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A Revenge Fuck

It had been a long day. I had fought the traffic after a miserable week to get home early and surprise my wife for what was to be a romantic weekend. But as I pulled up to the house my heart sank. I saw a bright red motorcycle in the drive way and something inside told me, "This isn't right!" So, mindfully discreet, I snuck into my own house. Slowly closing the front door as quiet as I could.

Above, from the bedroom I heard a thump and another thump. Moans escaped them as I ascended the stairs and full words when I reached the second floor hall.

"Fuck me!" my wife cried out. I could hear the bed rocking and thumping against the bed. "Hurry fuck me yeah-yeah-yeah-harder ugh!" her voice was rushed, panicked, exasperated, filled with animal lust. I crept down the hall, my heart racing. I didn't believe it, I couldn't- how could she?

(Thump! Thump! Thump!) The bed beat against the wall. (Slap! Slap! Slap!) Flesh pounded flesh; thigh and buttocks. (Slop! Plop! Flop!) Cock and balls stabbed into an over juiced pussy. "Oh fuck my tight white pussy yes! Yes! Yes!"

I remember thinking, "What the hell? What's the big deal about her being white?" and then I heard the man's voice. A deep black accent, "Oh hell yeah bitch, take that fucking rod, you like it huh?" and the sound of him slapping her ass with his hand.

"Yeah! Yeah! cum in me baby!" she cried back.

The bed pounded into the wall with more frequent force as they picked up their pace. My feet carried me, without thought until I stood, amazed at the door way to our bedroom. A year ago I had bought my wife a "diamonds are forever" necklace that grew in the size of carrots as a sign of our ever growing love. It swayed back and forth between her sweaty breasts, which lumbered from side to side as some Black guy humped her doggy style on our bed. His black hands pulled on her soft white skin, yanking the Victoria Secret underwear she had bought last month, supposedly for me this weekend, to the side as he rammed himself into her from the back.

They were fucking like animals, a frenzy of raw passion. She arched back, and he forward, never skipping a beat from pounding into her, and they kissed. She pulled his nappy head up to hers with the hand that carried our wedding band, and the two tongue kissed as he fucked her. The sloppy sounds of their love making filled my ears.

My life was over, it would never be the same.

"Cum for me baby, cum in me, fuck me yeah!" she gasped.

He grunted and complied, shoving himself deep into her and crying out: "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! take it all you white fucking whore!"

She whimpered as he grunted, she groaned as he moaned, and the bodies slowed down, tightly pressed together.

By then, my two hands were affixed at the end of the bed, holding on to the railing, just watching.

When Lora turned around to suck him clean, as she used to do with me, she saw me and screamed. The man jumped back. Fortunately for me, he was as shocked to find me there as I had been and still was to find him.

"Mother suckers!" he grabbed his pants off the floor as he fell off the bed to the other side.

"No don't hurt him, he's crazy Jerome!" My wife's voice was a shrill. I wasn't sure if she was worried that he would beat the hell out of me- for that's what I was afraid of, or that I would go postal on them both. But either way, the man ran out of the house before I could gather my wits about me.

Then... oh yes... the accusations started: "It's your fault, you never have time for me! All you do is work, work, work! I need love and tenderness and attention!"

"What are you a fucking pet?" I responded poorly to her accusations. People don't just happen to commit adultery: "Things like this don't come about by accident. He didn't just pull up to this house, knock on the door and fall into a fuck FEST. It wasn't like you said, "Do you want some water? Oh look at me I slipped on the floor and fell into this sexy underwear!" I was exasperated: "And then he was like 'Oh let me help you up miss' and tripped into your pussy!" I gave her a pissed off, disgusted look: "You were going suck his dick clean at the end too- FUCKING WHORE!"

"Name calling... that's going to solve it, sure." she waved me off and slammed the bedroom door on me. She said we would talk when I cooled off. But that wasn't likely to happen. I moved out and a month later we were amicable divorced. I gave up the house, which turned out to be a curse for her as the mortgage payments forced her to sell it. That, I counted as my revenge. There were a few times when I drove by, that I did see that same motorcycle there and I knew what they were doing, but as painful as it was- I had to let it go.

I moved on.

To Sharon, oh she was a beauty! Not the pretty face that my ex had, but a knock out body and she aimed to please- always. She knew I had come from a traumatic situation and when we were first together she was all tender and romantic with candles and music, a message relaxing oils and the works. Then as our relationship became more and more involved, her nature for a randy spanking came out and truly I obliged her. She was a vicious, vicarious fuck. Though I tried not to, I did, completely fall head over heels for her. She would pick me up at work for a lunch romp in the parking lot. There in the parking garage, with people walking by, she would give me a blow job. She was amazing! Being with her, was being alive.

Eventually I moved in with her. I knew that she had many other men before me, but that she said was her previous life just as mine before was to me: "And this is our new beginning." she'd say.

However, after about two months of living together I noticed a slight change in her ways, something subtly I was already aware of. My stomach turned at the notion. I decided to cut work one day and swing by, sure enough, there was the same red motorcycle!

"What the hell!" She jumped off of the Black man that she was grinding on the couch as I nonchalantly opened the door and walked in.

"Sorry... don't mean to disturb you." I walked passed briskly to the bedroom and grabbed what few things I could remember were mine.

When I came down the stairs the man was hopping on one leg putting his pants on and looked at me quizzically. "Do I know you?"

Sharon just sat on the couch smoking a cigaret, half naked. "Is this how it's going to be?" she asked.

I shrugged, "A million fucking whore's in this city man, why do you keep digging in my yard?" I shook my head and left to the sound of him cussing me out as I went.

So there I was, alone, pissed off, dejected. Not once had I been screwed around on, but twice and with the same mother suckers! I shook my head and ordered another drink, slouched over the bar.

"Here you go!" the bartender slid the long island ice tea under my nose and removed the empty glass. I maneuvered my mouth for the straw and began to drain the sweet nectar.

"Buy you a drink?" a black haired buxom Latino woman slid next to me on the bar. She put her purse to her front as she scooted in on the stool.

"Cant you see?" I stopped sucking on the straw, "I already have one." her sweet perfume filled my nostrils and I took a peek at her over my shoulder before getting back to the business of finishing my drink. She was really, really cut. Her low cut shirt exposed her ample breasts and her big firm round ass made good use of her tight short, short skirt. Her long black hair was parted down the middle and hung past her shoulders. She leaned in on me.

"Then buy me a drink."

"It is against my better judgement." I replied soberly: "I think you are a fast woman and you'll just break my heart."

"You are dead wrong." she grinned, "About one thing." she held up a singular finger to me. Her long well manicured nails with a painted design and a stone encrusted in it caught my eye.

"One thing?"

She nodded and took her finger into her mouth. Her soft full lips sucked her finger tip slowly, pulling her finger out. She wet line across my cheek, "I am so thirsty!" she said.

"Bar tender! get the lady a drink would you?"

"That's no lady!" the bar tender came back with two more long islands for us, and removed my empty one. "She's my mudda!" he smiled brandishing a gold tooth.

I took a double look, "No she's not!" there was no way she was old enough to be his mother. My words were only slightly slurred but my vision was still good.

They both laughed and I realized that I was the butt of the joke, "That's cool." I said finding the straw again, "I can deal with that."

She put an arm around me, "You poor thing!"

I checked my wallet, it was still thick with cash: "Not poor yet..." I mumbled stuffing it back into my pants.

"What you think I'm a pick pocket?"

"Why else would a hot chick like you be near me in this bar?"

"Ok Mr. Smart Guy... if I was going to take your wallet..." she raised her hands over her head so that I could see her whole firm, voluptuous body, "Where would I hide it?"

I nodded, "You have a point, but I bet you I could find a spot."

She laughed and picked up her drink, clinging her glass against mine: "There's the spirit!" she removed the straw and drank hers from the side, leaving lipstick on the edge as she put it down. "That is so good, thank you."

I moment later I staggered to the bathroom to piss and she found me there at the urinal. "What the hell are you doing in here?" I asked, using the lever to balance myself.

"Looking for you." she stepped between me and the wall and taking my head in her hands kissed me full on the lips. Our faces locked together as she groped the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I returned the effort and probed her's with mine. She pulled my body close to her and kissed me harder, and harder, breaking away to gasp that she wanted me to fuck her, right there. She sucked on my neck and stroked my back with her long nails.

Through my drunken daze, through the painful memories of before that washed over my head like a flood, I was quite aroused. My dick pulsed and jumped to life as she grinded her perfectly shaped body next to mine. Feeling my heightened mood. She slid a hand down and guided me up into her as she turned around with coy, "I want you to fuck my ass... right here will you do that?"

There was no need to ask my dick was in her hand and she guided me up to her hole which was cool and moist, obviously she had been prepared for this. The thongs were pushed aside and I slid up into her with relative ease. "You must be catholic." I slipped.

