I needed to think, this was off.

"Of course, just relax." Dickey said.

'I wasn't talking to you.' I thought.

I felt a breeze on my balls and shivered. Someone sucked on my inner thigh. I looked down and saw Dickey naked. I had been right, he was muscular but skinny, like spider man. I saw him licking up toward my dick.

'Stop.' I thought, "Top." I said.

Dickey nodded, like he understood, but he just kept on. He was licking my balls then and I gasped. I felt my mom squeeze my hand and looked at her. She had a big grin on her face and was being shafted by David.

"Fuck my little girl good Dickey!" She yelled.

Dickey had a bottle of lube in his hand and pushed it against my asshole.

'Stop.' I thought. "Pop." I said.

I trembled as cold fluid squirted into my rectum. This was fucked up, I needed to get the message across, and this guy was dense!

Dickey was moving up my body, kissing my stomach. I had to do something, but my arms only failed around like somebody had inverted the controller and my mom held my right hand tightly.

'I'm not gay, I like girls.' I thought. "I ike gahs." I said.

Dickey laughed at me. "God you're so drunk." His hands were rubbing up and down my bare chest. When did he get me naked? Had I just blacked out for a second? I didn't know, maybe he took it off while I was thinking about something else.

"Hot drunk." I said. Somehow I couldn't believe I was this far gone. If I could just collect myself, but I had never been drunk like this.

Then I felt his dick at the entrance to my pussy, ass I mean, I'm a guy...

"Uggh!" I grunted as he pushed forward.

"Hurt." I breathed.

"Shhh." Dickey shh'd me.

"Uh... uh... wha... ah..." I clinched my mother's hand tighter as I was penetrated. I couldn't see his member but it felt large, bigger then my mom.

A bizarre thought popped into my head. 'I'm small, my mom's average, this guy is big... it's a circle... what about David?'

'You don't care about David's cock!' I yelled at myself in my head.

"Your ass feels so good Danielle." Dickey said in my ear.

"Hanks." I said drunkenly. "But I a gah. Uhhh, not gah. Top fuck my." I was shaking under him, this horribly shaking just seemed to take over when I was nervous and sexually excited.

'Oh shit,' I realized, 'I'm excited.' Just like with my mom my dick was hard on Dickey's stomach as he rode my ass. I could feel his pubic hair tickling my balls and it was not unpleasant, physically. Emotionally it was awful, I suddenly understood why they say drunk people can't give consent. I was fucking out of it, only present enough in my body to watch horrified at my date rape, but I couldn't act to stop it.

Dickey moved me around, I gave up resisting, I tried to go somewhere in my head to wait this out. I was flat on my stomach and my legs were spread, my mom had my left hand now, and her other hand was pumping David's dick with the head in her mouth, but her eyes were on me.

Dickey entered me again and it thankfully wasn't very painful. My ass was lubed and warmed up for him, and he pressed himself to my puffy rump as he fucked me.

"Your ass is beautiful." He complimented me.

If my mom saw my horrified expression she didn't acknowledge it, she just kept blowing David's dick. Dickey was touching something in me that got my dick really hard, this position felt better than the other ones even. I realized if he lasted long enough I would cum again, cum from getting fucked by a guy. But what's it matter, I was already fucked. I started to have some of the same thoughts I had last night, that when this was over I'd just pretend it didn't happen, ugh but thinking was getting harder, I'd think later.

I heard myself moaning but didn't care anymore, this was going to happen, had already happened.

"Gaw... tha... hot..." I didn't even know what I was saying, I started grinding my ass back into Dickey as he humped my fat ass. The grinding rubbed my dick on the sheets too, that felt nice. "Iz ice..." I humped back harder.

"Tell him where you want his load!" My mom shouted at me. I saw she was jerking David's dick hard with both hands, it was big, so the circle was top heavy... it was clear where she wanted David's cum before she said it.

"Cum on my face David!"

