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Working Gurl

My name is Danielle and I’m a working gurl . I started working in 1991 at the age of 20, my first job as a hooker was working out of an Adult Book Store North of Ft. Worth, Texas on I-35W South of the airport My boss was an older tranny named Jannice she ran the book store. On nights when she would call me in she would set me up in a booth in the video room. I never knew who or how many would come in to my booth. I was to service all that came to see me. Was I doing this for the money? Oh hell no I was in it for the cum. But the money was good too.
It was a Saturday night around 7:30 when Jannice called me to tell me she had some work for me to do at her store. I told her I would love to come in and work I’m the type of gurl that just loves her work. I got to the book store by 8:30 Jannice. I had on a beautiful green dress that came to just above my knee; underneath I had black bra and panties. The panties were so shear that they could barely contain my clitty, I also had on a black corset slip that fit every curve of my transitioning body. My garter belt was a lovely color of black also with little hearts in the weave of the material, my stockings were an off black, and the shoes were 4 inch green stilettos. My boss Jannice had me setup in the last video booth, I went to my room and found that this time she had setup a twin bed for me to work from. I set my purse down and checked to see if I need any condoms and lube. Jannice was the greatest she had me all setup. So I started watching the movie that was playing it was a Stasha movie, I just love the movies she did. I wished at the time that I looked like her. After 10 minutes or so the door was opened by this guy he was a little over weight and starting to go bald but I was getting paid so looks didn’t matter that much. He came in the room and sat down on the edge of the bed, he told me his name was Paul and that he had always wanted a Tranny to suck him off. I told him that I could do that for him and reached for his zipper. I knelt down in front of him and undid his jeans; I licked his cock as I was sliding down his jeans. He had at least 7 inches with a big purple head. I worked my tongue over his head sliding it into the tip. He must have liked what I was doing as he said “Bitch you are doing a great job, now take my shaft and work it up and down.”

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