She laughed and cooed, pushing back onto my dick: "Oh yes baby fuck my ass!"

My hips cradled her back as I pressed up into her and pushed her towards the urinal. Using her hands, gripping the urinal base, she shoved herself back into me and standing like so, we fucked. Our bodies thrust back and forth, skin slapping on skin with moans and grunts.

She reached a hand back to my neck and cradled it, arching back to kiss me on the lips, "Tell me when you are about to cum baby."

"Uh" was my reply. Her ass felt so slick and smooth, yet she controlled her muscles and she gripped my dick with it like a hand, rolling my head back and forth as I shoved myself as deep as I could go up into her. "I think I am coming." I murmured.

Like lightning the hand she had at my neck, struck at the base of my dick, gripping it painfully tight. Stopping any eruption, cutting my ejaculation short from the start. "Tell me you love me!" she said.

"Owe! What the Hell? I don't even know you!" Instinctively I moved to push her away but she gripped the base tighter. My dick's head was still deep inside her ass, her hand between us and her grip between this moment and my satisfaction: "What did you say?"

"Tell me you love me."

"I love you..." I gasped, "Please let go of my dick."

She stepped off of me, then turned to face me. Without losing her grip she kissed my neck. "Say it like you mean it and I will finish you off."

"I love you baby."

She slid down and squatted before me. Taking my dick in her mouth she sucked off the head, popping it in and out of her mouth. Wet noises and slurping sounds filled my ears: "You like the way I suck your dick don't you?"

"I'd love it if you'd let go of it too..." I gasped, her grip had only tightened.

"When we go back to the bar, you are going to give me one hundred dollars in front of the bartender and then we'll go to your place."

"Anything baby, just let go of my dick."

She buried her face into me, sucking my cock deep into her throat. Then she released her grip, massaging my balls like a professional. I came, and came, and came. She swallowed it all, moaning. "You have delicious cum baby!" she said licking her fingers. Sliding her skirt back into place, she stood.

I tucked my soaking, flaccid member away, knowing it would be hurting in the morning, and zipped up: "Shall we?"

"After you." She smiled back at me.

"Ladies first." I held the door.

"I love your attitude." she stroked my cheek as she passed by.

The bartender raised a brow at us but made no comment. I took out the money she wanted and slid it to her along the bar. "Shall I call you both a cab?" the tender asked. I nodded.

"Where are we going?" she asked hoping in the cab quickly as it had begun to rain.

"I don't know... where do you live?"

"We're supposed to be going to your place, remember?" she ran a hand gently over my groin, "Or should I remind you?"

Feeling her words, I reeled: "I don't have a place, hence my boozing it up in the bar. All my things are in my car."

She stared at me for a while in the cab and then gave the driver instructions, "North forty by the fifth street bridge."

"Ah well." I leaned back, holding her hand which had been threatening my privates: "I had a good run."

"Do you think I am going to have you thrown from the pier?"

"It wouldn't be the first time."

She laughed a course barking laughter: "I like you and I don't even know your name."


She silenced me with a sudden kiss. She straddled me there in the cab. He hot liquored breath filling my mouth and the scent of her sweet perfume my senses. "I don't want to know your name... just tell me something that it rimes with."

In my present state it was a difficult task, "A rhyme?"

"A fruit or a vegetable..." she offered.

"Squash." I replied.

Shrugging she continued to kiss me.

My hands groped her thighs as she pinned me to the seat. Her breasts were heavy and hung in my face when the cab made a turn. I could tell she had implants but the work was well done, and in what little light there was I could see no scars. She grinded herself into me and unzipped my pants.

The cab swerved.

From between her kisses and her hair, the road lights and on coming traffic lights, I caught the glimpse of the cab driver, he was smiling in the mirror. "Don't make no mess back there..." he grumbled, but adjusted his mirror to get a better view of her ass.

To my surprise, I was growing erect again. She guided me up into her familiar opening. Though to be honest, in the darkness and movement of the cab I wasn't sure if it was her pussy or her ass until she constricted her ring muscle around my shaft. Maybe she was keeping herself for someone? I didn't care. The cab swerved again.

"I can't believe we're doing this." I whispered.

"Shut up and fuck me!" she sighed, nibbling on my ear.

I stroked her back and thighs as she road me there in the back seat. We both were breathing heavy, moaning and groaning as turn after turn and swerve after swerve brought us closer and closer to our mutual goal. She grunted and grinded and I pulled her hair, biting at her nipples, fucking her ass and licking her neck. Poor road conditions added sudden unexpected pleasure to our ordeal and we both came. She grimaced, my cock thrashed about up inside her. "Fuck yes! Oh O' yes..."

"You feel so good!" I said as we slithered to a halt in the backseat.

"Are you both done?" the cabby tossed back a paper towel. "Don't get nothing on my seat."

She laughed.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"You'll find out when we get to my house."

The cab dropped us off near a mild development area. The building had a coded entry after hours and a door man during the day. Her flat was on the twentieth floor with a lovely view of the harbor and all the rubbish that littered the desolate port city. "If we could open the windows, during the summer it would give you a great cause to vomit." she said bringing me a glass of water, "For tomorrow." she clicked my glass with hers and took some pills, chasing it with the water.

I downed the glass and filled it up again from the sink.

"I wouldn't." She said reentering the small kitchen area. She had gone into her bathroom and came out wearing a silk kimono. "There's bottled water in the fridge." and pouring out my glass, added: "This is the stuff movies are made of."

"No... that would be you." I said dangerously, pulling a bottle from the shelf.

She gave me cross look, "I was wondering... do you want to sleep on the couch or do you thing you could fuck me again?"

Wouldn't you know I really did try, but after an hour blow job we abandoned the idea and drifted off to sleep. I stared at the star patterned ceiling for a while, with her nestling next to me in her silk robe. Her breasts pressed against my chest. Her lips swollen from sucking cock, purred softly into my ear. "I never got you name." I said before nodding off myself.

Morning struck like a sludge hammer. My head thundered, pounded. My Eyes threatened to pop out from the pressure, it was miserable.

She had already showered and was making breakfast when I staggered from the bed. With bleary eyes I found the bathroom and there just stared at my reflection, bagging myself not to hurt.

"There's an extra toothbrush in the medicine cabinet." she said from the door.

Painfully, slowly, I ran the brush under water and brought it to my mouth. I brushed the roof of my mouth, my tongue, my teeth and rinsed as well. The horrid taste of alcohols' a bitch to remove. I rinsed the brush out and repeated the process three more times before rinsing at last with mouthwash which a drew from her medicine cabinet. Inside the cabinet, something caught my eye: 'anal lube tube' there were three of them and one was half used. I looked under the sink, under the shelf near the toilet and in her personal drawer.

"What are you doing in there?" she asked.

"Looking for a towel." I replied.

"Take your shower I will bring one in.

Accordingly I turned the shower on and stripped, stepping in. The water felt great. I lathered up and caught the hot water with my mouth, still in effort to berried the hair of the dog. It was when I was washing my hair that I realized not what I saw, but what I didn't see. No tampons, pads or anything the like. "She definitely isn't post menopausal is she?" It was possible, it was something that could happen at a young age. I considered the anal lubricants, the enema device under the sink. "She likes anal sex..." I considered: "She gives great head... knows how to work a dick..."

There was a knock at the door and she popped her head in, "Hey babe." she tossed a towel on the counter.

"Hey..." I tried to pick words to say but my head was still pounding, though the hot water was a good counter measure. It pounded the back of my head and ran down my neck, shoulders, and back.

"Have you guessed my name?" she asked stepping into the bathroom.

"No... not yet..."

I had forgotten that she hadn't told me her name yet. "The medicine!" I lathered up, "But I will."

"Breakfast is waiting when you are ready." she poked her head into the shower and planted a soft morning kiss on my lips. "Last night was incredibly fun."
"Was it?" I tried on a smile but it fit poorly: "I don't remember much."

"Then we'll have to make up for it today."

After she left I finished the shower and dried off then brushed my teeth again, leaving the water running as I searched through her medicine cabinets. "17 BETAOESTRADIOL? What the hell?" I searched the label. It was marked 'continuous refill until March of next year! I turned the water off and considered everything. It all rolled together in my head like churned butter.

Breakfast was amazing. wheat toast, turkey bacon, bananas, orange juice and coffee. "That was fantastic...."

Here eyes were on me, a half smile on her face, expectantly.

"Do you have a penis?"

She double blinked, "What?"

I shrugged. "Well, if I have offended you I am sorry- but I am used to this next part... the part where you throw me out. I tell you I am good at ruining things. It should be no surprise to you, however, you did find me in a bar- after the ruins of a previously grievous relationship. Wallowing in self pity and loathing as I so often do."

