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Yes, I used to be Straight....Pt. 1.

The title came as an answer to an inbox question from a trans-sis... We were chatting about how some of us stay off the radar when it comes to sex (sexual acts as your feminine self); and some of us fall off the deep end. I gave my personal experience and thought I'd share the story with you (for those who don't know or just maybe interested)...

One unassuming Friday/Saturday night (must have been Friday cuz Saturdays I would've been headed in the other direction towards Gigi's Bar) in Detroit area, I was headed down 8 Mile Road towards Woodward to go hang out at Numbers (I think that was the name) and meet a few friends from our Yahoo Group (Detroit Crossdressing Meeting Place); my makeup was just right, hot outfit, gorgeous shoes and then all of a sudden I was flashed by a cop to pull over...Nervous as all get out, I waited for him to come to the window, I reached for my purse and gave my (boy) identification. He looked at me and then requested to see my purse, not knowing why (plus I was already nervous) he pulled out my motel room key and asked, "is this where you're staying?" I said, "yes..." He then informed me that I could proceed on my way and I would get my identification back once I made it back to the room and further instructed me to not have any company. I told him where I was going and that I would be back before 2am.

At 2:15am or so - a knock came to the door - and it was the officer (rather handsome I might add) (and yes I was scared as shit). I asked him why was I pulled over, he told me it didn't matter, the only thing that matters now is this....he pulls out his (you know what) and began to stroke it.....grabbed my hands to stroke it as well...I wasn't foreign to stroking because I'd stroked mine a few times prior to (he-he); and not to mention the time that when I was trying to see if Keisha was even into boys I worked the park once or twice and a guy named ROD (license plate: "HOT ROD") jumped into my car and did the same thing....I stroked him off and he left....

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