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Willows transformation

Fern and I had been married for three years. Our sex life had become bland, routine, and, frankly, I preferred masturbation to the work it took to cum by intercourse. I was pretty sure that Fern felt that way, too. You see, my cock is, at best, 5 inches. My touch, or my tongue, on her clit seemed to be much better received than my cock inside her.

I've always been a cross dresser. I can remember being in first grade and wearing my older sister's clothes and pretending I was on a date with a boy. Before we married I told Fern about this. She treated it as something that would go away once we were married, and never mentioned it again, no matter how often I referred to it.

Then in June things changed dramatically. I'd kept some magazines showing cross dressers, and jerked off with them. I always hid them, until one day when I forgot, and left one on the floor next to our bed. It showed a cross dresser serving a couple, being humiliated and tortured by them. The man in the pictures had a huge cock, at least 10 inches. Fern found the magazine while I was at work, and when I came home she was reading it while sitting in the chair next to our bed.

"You fucking sissy!" she said as I came into the room. " I thought you just fantasized about this, I didn't realize you actually did it!"

"But Fern, dear," I said, "that's all I do. Sure, I like looking at these pictures, but I haven't done anything yet."

"Yet?" Fern smiled, and I knew I was in trouble. "Yet? So you admit you want to do this, and might, if the opportunity arose?"

"No, dear," I said. "I would never be unfaithful to you, with a man or a woman!"

"Well, how about if I was part of the process changing you into a sissy, then it wouldn't be unfaithful, would it? And you would like that, wouldn't you?"

I was confused. What was she proposing? Was she teasing me, or did she have some odd plan in mind? The few moments I took to reply gave her the opening she wanted, and she ran with it.

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