Her laughter was loud, course and bark like: "You are the funniest guy I have ever known- please don't go." she reached across the table and took hold of my hand. In the light, I saw that her hand and mine were about the same size. "Yes I do have a penis, a cock if you will and I have no intention of getting rid of it."

"Then the medicine..." I thumbed back over my shoulder to the bathroom.

"It's only part of what I have to do to keep this." she gestured at her very feminine curves. And you would not want to know how much fucking went into getting the money together for these." she gripped her tits.

"Well worth it they are, whatever the cost." I grinned and took a hazard at the rest of my orange juice.

"Do you still have a hang over?"

I nodded.

"I've he perfect cure." she got out of her seat and lead me by the hand to her living room area. I plopped down with regret into a comfortable arm chair. the fast movement sent my head spinning.

She sat on the floor before me and pulled her hair back into a tail.

Her face was very pretty, but now I searched for the manly features about it- and have to admit I found few. Her large eyes she batted up at me as she pulled the bathrobe I had found for me at the door open. My dick flopped to thee side but she scooped it into her mouth and with quick efficiency brought me to an erection. She clawed at my chest with one hand while the other worked my balls. I came instantly. She held her head still as I spurted my last into her mouth. She moaned and swallowed several times. Then sucked me some more, cleaning me off.

"So..." I began with a gasp, distracted as when she rose I saw her kimono part and in fact, saw her 'package' cradled in a tightly fitting pair of leopard skin thongs.


"What was the money at the bar for?"

"You remember that?" she half laughed and fetched our coffee from the table: "Martin is my ex boyfriend and my pimp, the bastard."

"There I have it." I sipped the coffee, "Is your name, Frankie?"

"The medicine cabinet?"

I nodded.

Frankie sipped her coffee on the floor next to me. Her flat was sparse of furniture. I looked around, though it was clean, there wasn't much to it.

"Rarely does any one come here."

"Well the elephant in the room has been addressed." I said after finishing my coffee. "I was wondering if you might help me out with something."

"You want me to pull a revenge fuck for you?" she asked.

"No way..." I pulled her up to my lap. Her shower and shampoo scent floated around me, "I wouldn't want to lose you to him too." I shook my head, "That wouldn't do."

She smiled at my words, though why was beyond me at the time: "This is going to sound strange... but how long did it take you to transform into this ravishing beauty that sits on my lap?"

"It is an ongoing process."

"But how long?"

"Since I was of legal age to acquire the medicines needed, but I..."

"How long would it take someone like me?"

She was taken back. Her hand went to her chest. "Oh my God! Are you gay?"

"Heavens no love, I'm full of hate... not gay."

Frankie batted her eyes then smiled revealing her sharp white teeth: "You want to become a woman?"

"I want to get the man who got me so bad." I clawed at her table and stared into my empty cup. "my headaches gone!"

"Told you I had the cure."

Frankie was reluctant to help me. She told me that apart from betraying the confidence of her secrets she also knew she would regret losing a man who seemed to get her as I did. The first thing she did for me was wax me, then groom me. During this faze I was able to maintain my normal life in so far as work and occasionally meeting my old friends. I found out that my ex-wife was back with the same man again and that they were getting married. He had gotten her pregnant- go figure. The whole time we were together she was always so concerned about birth control and being careful. Frankie would try to talk me into letting it go, but I couldn't hate drove me, rage filled me- my mind, soul and ambition were hell-bent on revenge.

Within the week she had me started on an exercise routine that maximized body shaping for a feminine appeal. She forced me to become a vegetarian, while she continued to eat the turkey bacon for breakfast and steak when we went out: "I'm not the one trying to look like this..." she'd say: "I'm the one that already does look like this." She was so sexy. I had also become consumed with wanting to look just like her. A stepped up version of Selma Hayek I thought, though she confessed her aim was Penelope Cruz because she'd love to be with the men she had been. Frankie said that with the honest effort I would be a close Victoria Beckham, only slightly taller. The hormones were not free, but my job paid well, until they actually started to work- then I had to take a sick leave which burned up my vacation and then I was terminated. Immediately I drew unemployment, no small feat of itself, but once I 'breasted' I had no choice. Though they were small and easily concealed with a loose shirt or thick sweatshirt, I had to change my life at that point. It was also when Frankie and I stopped making love. She wasn't into women- that was when she confessed that she didn't want to lose me and that I should let go of this thing before it consumed me utterly and I told her it already had.

Besides I was very comfortable in my new self that was emerging. Fat tissues had been redirected throughout my body giving me a more feminine shape and curve. I grew fleshier hips and a more enhanced buttocks and waist. All these I experienced after three months, my breasts grew steadily, from enlarged nipples to actual a-cup in a few more months, By then i was already on unemployment. The only down side seemed to be my emotions, which were heightened. I grew vary sensitive.

Frankie, as stubborn as I, would not let me go- and diligently she took me shopping for clothes that would form-fit, enhance, and complement me well. I think part of her took pride in me, I was her creation.

"You have to have a name... have you thought of that?" She said while I was slipping on a pair of black thong-panties with garters. They dangled loose until she fetched me long black stockings to clip them to. I hadn't noticed how smooth and soft my legs had become. My ass was rounded now and firm and my breasts, hand cup sized and natural. Presently they hung free in the cool air of her flat. She kept a fan near her walk in closet, as she would spend hours there at times, getting ready. Various articles of clothing hung on the backs of chairs and in piles on the floor. Some on hangers, some not. It looked as though a whirlwind had been through. The cool air made my nipples hard. "Look at you! Gross cover up, for shame woman." she tossed me a black a-cup with ample cushioning, "From my old days."

"How did you come up with Frankie?"

"One guess, it wasn't hard."

"You're name used to be Frank?" I took the black slinky dress she held out for me.

She clapped her hands, "Oh so clever!" Frankie took a seat on a stool from the kitchen and had me spin around for her after I pulled the dress over my head. "There are still the shoes, the make up... the hair, and most importantly, the perfume."

"Perfume?" I hadn't thought about it but that made since to me, "I never forgot the sweet scent of peach from our first meeting."

"Oh that was romantic! I hired fuck next to a urinal."

"Really Frankie- you can be so crass!"

"It's a gift."

"I really like how the back is opened on this, can you see my crack? Is it that low?" From the mirror I could see the top of my ass. It looked nothing like it used to, very feminine now, very sleek. "do you think the thong straps look tacky?"

She shook her head, "They match."

"But... I mean..."

"Do you look like a whore? Yes." She confirmed, "How you carry yourself will set the price and your scent will complete the memory."

"You're good." I shot her a wink.

"I am the professional here." She stepped from the stool and came up to me, running her hands around either side, "I do not normally do this, but.." she leaned in and kissed me, warmly, sweetly, then passionately.

I twitched in her embrace and gave her back what was given. My tongue explored areas known and hers did likewise.

"This is no good." she said breaking away from me.

"Why not, what is wrong?" I was taken back. Everything seemed right, I was ready, my hard on was bursting at the seems of the thong, "Come on it has been a long time since we have done anything."

"We all know who's choice that was, don't we?" she kissed me again, "But what I mean is your cock, your dick... we have to tape it down or get a stronger pair of panties, I felt you move."

"Oh damn!" I said kissing her too, "I liked these thongs!"

"Then I will show you the many purposes for duck-tape."

And so it was by labor, virtue, and happenstance, I found myself entering the "Striker" lounge at half past one. Frankie had talked me up into taking a John for a test drive. "Nothing would be worse than getting the opportunity to exact your revenge and then blowing it because you don't know how to handle yourself." she warned me. Her argument was sound and so there I was, nervous, frightened even. My hands shook as I ordered my first drink in my new self.

Unsure of my voice I whispered the drink order to the bartender who lingered close to me longer than he needed to. "Anything for the lady." he said.

I surveyed the bar as I slid on to the stool.

"Are you here alone?" a man, half cocked asked as he hopped on the stool next to me. "my friends and I are here celebrating my promotion, so I am like going to be really rich and successful some day." he slurred as he spoke.

"Come on Derrick, don't bother the lady!" his friends called out to him.

"Piss off losers, I'm going to score." he waved them away and turned back at me, resting his head on his hand and his elbow on the bar, but he missed and narrowly recovered from striking his temple on the hard polished counter top. I was embarrassed for him and wondered if that was how drunk I was when Frankie had been with me.

But my fear, apprehension or whatever it was delayed my response long enough for him to retire back to his friends to lick his wounded pride. I returned my attention to the bartender: "Thank you." the wine was cool, crisp- not sweet, a light red.

"I want to apologize for my friend." a smooth sounding gentleman said suddenly next to me.

"Thank you." I said. The bartender walked away and the man scooted on to the stool next.

"Names Ryan, and yours?" he smiled at me under deep set blue eyes with black hair swept back, and in a suit- like his friends, with a loosed tie.

"Josie..." I said offering my hand. I blushed remembering how bold Frankie had been with me, I could never be like that.

