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Would You Like To Be My Neighbor ?

I first met Robert when his wife and him bought the house across the street and moved their family in. A very nice and quiet couple that seemed to keep to themselves for the most part.

One early spring day I was out in the garage working on a project while my wife and son were away visiting some friends across town. I had the garage door open to let the sunshine in to help warm the space as well as my own spirits. During one of my trips out to unload some lumber from the back of my pickup truck I noticed Robert kissing his wife and kids as they were loading into their car. He stood in the driveway and waved goodbye as she backed the car out into the street and drove away.

It wasn't long before he was out in his front yard trimming some shrubbery. A while later I could hear him rolling out his lawn mower to get started on cutting the lawn. He seemed to be having trouble getting his mower started for the first time of the season. He kept pulling and pulling on the starter rope but his effort wasn't working. I could hear him grumbling about the difficulty he was having. So I decided to walk over to offer my assistance.

As I crossed the street to help, he was pushing the mower back inside the garage. "Can I help you get it started?", I asked. He began to smile and thanked me for the much needed assistance as I entered his garage. I then gave the pull rope a try several times but couldn't get it started either. We decided to check the ignition next. It was when he bent down to remove the plug wire is when I became quite surprised. As he bent over his shirt raised up revealing the very top of what he was wearing under his denim jeans. He had on a pair of bright red lace panties. This is when an idea struck me. "I'll be right back with a few tools from my garage" I told him.

I hurried home and slipped into the garage then made my way into the house. Once inside headed straight to the master bedroom to change. Stripped down and dressed myself with black nylon stockings, black lacy panties, bra, and garter belt. I then put back on the clothes that I had on earlier. On the way out of the house I stopped in the garage and grabbed a few tools then headed back to Roberts in hope of getting more started than just his mower.

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