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Womanly experience 8 - forest punishment

So we were walking through the forest one day. My father was out fishing and looking for a good spot next to the river while I lingered behind him. That day I wore Dr. Marten's boots, black nylons, a black thong that was more like a string, a short black skirt, no bra (had smaller tits back then), a t-shirt, and a blue hoodie with a "daddy's girl" print on it.

He finally found a spot and started fishing. I was quite bored and the book I brought was not interesting. Finally I had to go to pee so I said that to him and walked a bit further away. I lowered my nylons and thong and crouched down to piss like a girl. It was cold and I was freshly shaved so my penis was quite small.

When I stood up I decided to masturbate since I was bored anyway. I started arousing my penis with one hand while I played with my tits under my clothes with the other. In no time my hand was full of my cock that is quite large when erect and I was slowly stroking it while playing with my boobs and nipples.

There was no chance anybody would come by so I undressed my t-shirt and hoodie for easier access to my tits. I was doing it all slowly because I wasn't in a hurry. Gently stroking with one hand and squeezing my nipples with the fingers of my other hands. At one moment I bent forward so I could finger my ass.

Someone suddenly grabbed my shoulder, straightened me, and turned me around. It was my father with an angry look on his face. He wanted to know what am I doing. I was missing for too much and he got worried and went after me. He was angry because he had to stop fishing because I could keep my lust at bay. He called me a slut.

He dragged me to a fallen tree and ordered me to lie down on it. I did as ordered and instantly felt the cold wetness of it on my naked tummy and tits. I knew begging wouldn't help so I kept my mouth shut while my father found a suitable branch he could use as a cane.

Without any warning he landed the first stroke as I cried out. He wordlessly landed stroke after stroke on my bottom as I cried and screamed and finally begged for mercy. He was done after 30 or so strokes and my bottom was red and full with cane marks.

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