"Nice to meet you Josie." his drink arrived, a Samuel Adams, and he clicked my glass with it, "To you and yours."

"Her-here! Me an mine." I saluted with my glass and took a sip.

He laughed, "You are so cute!"

Just when I was about to panic, not knowing what to say or how to orchestrate the scene I remembered what Frankie said: "All men are horny bastards. You know, you WERE one of them, remember the things that you had wanted done and would do, and act on it."

"Impulsive..." I said.

"I'm a what?"

I laughed quietly, by smiling at him and batting my eyes. "Did you ever just want to do something Ryan?"

"Oh yes! Tender.... give me the bill."

He flagged down a taxi for us with relative ease after the brush off that he gave to his drooling friends.

The door to his apartment, on the tenth floor shut with a solid slam. By the time we reached his place it was after two am. and I wondered if the neighbors appreciated his noisy home coming. SLAM! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! My heels clicked on the hard wood floors as he led me down a small hallway into the living room. "You have a really nice place." I said.

"The fireplace doesn't work. The heater is poor and the lights tend to go out... but... the shower is hot and the stream is strong." He smiled at me, "And the fridge never runs out of these." He pulled out another beer, offering one to me. I took it with a polite smile.

He showed me the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room again. "Let me freshen up."

"Cool beans!" he took off his suit and tie then turned on selected a play list from his player.

In the bathroom I retrieved a small packet of scented lubricant and worked it into my ass, flushing the bag down when I finished. I adjusted my package under the heavy, tight thong so that my balls were up and out of the way of the back entry. Then I washed my hands, sprayed more perfume on my body and slipped out.

His expression betrayed a little disappointment: "I thought you would be coming out naked or something." he said jovially.

"What kind of woman do you take me for?" I asked, feeling the lubricant at work in me as I walked to him and took the offered bottle of beer again from his hand.

"A very, very hot one." he said.

I sat next to him on the small couch. "When do you have to be in to work in the morning?"

"Early, but I am not going to sleep tonight... not at all."

I smiled, "And what will you do to stay up?"

"I already am."

The lights went out. I jumped but he held me close: "It's ok, he said,. remember they do that. That's why I lit those candles by the fire place." They offered a nice glow to the room.

I took the opportunity to reach down into his pants as I leaned in to him, whispering: "You weren't kidding... you are up."

He kissed me. It was the first time I had kissed a man. Such a brute. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I yielded to him. His hands instantly went on a groping trip around my small breasts and my ass. I took his dick in my hands and slid down his leg before he could grope for my pussy, which he would not have found. I took his dick warmly and full into my mouth. Never having done it, but knowing what I had wanted done before. Perhaps it was the best blow job he had ever gotten, he said as much when I had finished. His dick was not so long and not so thick, but not small either. It fit just right to the back of my mouth. Slowly I took it in, caressing it with my tongue. A salty taste dotted my tongue and a musky odor my senses. I pulled his pants down to his ankles and continued to suck him off. My head bobbed up and down on his lap. Eventually his hands found my head and he began to gyrate his hips: "Oh baby this is the best, Oh fuck yes you feel so fucking good!"

I did not stop, or wasn't going to until he came. But when he did, it was sudden. A thrash of semen spurted into the back of my mouth. It plastered my tongue and coated the roof of my mouth with goo. I sucked it down and swallowed, moaning, continuing to bob my head, twisting it up and down his shaft. Finished, I backed off and looked at him up from the darkness. The candles lit his face in a tranquil glow. "That was fantastic Jose... Oh my God... the best baby, the best!"

"Hush." I slid a finger up to his lips then followed it with my lips on his. He kissed me back, though a little reluctant, surely he was afraid that I had carried his cum up to him. "See, I swallowed it all." I whispered, kissing his neck. Pulling his shirt up, I kissed his chest his belly and then his dick again. I began to suck him, nibbling at his balls and his thighs, taking his head into my mouth again and licking the bottom of his shaft. I did what worked for me and sure enough, his dick began to twitch and stiffen once again.

"You are amazing!" he gasped.

"Remember his hands... they are not to give you pleasure, but are agents of his will." Frankie had cautioned me before I went out that night. So when his dick was hard again and I slipped my thong to the side, turning around to sit on his dick. Though he reached out to guide me on to him. I took hold of his hands at the wrists and held them down as I slid back with slow confidence on to his pole. The lubricant worked wonderfully. I inhaled and exhaled quietly and severely as Frankie had taught me, each time, relaxing my anus and with my diaphragm, sucking his dick up inside of my cavity. His dick was not too big, but it was by far the largest thing that had ever been up my ass. I took it all the way to the base however and sat on his lap. Ensuring that I held his hands I began to rock back and forth on him. I raised up and pushed down a little until I was comfortable with it and the lubricant had been spread around enough. It's sweet scented odor surrounded us when he began to thrust up into me. His left hand broke free of mine and he took hold of my waist holding me firm so that he could thrust up better. It made me nervous, I desperately did not want him to pull a reach around.

He pushed his stiff manhood up into my ass and slapped my ass with his hips as I rode him. "Oh yes fuck my ass!" I cooed.

"Oh yes baby! Yes!" he tore his other hand free and lifted me up with him as he rolled over on to the floor. There I was on all fours, in front of the candles with him behind me, both hands now on my waist, fucking my ass. His balls slapped against where mine were restrained. Our bodies came together in a feverish slapping noise that reminded me of what I had heard before when I fucked Frankie or my ex-wife or girlfriend. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! "Oh fuck yes! Fuck my ass Ryan!" I called out, "Fuck me baby! Fuck me!"

My dress crumpled up my body and he gripped the back of it as he fucked my ass, riding me like a cowboy.

"Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!" he bellowed, gripped my hair and thrust as deep as he could up into my cavity, then exploded deep inside me. I felt his member thrashing about as it spilled out all of it's hot goo into me.

"Oh yes baby, mm!" I reached back around and kissed him. We locked lips for a while then I slid off of him and carefully moved to suck him off, hoping to God there was no mess. There wasn't the lubricant had a peculiar taste though, a numbing sensation. Once cleaned off I let him go. His dick fell flaccid, dangling and I took several swigs of the Sam Adams to wash away the peculiar taste of the gel.

There in my belly swam another man's semen. Yet, I wasn't sickened. I had just received the first anal sex of my life. I had always worried about going to jail for the fear of being raped and yet there I was, ass sore from a willing 'receiving' fuck. I felt disassociated from myself. I cannot remember what our parting words were but I know we kissed a little more before the cab came around four in the morning. I had told him that I was married and my husband, Frank, thought that I was out with a friend. He bought it. At least that way there would be no possessiveness or worrying about a second date or a call back. If I was in his shoes I wouldn't expect to see me again.
I arrived home just after Frankie and met her coming out of the shower. She left the water on for me then lingered about catching every sorted detail: "Did you like the taste of it?"

"Not really... I don't remember what it tasted like- I remember the lubricant numbed my tongue."

She laughed, "That takes getting use to, for sure. So it was a profitable venture?"

"I guess." I washed my ass, and my mouth out with the soap bar. "It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." I turned the water off.

"Or do you mean, not as good as you hoped?"

I was confused. "I don't know what I mean, anymore."

"It isn't too late. You can stop taking the hormones now, your little tits will shrink back to normal and you'll continue growing hair... like a barbarian." she offered. I sensed expectation and hope in her tone, but I was to disappoint her, "No... he will pay for what he has done to me, and this is how I will do it."

She handed me a towel. "I'll put some tea on before we go to bed?"

After the tea we lay together in bed. I caressed her breasts and asked her about the night. "Oh miserable! Four Johns, a dead beat and then the police."

"WOW!" I sat up, staring down at her beautiful nakedness before me: "Were you arrested?"

She laughed, again that coarse barking laugh from the bar. "No silly, I gave the two under-D's blow jobs and they let me go."

"You're so fascinating." I said.

"You know... I have never been with one of my own kind before." she confessed, letting a hand fall to her face, unsure of how I would respond.

"Like this?" I asked stooping down to kiss her breasts, then massage them tenderly while contorting my body bottom up on the bed so that my genitals were before her and I approached hers. "Did you cum tonight?"

"Not yet." she said.

I slipped my mouth around Frankie's small cock. It readily hardened for me, she must have been waiting for it, wanting it for a while- perhaps in the shower she might have if I had not come home. I was still getting used to doing what I had only recently only wanted done. As ever, Frankie was hot and quick. She sucked me to a rapid ejaculation, where my cum shot all over her face as just as I was about to blow, she shifted her position and I followed as I felt she too was near orgasm.

My hot cum in her face, most of sent her over the edge as well. She gyrated her larger hips slightly and her penis began to spasm in my mouth. It's salty surprise filling me in spurts. When she stopped coming, I rolled on to my back and let her clean me off, then I climbed back to the top of the bed, with her. We kissed, embraced and I licked my cum from her face, bringing it to her mouth with my tongue. "Oh you sexy devil." She purred.

