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Worry Free Shemales Dating Can happen To You Too

"There is no such a thing as an attractive tranny" was one of my lifetime mantras. Growing up in Bay Area, it was easy for me to spot and recognize all of those masculine bodies dressed in female clothes. Their huge feet in high heels looked as a combination form hell. Free shemales dating was something I could get any time, but avoided as something completely out of question.

Everything changed on my trip to Tunisia. My friend decided to have a bachelor's party in a magnificent resort on one of the the longest Mediterranean beaches. Of course, we got drunk, and decided to watch a dervish dance in our hotel.

The show was ridiculous, and soon I felt I have to puke. I hated all those guys going in circles like human spins. I went to the restroom to refresh a bit, and when I came back, their place on stage was taken by three magnificent ladies dancing around poles.

"I'm so horny, let's take one of them to our room," I whispered to my friend's ear. He just smiled: "Go ahead, I'll join you later". I took one of them by hand and teased her with a bottle of pricey champagne. She followed me obediently. We went straight to bed, to start our play.

That was the very moment when I realized that her boobs was smaller than usual and that she had a strange bulge tucked in tight knickers. At that point, I didn't mind. The only thing I was interested was to fuck somebody, and I started uncovering her flat ass.

The first thing I noticed is her perfect olive complexion, her skin was the softest I have ever felt, and my cock soon found its way to her rectum. What I've seen after that is hard to describe - her experienced muscles held it tight and did all the movement. I just had to lay down still and wait for my sperm to explode in her.

The guys came hours later, and they laughed at me, because the free shemales dating surprise to all of the hotel guests was announced while I was away in the restroom. But the real truth is that I was the one who was supposed to laugh at them.

They missed the great chance to see how exciting having sex with a shemale can be. And of course, when I came back home, I wanted some more of free shemales dating. started exploring websites, classifieds and porn tubes, in my search for the right person to share a bed with.

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