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Who Could Choose Between Shemales And Females?

I knew that this guy was one of those eccentric rich people who don’t really know what to do with themselves, and I was not really expecting an invitation to the party at his villa on the beach. But why not. I don’t refuse free drinks and other stuff that can make you happier about your life.

I could see that it was a regular fuck fest even before I got out of my car but then I saw a banner at the entrance saying Shemales and Females.

“There’s first time for everything” I thought and entered the villa’s garden. Gorgeous girls were barely dressed, drunk and totally wild, making out with guys, with each other and with slender shemales that looked totally stunning. You could tell them apart from the girls only because they were mostly taller.

I got plastered soon enough and sat comfortably beside the pool enjoying the view of two hot chicks making out. “Don’t you want to join us?”. “Nope, not really” I said. “I’m totally fine right here.” The truth was, I was so wasted I couldn’t guarantee that my dick would be functional.

And then a gorgeous shemale sat beside me, bringing me another beer and the one for herself. “Are you enjoying Shemales and Females?” I nodded and smiled. She took a long sip, watching those girls and she took out her dick and started playing with it using her other hand.

I didn’t mind it. She was totally hot and I was a bit curious about her dick. And then she put down her bottle and slipped her hand down my pants. I didn’t object to that but I thought that it would be a wonder if anything could happen now that the booze was in control.

Those two girls were now properly fucking and eating each other out and the wonder did happen! This gorgeous shemale knew what she was doing and my dick was rock hard in a minute. And so was hers.

We were watching those two chicks and she was jerking me off with one hand and stroking her own cock with the other. As the two babes were getting more and more intense, so was her grip around my cock. After a minute of this amazing hand job, I couldn’t hold it in.

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