Normally, Frankie was uncomfortable having sex with me, anymore. But when she felt particularly randy and especially if I had gone out and had a sexual encounter, then she wanted me and we shared similar such experiences, as often as not.

Frankie would encourage me to go out, but then would sit up and wait for me to come home. We took to text messaging each other and once even set up for a meeting at the bar. That night, we came home with a man named Barney. He was a lieutenant in the army and was in town only for one night. Frankie, who was more comfortable with having sex rode him while I took to the business of kissing at times or sucking his balls as he pounded her from the back. I was beneath her and she was over me, on all fours with him humping her like a dog. I had been sucking his balls, but occasionally I would stoop my head lower and lick her panties where I knew her dick to be. She moaned at that so I continued. With one hand massaging him and my mouth wrapped around her little stiffening member.

When they both came it was a surprise to me. She filled me and sprayed my neck and caught part of my tit before I tucked her back in. When we separated up he thought he'd cum on me as well. "Sorry babe- you know a guy can only take so much of two hot bitches like you."

"No need to apologize." I said scooping the cum off my neck and chin and licking it up off my finger. "Would you like a taste?"

"Not from your hand." he said leaning over Frankie as she adjusted herself, and he kissed me on the lips. Our tongues whipped about feverishly and Frankie joined. Then we drank some vodka and he called a cab.

After a few months as Josie I had sex with a total of three men, counting the threesome with Barney two other men. All were just one night stands and Frankie was concerned that if I didn't resolve my issue of revenge soon I might slip into a depression over what I had done. "Having anal sex, and giving oral pleasure to other men is no casual thing." she said. "It is not like you can just say, well I sucked a few cocks, it ain't my bag I think I'll go back to women. These memories are always going to be with you. This is who and what you are now. Once you cum from anal sex, there is no turning back, nothing else will ever satisfy you the same." She warned, "And since I know that hasn't happened for you yet... it is not too late." we had been sitting up, by the window, naked but for our bathrobes and drinking coffee.

"I think I know what you are trying to tell me Frankie. And more than you can know, I appreciate it. But this is something I have to do."

"Then we need to get it done, and do it quickly." Frankie finished her cup: "Tomorrow You need to make some calls, and I'll see if anyone I know, knows where you can find this fellow."

We went to bed and held each other in a spoon. Outside it began to rain. The wind whipped at the windows and through the fire escape. Rain splattered on the outside walls. The large city shut down for a while. In the distance a train rolled, below horns sounded but only a little, and it wasn't very long before I fell asleep in her arms, and she in mine.

Time for us was running out, and I could feel it. It saddened me deeply and yet I knew there was nothing I could do about it. This revenge, it was who I was. the bitterness the eagerness to pay back eye for eye and tooth for tooth. Without my hurt, without my anger I was not the person that she loved and feared losing. So either way, we were doomed to an ending.

In the mean time, she was most helpful. Mindful of my change in voice, since the berth of Josie, I consciously reverted to my old self and called my Ex-wife to see how things were. "Oh Darren and I are getting along just great, and little D too- you should send us a card or something..." she prattled on intending to hurt me, and she did. Eventually I ended the call after making several notes.

"Darren Williams." I told Frankie. "He works at Harvard Inc. Industries, as a shop manager."

"Good enough for me, but I if I bettered you will you do me something?"

"How could you better that?" I asked.

"Would you?"

"If you could..." I shrugged.

"Promise?" she smiled expectantly.

"I promise." I said.

She handed me a news paper from behind her back. "Darren Williams!" the local blotter section had a picture of him being arrested and under it the caption: "Successful African American refuses to leave local club, 'This is my place, my town!" she pointed to the club: "The Rangoon. I know a few of the dancers there, I bet I can get where he clubs at now."

"Fair enough."

"Now for the promise...." she folded the paper up and tucked it under my arm. "Just think about this. Don't do it."


"That's right." she frowned, "Walk away, be with me, be anywhere- we can leave this city."

"You would give up your career for me?"

"What career? I am a hooker, a classy one all be it, but a whore none the less and there is room in every town in every city and in every place for more."

"I don't know, I..." she stopped me with a finger to my lips.

"I said, just think about it- you promised." We never spoke on the matter again.

The Metro had ceiling fans on the outside for patrons during the day, at night they were neon, as the lights that shined from the blackened windows. The double doors stood open with a man at each side checking Id's and occasionally turning people away for how they were dressed. It was by no means a roped affair, but it was a meat market. If the girl wasn't hot or didn't show enough then they weren't let in and the ratio for men to women was deftly in favor of the men. Women, however drank free. It was one of the wonderful new experiences about being Josie that I loved. I rarely had to pay for much.

The large man at the door quickly let me in. Frankie had a friend at the DMV who fixed my drivers license for me so that I was a year younger, a female, and that my name was now Josie Beckman, to keep the familiarity with my look-a-like, Victoria Beckham. He let me in with no cover charge and stamped my hand for being of legal age to drink. It was no wonder he was eager to get me inside with the body tight mini dress Frankie had fit me snug into, and my hair which was past my shoulders now, but spiked and red flared like a rock stars I didn't recognize myself in the mirrors. The top was a V cut in the front and back and I didn't where a bra and depending on how much I swayed when I walked my top was opened enough to occasion a nipple for the viewing pleasure of the men who quickly swarmed me. The back V, as the dress I had worn out before, revealed my extra tight thong which held my member just even with the trim of the ultra-mini I wore.

The lights in The Metro pulsed with the music's beat. two different DJ's worked the expansive dance floors and along the center ran a horse shoe bar. I could not tell anyone from anyone, so many people moved around. Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, all mingling, dancing drinking talking. Tables lined the out edges and waiters and waitresses waited upon them. I found an open booth and took a seat. It had a promising view of the club but I wasn't sure if I could recognize him over another Black. On the street or in the light, maybe- but not in this dark club.

A man came by the table, handsome, white, with long brown hair and chiseled features. "Who you waiting for sugar?" he asked sliding into the booth.

I looked at him coyly for a moment then answered: "A large Black man with a dick this long." I held my hands to demonstrate a two foot space.

"Have fun." he scooted out of the seat.

"And I want it this thick around!" I called out to him putting both my hands together, fingers intertwined. I returned to searching the club. Another man walked by: "Taken." I said waving him off.

A woman dressed in all black came to my table and put her drink down. It was a large tall glass with a zany straw and an umbrella. "It's called 'Sudden Death From Blunt Trauma.' Would you like a sip?"

"Sure..." I took a sip and offered her a seat.

"I knew she was lesbian!" I thought I heard the guy from before say to his friends. They moved to another section of the bar.

"I love how you handle yourself girl, what did you say to Brian? By the by, my names' China." she offered her hand.

"Nice nails." I said, "They must be three inches easy. Where do you get them done?"

"At a little place on forty-fifth." We talked for a while about this and that, laughing about how some of the men acted at the club. She was a very cute gothic girl. About half way into the night, time slipped by so rapidly as more drinks were brought to the table, I realized that she was gay and had been hitting on me the entire time. She even had copped a feel of my small breast when she reached across the table and adjusted my top for me, "I love your nipples!" she braved.

I hadn't a clue! Here I was, charmed like a snake by the charmer, and here she was thinking she was making real headway with a woman. I wondered if she would be disappointed, angry, or happy if I had gone home with her. But I cut our relation short when I told her that I was there looking for someone. When she pressed for who it was and why I told her partly the truth. That someone had screwed over my spouse and now I was attempting to do the same in return. China loved the idea and was able to use her contacts there to find the vary man I was looking for. "You know he's Black right?" "Have you ever been with a Black man, for real?"

"No..." I shook my head, "But they both deserve it."

"I like you Josie, don't get yourself hurt." she said as she took me to where Darren was supposed to be. When we got there, however, there was a small tip at the table and he had gone. "Can I take you home... or... not home?"

"I like you too China." I said touching her lips with my finger. "Maybe I will see you here again some time." We walked arm in arm to the door and caught separate cabs.

At home I told Frankie what I had said to Bryan, the man with the brown hair and about China, the lesbian. She was excited for me but sorry that I missed Darren. "How do you know I missed him."

"Because you would have mentioned it." she offered.

But something about her expression gave me pause: "Frankie! Don't do this to me, don't get involved."

"I just don't want you getting hurt Josie, not you- what if he has a disease or something? You could fuck up everything!"

"Frankie." I considered my next words carefully, knowing that if she was at the club and if she actually led him out of the club with some promise for sex, there was no way that she could have made it home before me... "I love you... just don't get involved."

"I promise." she raised her hand in an oath and then embraced me. "I love you too Josie."