I didn't want Dickey cumming on my face! Something about not getting it in my mouth was important. That consideration was forgotten however as I felt an orgasm building.

"I'm gonna cum!" Dickey panted.

"Put it in her mouth!" My mom suggested.

No... not that! "Ugh... ass, cum Dick..." I pleaded. It was too soft, he didn't hear. Dickey pulled ou and pushed me onto my back. No fucking way he was going to...

He did, he shoved his dirty cock into my mouth and I choked, with a few thrust he was deep and both his hands held my head as he fucked my face. I was surprised though, his dick didn't taste too soiled it was just salty and... what? What the fuck am I thinking? I felt fingers on my cock, my mother's I thought, jerking me.

Dickey moaned and a shot of jizz hit the back of my throat. I shut my eyes and tried to shake my head but dickey held me in a death grip and another shot coated my tongue and then another. I gagged as he pushed deep and his cock pulsed a few more times, feeding me his seed. My lips were tight around his tool and I had no choice as cum slid towards my tonsils I had to swallow or choke on it. The big wad of cum went down my gullet. He pulled out and I coughed.

I heard my mom cheering as she pumped my dick with her hand. "That was so hot you did great Danielle."

She slide over me as Dickey sat back, recovering. Her lips touched mine and I tasted David's cum on her tongue as she probed for Dickey's from mine. Her head pulled back and lowered to my cock, I inhaled sharply when she took me in her mouth and sucked hard. It was no time before I squeaked and erupted in my mom's mouth.

She brought her head up to mine and forced her tongue back into my mouth, it was covered with my spunk, she hadn't swallowed a drop. I was helpless as she force fed me my cum, She wasn't drunk at all and I couldn't move my head when she pulled on my hair and held me there. I surrendered and drank my own cum.

She pulled back after giving me a loving peck on each cheek and I lay down, mentally and physically exhausted. Dickey came over and hugged me, sleep came blessedly quick.

Dickey and David were gone long before I got up, as was my mom, there was a note on the kitchen table.

"What the fuck?" I said, rubbing my throbbing head. There was a picture of me with Dickey's cock in my mouth; my mom's hand was jerking my dick, though you couldn't tell it was her in the picture. My eyes were staring up at Dickey. David must have taken it. The note said,

"Had a great time last night! Got some souvenirs from your mom, don't worry I know your closeted nobody is gonna find out from me!" It was signed Dickey.

I didn't fully recall the specifics of the night before, you probably know more than me if you were listening in. I know I got too drunk and got tapped like a slut by a friend of my mom's. I knew this picture made it look consensual, and they probably had more, it would be my word versus the three of theirs if I said otherwise.
Not that I would, I mean if my mom went to prison I'd be on the street and that would be bad. Plus my mom hadn't really done anything, I figured. It was Dickey's fault for fucking me when I was clearly too drunk my mom probably thought I was willingly involving myself, I doubt she intended for the night to end like that. She was probably a bit tipsy as well.

And if Jennifer found out, the potential for humiliation was limitless. I called Jen up and we talked. She wanted to see me and I was glad to tell her I was free, I left to pick her up (After a bath of course, during which I soaped up my ass really good) and we came back to my wonderfully empty house.

"This is great! Your mom works in the day and you oh, sorry, I guess it isn't great that you don't have a father hah, sorry you know."

I smiled, "If you were going where I think you were going with that then your forgiven."

"Oh did you think I was gonna say it was great cause you could fuck me all day?" Jen chewed on one of her fingers and looked me up and down.

"Yeah, that is exactly what I was thinking."

"Ohhhhh, you think I'm some cock hungry slut that just wants to fuck you constantly now that I let you get in my pants huh?"

"Yeah, seems that way."

"What?" She looked at me with a fake hurt expression, "You're not supposed to agree you jackass! I'm a lady!"

"Sorry my lady, I'm new to this actually."

"Oh yea?" She asked. "Was that... your first time the other day?"

