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Working Late with my boss

Hello, I want to tell a story, about my first love with a shemale who just happened to be my boss. I worked at a bed, bath, and beyond store. I had worked there for about 1 year and a half, and my boss really liked me. I always went and picked up her lunch with mine, never messed up. Her name was Margaret, but I always called her Maggie. In fact, I was the only worker that was allowed to call her that. I thought she was beautiful, she had slender legs. Her breasts and rear were curved perfectly. However, it wasn't just her body I loved. She had the face of an angel. She always had a bright smile, that was accompanied by her passionate blue eyes. She had short brown hair with blonde highlights. We would always talk about our favorite sit-coms and so forth.

However on this night, she had wrote down for me to do the late shift. Which was strange, for she never asked me to do so. I had nothing to do, so I figured what the hell. When 2 am came, almost everyone was leaving. Everyone except myself and Maggie. Then she called me over to her office. I was a bit nervous, as people usually went to her office, when they were in trouble.

Upon entry, I saw she had a serious look on her face. She spoke to me softly, but stern. "Be a dear, and please lock that door." she said. That made me even more nervous. I did as she said, and she sat down, and crossed those beautiful bronze legs of hers. "You've been staring at me...and not in a professional manner." she said. I gasped and tried to shake my head. "Such a good worker, but you can't stare at me like that at work. Its not professional, and you know better than that." she said.

I put my head down in shame, for I knew she was right. I had to be a man and accept whatever punishment I would get. Which would probably be a loss in hours or something. But what she said next blew my mind. She stared back at me and smiled. "If you want some private time with me, my office is right here. But first, there is something you should know. I'm not exactly what you think I am." she added and stood. She then lifted her skirt a bit, and I saw her erection forming through her silk underwear.

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