The next time at the club was much better. I went to the area where he had been at before and saw him dancing with someone other than my ex. She was a Black woman, shapely and dressed like myself, a whore. Where she was wearing blue and yellow like some football groupie, I wore red. A pair of latex mini shorts that were red and a half shirt, so tight, my nipples poked through. My hair I wore in a tail but left the sides loose and in square curls. I wore extremely tight, knee high boots and large ear rings and a navel ring since my slim belly was exposed now. The mini latex shorts were also low riders so that the top of my thong, in the front and back were exposed. It had taken Frankie a long time to convince me to go outside in the outfit, but at last her coaxing had prevailed and she was right, everyone stared at me as I entered, even Darren, when I came to his section.

Deceivingly, I played it cool. Ignoring him until he came to me. I allowed another man to take me on the floor during a slow song, as I really didn't have that much rhythm. We groped and kissed for a while on the dance floor until the song ended, luckily for me when the next song started, and it was a number with a kicking beat- he bowed out of the floor and I feigned sorrow to follow him back to our drinks.

Within the hour, Darren had made his way to me. "Never seen you here before..." he muttered from the side, behind me as he ordered a drink. The guy I had danced with was telling me a funny story about when he and some friends were pulled over after drinking, when Darren continued to speak to my ear, unnoticed by my partner. "You are kicking in those clothes, but I wonder what you're like out of them... I have a small place in town, call me."

He had returned to his date with the drinks and when I leaned back there was his business card on the bar next to me. "Darren Williams." my heart raced as my stomach turned.

"What's that?" the man asked reaching for it.

"Nothing." I said, holding it away from him. "Some guy hitting on me that's all."

"Are you going to keep it?"

"Maybe." I said playfully, flicking the card on my chin. "If you don't give me what I want, maybe I will have to get it from him."

"Come on."

He reached for the card again, but I pulled it away and tucked it down my shorts, in the back. From the corner of my eye I watched Darren watching me. "Let's go." I said, "I have to work in the morning. Do you have a car?"

He nodded.

"Is it here?"

"I have to get the keys from my friends."

"Get them, and I'll make it worth your while." I said to his ear before licking it. I did that on the side that Darren could see. I watched him also, as I did it, displaying my tongues reach for his amusement. I winked and he smiled. The man ran off to get his keys but Darren couldn't break away from his date who suddenly got excited about something she was telling him. I could tell that he could care less. I leaned back on the bar and teased him with my small breasts, running a finger along them as I stretched back. My new friend returned as suddenly as he had left and we were off.

I could feel Darren's eyes on me the entire time until I left. How I hated that man. What would I do to him? My thoughts wondered as I followed in tow to Kyle. His car, like him was a sad thing. He opened the passenger door for me with some difficulty and then ran around to his side. "Should we go to your place or mine?"

"Well, mine of course, you are going to drop me off."

Apprehension for pending disappointment covered his face. I remembered that feeling many a time, but I wouldn't be a cock tease, no. As he drove I reached over and unzipped him. As most men he had given himself a good washing before going to the club. Maybe put some baby powder down there, some cologne. I wished that he didn't just soap and water would have been fine. The other stuff smells great but tastes awful.

I removed his dick as he tarried his car along, from it's resting place and it readily stiffened before I even put it in my mouth. His head was thicker than mine, but he didn't have my length. I ran my tongue along his sides and pressed my face below his shaft to lick at his balls for a while, keeping one hand on his dick and the other on the dashboard, for balance. He rested a hand on my head and the other on the wheel. "Cars are passing." he cautioned.

"Good..." I said between licks. I slowly took his dick into my mouth then let it pop out: "I hope they have cell phone camera's, you'll be a hero." Then I took his dick deep into my mouth, sucking it up and down. My head bobbed and I made sloppy squishy noises and moaned and cooed as I sucked his dick, Only stopping to ask him if he would cum for me.

"Oh yeah baby!" he grunted. His leg muscles tightened up.

I continued to suck him off, he grunted and grinded. Then I took his dick and looking up at him slapped it against my tongue: "You going to cum baby?" I asked, "You like me sucking your dick do you?"

"Oh yes baby, yes!"

"Call me a dirty fuck whore." I said taking his dick in my mouth again.

"Suck my dick you dirty fuck whore!" he grunted and held my face down as his dick began to jerk and spasm.

"Mm" His hot juices shot into my mouth. I swallowed load after load, after load. Then tucked him away, still a little messy and zipped him up. "This is it right here." I said, a block short.

"Really? I thought you said across from the Nave Star building?"

"I did, but if my husband sees you he might kill you,and being a cop and all he'd get away with it."

The man had obvious plans for inviting himself upstairs, I had just given him a blow job, but my story was a good one and he backed out quickly, discreetly. "I didn't know..."

"That is because I didn't tell you." I shrugged, "Would you have given me a ride home if I told you my husband was a psychotic cop who had been suspended twice for brutality."

"Er... no."

"Thanks for the ride." I said getting out.

"Thanks for the blow job." He countered.

I closed the door and walked back to the house. Eagerly retrieving Darren's card before I lost it.

"Frankie! Look what I got!"

"Oh congratulations!" She looked at the card and sat back in her chair at the table. She had tea almost ready when I walked in and put the card in her hands. "Do you need to shower?"
"No... didn't do much." I finished getting the Tea ready, "I gave a man a blow job for a ride home."

"You naughty whore." she put the card back on my side of the table: "And how did you come by this?"

"He hit on me when I was with... Kyle, my ride."

"What a son of a bitch." Frankie rolled her eyes.

"And get this, he wasn't even there with my Ex, he was with some Black chick! Oh I hate that man!" I brought our tea to the table.

"Easy girlfriend." Frankie blew on her tea her full soft lips forming the circle just over the rim.

"How was your evening?"

"Terrible!" Frankie said, "Over worked and underpaid for sure."

I sat down and took up his card in my hands.

"You're shaking." she said.

"I know... I don't know what's come over me. Maybe because I am so close to the finish now and I don't want to screw up."

"Can I ask you something?" Frankie took one of my hands in between her two: "Why did you give Kyle the blow job."

"I felt sorry for him, I guess."

Frankie nodded, "You have a good heart Josie, don't lose it over a man."

We sat together for an hour or two sipping tea and swapping stories. So much always happened to Frankie: "So their I was right, this bloke balls deep in my ass and in walks his wife screaming 'Oh Tate she's got balls!' and there I am, stuck, bare ass and all!" Frankie laughed, mimicking the wife's expression. "You know I felt bad for the woman but damn, I was this close to coming myself."

"It's that rare?"

"Oh yes, without touching it yourself- it takes a lot of things to be right."

"Who did it happen with you?"

"The bartender for one." She said pulling one finger out, resting an arm on the back of her chair, "The pimp as you know him, or 'the bastard." we both said it at the same time. "There was a school professor and then my own father."

"Your what?"

"That is another story, another time." Frankie waved off my concern, "Told you I was screwed up- that is how I know when someone else is about to get screwed too."

I waited the designated two days to call back Darren. I used my new cell phone, which had been purchased and registered under Josie. "It's not paranoia" I insisted to Frankie, "Only hyper-vigilance."

"Sup, girl? Thought you lost my number." Arrogant bastard, could never accept it if someone just didn't want him!

"Hey you... I was thinking about stepping out for a while, where are you going to be?"

"Shit." There was a sound of him closing a door quick. I could hear traffic in the background. Cheating bastard! "Where you want me to be?"

"You know the park on Eighty-Fifth? There is a spot near the lake, a gazebo?"

"I find it girl. I find it. I find you- alright?"

"Meet me at seven." I closed the phone and set it on the table.

"Look! Your hands are shaking!" Frankie said. "You cant do this."

"I have to. I am committed to it now."

"Well, remember anything can happen- be prepared and freshen up really good." Frankie gestured to use one of her enema packs.

"Yeah- yeah." blushing, I pushed off the table and headed for the bathroom.

"I am serious, anything can happen and he's huge, bring two packs of lube!"

I closed the bathroom door.

"Tell him to use a condom, he screws around too much!"

Her concern made me laugh. When I came from the shower she had a selection of hot clothes spread out for me. I noticed that they were all variants of the same. Full length pants, boots and such. "It's a park." she said, "You could end up running for your life or having to kick him in the nuts or something." she picked up a leather pair of pants which had a zipper which ran the length of the crotch from the anus to the front; "Or you could end up fucking him on some bench."

"Ha... Ha... very droll, very droll." I picked up a nice pair of pirate-like jeans with buttons that ran around the crotch to the butt, "This is nice."

"Yeah but they're a bitch to button up." she laughed, "It looks like you're digging up your ass."

My wardrobe chosen I set to making myself right for the adventure. In case something violent or sudden happened I used a half packet of lube to protect myself from abrasions internally. I decided on a simple thong and the jeans with a T-shirt and an overcoat as it was cold out, though it hadn't yet snowed. The boots I chose for esthetics not comfort, even though I was going to half to walk some. I would just soak my feet later. They were knee high, leather-sued with a fur top trim.