I nodded.

"Ohhh, and you didn't tell me! That is sweet I popped your little cherry." She hugged me to her.

"I, ah, don't have a cherry." I said. I really don't want to think about what that brought to mind.

"Oh yes you do! I popped it, don't steal my thunder." She rubbed her tits against my chest and stared into my eyes, licking her lips. "We fuck first, and then we go out and have more fun, and come back here and fuck more, sound good?" She asked.

That sounded pretty good I can't lie.

She stripped fast in front of me and I went down to my briefs. She stood at me with a questioning look.

"What?" I asked.

"Get naked!" She shouted. "I ain't pulling down those boxers with my teeth EVERY time we do it."

"Oh yeah." I said, I had just left them cause I felt better with them on, honestly I might prefer to fuck her with them on...

As we made out I was rubbing her ass cheeks and thought about all the ass fucking I had experienced. Dickey had acted like it was great; I wondered how it felt, maybe...

I slid a finger between her rear cheeks and she moaned approvingly. She was gonna let me! I played with her asshole while I sucked on her tongue, after a minute she pulled back.

"You wanna fuck my ass?" She asked.

"Oh yeah!" I exclaimed.

She grabbed a pillow and held it close, "Get back there then!"

I moved behind her and admired her fantastic butt. I moved forward and rubbed my dick on her buttcheeks. I put my dick between them and squeezed her cheeks together on it. She giggled, "Be naughty..." She purred.

But when I started to push against her sphincter she huffed and shot a killer look back at me. Oops, Of course I was dry. I spat on my hand and rubbed it around my dick. Then I tried again.

"Hold up there lover!" She said, stopping me. "If you're gonna fuck a girl in a hole you have to show her your appreciation for that hole."

That didn't make sense to me, appreciation?

When I stared at her confused she said, "You've got to eat it dummy, hah, you were a virgin. It's okay go ahead and worship my asshole."

She wanted me to lick her asshole? That was worse than fucking cum! I kissed her pussy from behind and she moaned. While I stared at her asshole and licked her vulva I thought about whether it was worth it. Once her pussy was good and wet I decided to say fuck that. I didn't need to be humiliated when I was with her too; I got that from my mom apparently.

"Well I guess you're just not ready for that, maybe later." She sighed as I pushed into her. I was feeling a little nervous as I slowly moved in and out of her. My legs quivered. Was she liking it? If not she put on a show for me and it was believable. She didn't thrash about and scream like it was fake but she purred and pushed back, glancing over her shoulder and smiling. She trembled and hung her head after a few minutes.

"That's good, you're so sweet."

I realized when I was close to cumming that I didn't have a condom on, she hadn't even said anything about it. I guess I had to take responsibility, so when I was close I pulled out and, just as Dickey had done I moved up her body and pressed my dick against her mouth.

She swallowed my stiff prick and looked up at me for about five strokes, as I grunted and my balls tightened she pulled off, jerking my dick with her hand. I came onto her chest.

I lay on the bed next to her and she kissed me. I didn't want to bug her, but I remembered her letting me cum in her mouth with no problem the first time.

"How come you pulled it out?" I asked as she wiped it off with a rag.

"Would you kiss me after I did?" She pressed against me and stoked my chest.

"No, that's gross babe."

"Well, if you don't want your cum in your mouth why should I?" She looked into my eyes.

"Well, it doesn't bother you!"

"Huh, maybe." She smiled devilishly.

I'm not some chump, I could see what this was. She was trying to pressure me into stuff, the cum, the ass licking. What else would she try to make me do? I'm a man damn it! But then again, it's better to have a girl who is dirtier than you are maybe.

The day went pleasantly though, my mom gave no indication that anything was amiss when she briefly spoke with Jen. I was beginning to realize that my mom had two sides, the sweet respectable lady, and the wanton tranny slut. It was like some bizarre version of The Hulk.

Or should I say Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde.

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