Frankie did my hair and make up, keeping it simple, a pony tail and earth-tone highlights for my eyes and lips. "You're beautiful to start with honey- but I make you gorgeous!" Frankie said kissing my forehead.

The cab dropped me off, it started to snow, lightly. The sun was hanging just over the buildings across the lake and there under the gazebo was the target of my spite, the mark, Darren. He wore sweat pants and a pull over sweat shirt with a hood. "Damn it's cold baby!"

"Isn't it beautiful?" I offered him a snowflake from my hand as I entered the gazebo.

"The cars up the hill behind you... driving by in this gray cold night, they think you are crazy... you know that?"

"Why?" I shook the snow from my hair and shoulders. My boot heels clicked as I walked across the wooden floor. We were the same height, in my heels.

"No... beautiful lady such as yourself, coming down here with a black thug looking gangster like me." He shook his head.

I put a hand on the railing to look over the lake, away from him and the cars up the hill as they drove slowly about the turn to the North Eighty-Fifth street light: "I don't care what they think, why did you agree to meet me?"

"How bout you girl? Mm, I definitely see possibilities with those pants of yours." He walked up behind me and whispered in my left ear, "I think we both came here for the same reason."

"And what might that be?" I looked back at him only half turning.

"Mm..." he rubbed his body next to mine, "You know."

"Oh here under the gaze of bored traffic, waiting for a damnable light to change... there's romance..."

"Well, what we here for then girl? It's fucking cold and if you don't start warming me up some I got to go!"

"Then go." I shrugged.

"You a cold bitch, you know that? Getting a man's hopes all up like this and then... nothing but a cock tease."

My heart was racing, I was trembling. "You can go, or come with me right over there to that bench."

He spun around on his heels, "The one by the sea wall?"

"Is there another?" I headed out, down the stairs away from the traffic, around a bend and to the bench. He waited behind me, obviously considering his options, then raced me to it and cleared off a spot.

"The snow is blocked by the trees!" he said with a smile, his breath a cloud.

"Good... sit down." I took to my knees before him.

"Oh shit, you ain't worried bout being caught here is you?"

"Who comes into the park at night?" I reached into his pants, not at all surprised to find that he wasn't wearing any underwear. "In the cold." I blew hot air on to his dick.

"Oh bitch it is cold out, warm me up baby."

His dick was thick and warm in my hands. I pried one hand under his heavy balls and with the other I tore open an anal lube for myself. He didn't notice as I popped open three buttons from my back side and slid the lube up my anus, working it in as good as I could. Meanwhile I worked my mouth on his dick. His fat head, shrunken by the cold I took easily into my mouth. he immediately sighed: "Oh yes baby! It's about time, daddy was getting cold. Yeah baby, suck it like all you white bitches want to."

I sucked his head to the back of my head and pawed at his balls. My head bobbed up and down as his member lengthened. From an easy fit, to a tight squeeze, then an impossible task. His dick was monstrous! I thought about when I walked into the room when he was fucking my ex-wife, I hadn't noticed then how big his dick was- then again, I wasn't looking. "You're huge!" The compliment slipped, I didn't mean it to and his ego certainly didn't need it.

"Yeah, that's what they say before they beg me to fuck 'em."

He disgusted me, but it was the physical improbabilities that daunted me more than the will of committing the act. My jaw grew sore working it around his massive cock. The best I could do was get him hard, stiff and well lubricated. I decided that my ass would have to finish him, that there was no way I could do it orally.

"You suck my dick pretty good baby, but how does your pussy feel? Is it tight? You going to let me see?" he pulled and tugged at my hair as I worked on his dick.

The snow fell around us but we were sheltered by an overhanging pine branch. across the lake I was sure there were observers with binoculars, but the sun was setting. "Mm..." my head bobbed up and down on his cock, slurping up my saliva and sucking him harder and harder. His thick bumpy veins contorted my lips which were already drawn tight with his grossly disproportional thickness and never ending length sliding in and out of my head, each consecutive gyration of his hips and lulling bob of my head. "Mm..." I hummed again. Saliva ran down my chin and neck from my effort.

Sloppy, quickening noises arose as we doubled our efforts in the cold. My lips smacked and his thick lumpy dick pressed back into my throat causing me to gag. I choked my reflux down and was rewarded with a short salty taste of his pre-cum.

"I am ready bitch... yeah..."

I pulled my head off of his dick, stretching my jaw when it was freed.

"Yeah I am a big mother ain't I?" he grinned and helped me up to my feet but himself, remained seating. "The sun has set baby you want to do this here, now?"

I wiped my mouth with my shirt and nodded. A little off balance with my feet asleep, I staggered. Of course he assumed it was because he was 'so big!'

"Oh baby I'll be easy on your little white pussy!" he gripped his dick with both his hands, "Bring it down to papa!"

Son of a bitch! I thought. But I turned around, and lowered myself to him, spitting on my fingers first and giving my ass a little extra lubrication before the connection was made. Then I took hold of his hands and squatted over him, my boots on the ground, spread eagle and him with his legs together beneath me. My back to his chest.

His large lips found my neck and he sucked on it, "Oh you a freaky bitch ain't you? Oh shit yes bitch this is your ass!"

Slowly, I relaxed my anal muscles. His head painfully poked, pressed, and then passed as I exhaled and inhaled enabling my own body to suck his great member in, inch by inch, widening more and more. Bump after bump, popped through my anal ring. I felt as though my hips would dislocate. "Oh god, Oh god!" I gasped, "You're so fuck, your so... fuck!"

"Big." he whispered in my ear.

"Owe... Oh, Uh, Oh fuck!" Inch by inch, slowly I descended down and he impaled me. Until with a final exhale I rested my but ass against his lap. A fourth button had un-popped but my own poor examples of manhood were still well tucked away. Even if he were to grope for them, under my jeans, in the thong it was unlikely that he would find them. "Fuck!"

He sucked on my neck, intent to leave a mark, "You wanted it baby and you got it! I never had a woman take me so deep so quickly, and I can tell you's tight!" he thrust up at me, but his dick could go no further, it was all the way. His thrust only had the effect of lifting my feet from the ground and bringing out of me a poor impish noise. "Ready?"

I gathered my breath, "fuck me."

He gripped my shoulders, one hand around the front across my chest, the other from the back, both hands clasped at my left shoulder, then he began to rock forward and back ward, slowly. It took a moment for me to gather my wits to do anything in reply. The overstuffed sensation was something I had never experienced in my life. I swear I felt his dick poking at my inner guts. He was so big, I couldn't do much by my own until more of the lubricants got to work and my muscles relaxed then stretched.

Meanwhile he worked on my anus thrusting up and pulling back. Eventually I caught the rhythm. I placed my hands cautiously, one on his right leg, the other his lower chest. With the combined effort of all my limbs I was able to push up off of him, though my legs were weak and my arms shaking, not only from the cold or the loathing I suffered- but there was something else, something I had not yet felt. "Oh yes bitch! Yes!" he called out as his heavy dick rolled my anus skin back and forth tightly over its bumps and valleys. "You naughty whore! Filthy white bitch yes! Oh Yeah!" he grunted.

Our bodies came together with ferocity, muffled by our clothes, the only skin contact was her his lips on my neck and his dick in my ass. My jeans slapped against his skin as he thrust up into me and I pulled at his sweats with my free hands, clawing at him as the animal lust took hold of me. I wanted his dick to explode inside me. I wanted to feel it's bursting treasured spray. I wanted to taste his spunk, to have it sprayed all over my body. I wanted to climb inside of him and to have him deeper inside me than he already was. "Oh fuck me Darren, Yes!" I cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck my white ass!"

When I said 'White ass' He gripped me tighter than he had and he froze. "Oh shit! Am I going to cum?"

"Cum for me! Fill me baby!" I humped down on him, craving the explosion.

"Stop it- I ain't never came so fast!" he tried to stop me but I wouldn't have it.

I pressed down on him and pulled off: "Fuck me with your big Black cock!"

"Oh shit!" like thunder his massive dick erupted inside of me. Jets of hot goo streamed up deep into my cavity, filling me up. I felt the heat build up inside as his dick continued to pulse firing it's hot load into me. At the same time, my own dick began to spasm inside the thong. It was a heavenly sensation, to feel him orgasm and to suffer my own at once. He pulled me tight and thrust up into me again, sputtering up and out the last hot strands of his goo. "Oh fuck yes! Bitch Oh fuck yes!" he gasped.

"Oh Darren! My hands are shaking!" I laughed with excitement, "You're fantastic! Oh god!" I gasped, catching my breath.

"Oh I ain't done baby." He shifted under me. "Here get off baby, I want you to suck my cock now, bitch, now!"

I moved carefully to comply. Mindful of the fact that once I extracted my ass from his cock the suction alone might gush out all the semen. Carefully I came off of him, squeezing my anus as tight as I could. But it was of no use. he had stretched me out and worn me raw. I pinched my cheeks together at least and returned to the ground before him. It was dark out but I could see the cum on his dick, first however I sucked a glob off of his sweat pants where it had fallen from my ass.

"You're a naughty, dirty white girl ain't you."

I nodded, "I love the taste of your big Black cock juice. Mm!" I licked it up from his base, his nuts his hips and then at last his dick, again taking the head in my mouth. Now something unique happened. the anal lubricant had that numbing effect on my tongue and the back of my throat. I could take his dick deeper into my mouth, deeper into my throat, unlike before. "Mm!" I hummed on his dick, vibrating it as I sucked him.

Sloppy, sucking sounds filled the air as my head bobbed up and down the length of his erection. His salty cock juice, which I swallowed was sweater than the other men that I had before. There was something particular about his taste that I couldn't put a finger on.

Before I got too in depth with my thoughts, he braced the back of my head with a large hand, "That's it bitch, yes, look up at me when you suck the master's cock." he grinned, staring down at me, "Say I'm your master."

My mouth popped off his large dick head, "You're my master!" I stroked his shining, glistening dick with my hands, they squished over my saliva pulling strings of goo back and forth, up and down the length of his shaft, "master want me to suck his dick?"

Darren nodded and gyrated up to meet me as I brought my mouth back down to him again.

"Oh fuck yes!" he said thrusting his hips up at my mouth. With a hand to the back of my head he began to face fuck me. (SLURP! SLOP! SLURP! SLOP! SLOP! SLOP! SLURP! POP! POP! SLURP! SLOP! SLURP! SLURP!) " Oh god yes! Oh fuck yes!" he groaned.

"Mm!" I continued to suck him off taking his dick all the way into my throat until my nose was buried in his underbelly. The numbing lubricant allowed the long member to pass right through my gag area and before long his dick was slipping all the way out and all the way in as he thrust up and pulled my head down. My jaw began to get sore, but I wanted him to cum so bad that I ignored the pain. I squeezed his balls and massaged them, coaxing the cum out.

Finally, he came. Thick ropy streams of hot wash shot down my throat. My stomach was instantly filled with his black love lava. Warm spray filled my mouth as I backed his cock out of me, similar to as a snake might regurgitate it's pray. My jaw felt dislocated and hung open as I stared into the head of the shiny cock. It's hole expanded and more white goo spurted out. A glob hit my nose and cheek and another landed in my mouth, still another caught my eye. I jerked him off with one hand and groped his balls with the other, holding my tongue under his hole. More hot cum spilled out, filling my tongue.

"You're a cock hungry little queen ain't you bitch?" he gasped.

(Gulp!) I swallowed all that I had to, "Mm! Your cum is delicious!" I smeared it into my face with my fingers and licked it off of them.

"Clean me off bitch." He slapped my face with his dick. "I'm the one that's all messy now!"

Without complaint, I complied, eager for more of his salty surprise. I licked up his thighs, his balls and his shaft again.

"You were fantastic bitch! Oh my god you were wonderful, shit! When we going to do this again?"

I hadn't had a chance to consider my anus which was surely to be sore in the morning. And I wondered if I could even walk after such a vicious fucking. "When? how about if?"

His smile faded.

I stood up with my coat on and, trembling, turned around. Un-buttoned my pants and dropped them, adjusted my thong and re-buttoned my bottom buttons, then pulled my pants back up and turned around.

He was standing right in front of me. "Awfully modest for an anal exhibitionist slut aren't you?"

"I don't know what you mean." When I moved to turn, he caught my wrist.

"I know you!" he pulled me back to him, face to face. Though in the heels we were equal in height, he was still large than me, and as he held me from the back, pulling me to him, I was off my balance and completely in his mercy: "Yes!" he stared into my face. "Oh Fuck!" He laughed, "Now this is the mother of all irony!" He spun me around with his other hand and forced me back to the bench and bent me over it. "You're going to want to hold on to something for this!" He tossed my coat up over my head and ripped open the buttons on the back of my jeans. Without any more preparation than that he pushed his dick back into my ass. The previous anal lubricant remained in residual but most of the lubrication came from his massive load of semen which his dick now pushed out and caused to run down my leg, as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into my ass.

I bit at my coat. Confused as to how he could have gotten so hard, so fast. I hated him, yet it felt so good. He was so big, so massively thick and he drove his cock with heavy severity deep into my ass. My anal ring popped over his large bumps as he pushed in, then when he was as far as he could go, my skin folded over itself as he peeled back then thrust forward again.
Before long, I was gripping the back of the bench and pushing back into him. Though he had been quiet, concentrating on giving my ass a serious fucking, I chose to cry out: "Fuck my white ass with you Black cock! Oh god yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Fuck me!" I whimpered as he worked me over like a hammer. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! His thighs met my ass cheeks, fast and furiously, vigorously. "Fuck my ass! Yes! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! "Oh goddamn! Fuck yes Fuck yeah!"

Finally he lurched forward, gripping my shoulders and giving a final thrust. His cock burst open another flood of boiling hot seed which spilled out deep inside my anal cavity.

"O fuck yes!" I whimpered as his orgasm, triggered another of mine. Quite suddenly, and never hardening up, my dick twitched unloading it's own hot goo all over the inside of my thongs. "Oh fuck yes! Oh goddamn!" I pressed back on him, "Fuck!"

He gasped and pulled out of me. "Now suck me clean one more time bitch!"

Before turning around, I reached between my legs and buttoned up the back of the pants that he ripped open. Pulling my pants up over my soaked, sticky ass and thongs I turned to face his cock which hung in my face as I sat on the bench. Effectively I took to licking and sucking him clean.

"You lick, you suck, you listen, and I'll talk, bitch." he said. "You think I fucked your life up before?"

"What?" I stopped, looking up at him.

"Shut up bitch!" he slapped my face with his dick, "What did I say?" He pressed his dick back into my mouth. "Shut the fuck up and suck my dick!"

I complied, despite my sore and aching jaw. I wondered just how sore my ass would be the next day.

"Yeah I am going to fuck you like this at least once a week, you got that?" He tapped the top of my head, "Look up at me bitch when I am talking to you."

"and next week I got some friends coming into town, you are going to be my special treat for them. Because you are so good at playing the whore." he gave a thrust of his cock in my mouth then stepped away, pulled up his sweats and took a seat next to me on the bench. He ran a hand through my hair. "You doll up nicely and take a vicious fucking like a man."

I gave him a double look.

"That's right I know who you are. I may have always known. Really I only fucked those white bitches to be with you! Ha, there is the Irony Josie... that you go through all this to get me and from the beginning I only wanted you... Now I have you, and your mine and your going to do whatever the fuck I want you to do or I will let your ex-wife know exactly what you've been doing, then she'll tell your family and I think you can put it together from there." He stood up and pulled me to my feet. "What a mind-fuck eh 'girl'?" He leaned in to me and brought his arrogant face right into mine. "Thank you for giving me your ass."

I looked down, tearing up with rage and something else. My body was weak, I had been ravaged, soundly fucked, and I loved it. Was what he saying true? Had he known all along? Was I the fool?

"That's why I came to you in the club, China told me someone was looking for me a little hot momma..." he licked his lips, "Knew you wanted some of the king."

"I don't care who knows." I wiped at my tear with a cold shaking hand, the snow spilled out of the sky around us.

"Yes, you do. And you will do what I say." He gripped my shoulders tight and pulled me to him: "Now give me a nice kiss bitch before I go."

His mouth pressed next to mine and his tongue invaded me. I returned what was given. My tongue searched out his mouth too and caressed his tongue, standing there in the snow embracing and kissing my enemy.

After a long while he turned suddenly and left, answering his cell phone as it rang. "Yeah baby I am on my way, milk and what?" He trudged off through the forming snow, back to the gazebo. I returned to the bench and watched the snow fall over the lake, trying to piece together whatever it was that had just happened to me. How did I lose control? I would get it back! Certainly. "He want's to fuck me! I will fuck him... and he'll lose his wife and kids too!" I justified my thoughts, putting what I could into order. Later in the cab ride home I wondered as to what kind of report I could give to Frankie... "Yeah I played right into his hands... and now I crave his dick, but I still hate him!"

"That doesn't even make sense!" said Frankie pouring me a fresh hot tea.

"I know, but what am I going to do? I have a strange feeling inside of me over him. I came twice when he was fucking me... and I love the taste of his cock!"

"Poor Josie!" sympathized Frankie.

"Has anything like this ever happened to you before?"

"Why do you think I let that bartender be my pimp?"

"Is there any hope for us Frankie?"

"We'll see."

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